White Family Bible

White Family Bible

Copied by Ronald Brennan of Wilder and in the possession of Dorothy Shaw of California Kentucky

Second Page in the front of the Bible, written in pencil:
"Jacob White, Sen. deceased late of Campbell County, Ky was born in Orange County, Virginia November 3rd, 1766. His Grand Father, John White, was born in the city of London, England.  Came to America at the age of Twenty one and married Nancy Wisdom of King & Queen County Va; his oldest son John White, was born in Orange County; he married a lady of Rockingham County Va., named Sally Gunn. the first named John White died at the age of ninety one in 1787 in Orange County, Va.*
The second named John White died in Adair County Ky in 1808 at the age of Seventy five; he raised a family of eleven Children-seven Sons & four daughters*-all of whom are now dead so far as known.
The above facts on history of the ancestry of the White family was given me by my father-in-law Jacob White Sen. some three or four months previous to his death in 1857."  Signed Geo. W Holmes

Third Page: upper half in large ink script: The Property of Jacob White Sen. November 27, 1834; lower half in pencil written by Geo. W Holmes
1*-his widow lived to the advanced age of one hundred & two years and died in Orange County Va.
2*-his wife died seven years previous to the death of her husband in Adair Co.-the above & last named was the mother of Jacob White Sen. now dec.
Fourth Page: Publisher's title page, New York. Published by B Waugh and T Mason. For the Methodist Episcopal Church at the Conference Office, 14 Crosby Street. J Collord, Printer 1832

Family Record: Four pages between Old and New Testament 

First Page: Jacob White Se. was born November 13th 1766
Sarah White, wife of Jacob Senr. was born November 13th 1769
Jacob & Sarah were maried February the 18th 1792

Second Page: John, son of Jacob White and Sarah his wife, was born December 8, 1792
Thomas White was born January 31st  Jan 1795
Jacob White Jur. was born May 5 1797-17 Apr 1857 m-Avis Shaw
Elizabeth White was born Oct 22 Oct 1799
Sarah White was born Aug Aug 1802 m-David Shaw
James S White was born May May 1804  m-Mary Jane
Hester A White was born June Jun 1806-19 Apr 1865 m-G W Holmes
Jeremiah White was born Feb Feb 1809  m-Jane Shaw
Nancy White was born March 4 1812
George K White was born April 29 1817  m-Mary
Tom M White was born May 10 1829
Mary H White was born May 25 1830
Joseph J White was born January 10 1832
Jacob W White was born May 21 1833

Third page: Maria L White was born September 26 1840
William A White was born April 3 1843
Sarah E White was born October 28 1845
Hester H White was born May 10 1850

Fourth page: Thomas White, son of Jacob and Sarah White departed this
life March 23 1818
Sarah White, wife of Jacob, departed this life the 30th day of September 1844. Aged 74 years 10 months and 17 days
Jacob White Sen. died April 7 1857
Hester Ann Holmes, daughter of Jacob White and wife of G W Holmes died 19 March 1865
Hester H White, daughter of George K and Mary White departed this life June the 29th day 1852. Aged two years and one month and 19 days.

Children of James Stevens White (May 15, 1804) and Margaret Dicken
(daughter of Joseph Dicken 1764-1848 and his wife Mary J Sutton

Tom M
Mary H
Joseph J
Jacob W

Children of James Stevens White and Mary Alice Tommasson

Maria L
William A
Sarah E


Mary Gregg Herndon and William Evermont Bryan-21 Oct 1845
Joseph Jasper White and Damarius* Herndon-1 Jan 1856
Fletcher White and Helen Maria Rardin-20 Sep 1858
Fletcher White and Mary Jane Tarvin-7 Apr 1870
T A Flora and Mary Hester White-d/o Joseph J and Macy* White-6 Feb 1878
James White and Sadie Campbell-d/o J W Campbell-24 Dec 1885
Attwood White and Anna B Hunt-31 Aug 1890
Jake W White and Lena A White-d/o J J White-26 Nov 1884
Joseph Hyner White and Lulu Revel-d/o W M Revel-20 Feb 1894
Attwood White and Mary Hawthorne-19 Sep 1894

Children of Joseph Hyner White and Lulu Revel

Joseph J-1896


William Evermont Bryan-29 Oct 1821
Mary Gregg Herndon-25 Feb 1824
Joseph Jasper White-10 Jan 1832
Demarious Herndon White-21 Feb 1835
Helen M Radin-25 Feb 1840
Mary Jane Tarvin-18 Oct 1843

Children of Joseph Jasper White and Demarious Herndon

Mary Hester White-6 Feb 1857
James Wesley White-14 Mar 1859
Lena Agnes White-27 Jan 1861
Fletcher Atwood White-21 May 1864
Joseph Hyner White-4 Oct 1871

Children of Fletcher Herndon and Helen M Rardin

Mary Gregg Herndon-19 Jan 1861
William Fletcher Herndon-21 Jan 1861
Emma Herndon-4 Oct 1869
Ida Herndon-4 Oct 1869

Children of Fletcher Herndon and Mary Jane Tarvin

Clifford Herndon-29 Oct 1871
Eddie Bonnie Herndon-29 Jun 1873
Flora Gregg Herndon-15 Aug 1875
Otto Elijah Herndon-25 Sep 1880
James Herndon-13 Oct 1882

Children of Mary Gregg Herndon and William Evermont Bryan

Catherine Bryan-21 Aug 1846
Alonso Worth Bryan-30 Sep 1848
Elijah Hampton Bryan-20 Dec 1850
Mary Demarious Bryan-25 Nov 1852
William Fletcher Bryan-3 Aug 1855


Ray W Flora-29 Dec 1878
Joseph Worth Flora-14 Mar 1880
Thomas M Flora-28 Nov 1881
Eva Hester Flora-18 Mar 1882
Ada Lucy Flora-23 Apr 1887
Fred C Flora-15 Apr 1889
Leah L White-3 Apr 1887
Attwood White-3 Dec 1892
Marie White-19 Dec 1895
Nellie White-no date
Philip White-no date

Parents of Demarious* Herndon White and Mary Gregg Herndon Bryan

Elijah Herndon-27 Nov 1774 s/o Lewis Herndon and Frances Thompson
Catherine DeMoss-3 Oct 1791 in the 22 year of America independency of great Britain d/o Peter De Moss and Catherine Houseman; Married 23 Jun 1821 in Pendleton County KY

Margaret C Bryan-21 Aug 1846
D W Bryan-30 Sep 1848
Elijah H Bryan-21 Dec 1850
Mary D Bryan-21 Nov 1852
William H Bryan-3 Aug 1855
Raleigh White-no date
Neva White-1 Jan 1893
E Pearl White-Feb no other date
Flossie White-3 Dec 1894
Joseph J White-15 Feb 1896
Ruth M Flora-Aug 1897-twin
Ruth D Flora-Aug 1897-twin
Freida White-7 Feb 1898
Leona White-5 Jun 1899

Grandchildren of  Joseph Hiner White

Ronald Wesley-8 Jul 1933
Roy Theron Tarvin-18 May 1925
Ray Joe Tarvin-15 Aug 1926
Ralph Edward Tarvin-June no other date
Peggy Demarious-28 Mar 1925
Joe Jr White-4 Dec 1932


Elijah Herndon-27 Jul 1849
Catherine Herndon-21 Apr 1857
Helen M Rardin Herndon-5 Oct 1869
Joseph Jasper White-15 Jan 1900
James Wesley White-1904
William Evermont Bryan-22 Jul 1909
Fletcher Herndon-21 May 1920
Mary Jane Tarvin Herndon-7 Mar 1921
Demarius Herndon White-13 Jan 1927
Mary Hester White Flora-Jan 1929
Ruby Flora-6 Mar 1927
Attwood White-19 Mar 1931
Joseph Hiner White-22 Mar 1936

Jacob White, son of John and Sally, was born 13 Nov 1766, married Sarah 8 Feb 1792, and died 8 Apr 1859.  Sarah was born 13 Nov 1769 and died 30 Aug 1844.

Jeremiah White-17 Feb 1809  m-Jane Shaw
Jane Shaw-1 Jan 1814-18 Dec 1874
John W White-3 Jan 1840-1922 s/o Jeremiah and Jane
George R White-28 Jan 1835 m-Sarah E Wright
Sarah E Wright-2 Feb 1839

Children of George R White and Sarah E Wright

Harvey R White-9 Mar 1860
Emma H-9 Oct 1864
Bessie J-11 May 1871
Georgia L-7 Oct 1878  m-B A Shaw
Robert Franklin Shaw

At the end of the Bible written in pencil:

"My dear wife, Hester Ann, being dead, I deem it proper to present this Holy Bible, once the property of her deceased Father to her brother, Jeremiah White, now living near Alexandria, with the hope that it may be transmitted carefully preserved to the latest posterity of the White Family in the sincere wish and desire of the undersigned who is a member of the family by marriage." Geo. W Holmes

Second Page; This book was formerly the property of Jacob White, now deceased and came into the possession of his Daughter Hester A Holmes upon the division of his personal effects, after his decease.  It is now the property of Jeremiah White, was left him by the desires of his sister Hester A Holmes on her death bed to be kept by him as relic of History of White family.  June 5 1873 Geo. W Holmes

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