Utz Bible

Utz Family Bible

The Holy Bible...Cincinnati, published by E Morgan & Co, 1841.  In 1952 in the possession of Mrs. R F Woodward of Erlanger Ky. Copied 1952 by Mrs. William Fitzgerald of the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.  Published in the Kentucky Bible Records Volume I in 1962.


Absalom Utz was born May 5, 1768 s/o George & Margaret in Madison County, Virginia
Abel Utz was born September 1793
David Utz was born March 31, 1799
Ann Huffman was born July 15, 1803
Elizabeth Adams Utz was born October 16, 1808
Gemina Utz was born August 23, 1825
Thomas Adams Utz was born December 20, 1826
Absalom Jefferson Utz was born April 16, 1828
Lety Utz was born January 15, 1830
Zeurilday Utz was born February 11, 1832
Emily Frances Utz was born February 6, 1835
John Preston Utz was born June 29, 1838
Louisa Utz was born Janurary 5, 1842
David Lewis Utz was born Juy 25, 1844
Delila Utz was born August 14, 1846

Children of Abel Utz & Ann Huffman

Barnett B Utz 20 Feb 1823
William H Utz 25 May 1824
Elizabeth A Utz 18 Dec 1825
Juritta E Uta 22 Jun 1827
Jemima F Utz 8 Aug 1829
George W Utz 26 May 1831
Lucinda J Utz 6 Aug 1833
James M Utz 15 Jun 1836
Nancy L Utz 16 Jul 1838
David F Utz 19 Aug 1840
Mary Elizabeth Utz 3 Nov 1842
Frederick A-22 May 1845

Children of David Utz and Elizabeth Adams

Gemina Utz-23 Aug 1825
Thomas Adams Utz-20 Dec 1826
Absalom Jefferson Utz-16 Apr 1828
Lety Utz-15 Jan 1830
Zeurilday Utz-11 Feb 1832
Emily Frances Utz-6 Feb 1835
John Preston Utz-29 Jun 1838
Louisa Utz-5 Jan 1842
David Lewis Utz-25 Jul 1844
Delila Utz-14 Aug 1846


Thomas Adams Utz-20 Dec 1826 in Boone County
Julia Ann Elizabeth Rouse-8 Sep 1839 in Boone County
Benjamin Cornelius Surface-21 Jan 1848 in Boone County
Ada Emma Dixon-28 Sep 1851 in Boone County
William Noah Surface-13 Sep 1870 in Boone County
Harvey Frank Utz-12 Sep 1870 in Boone County
Mary Arminta Surface-5 Feb 1879 in Boone County
Elizabeth Ann Utz-6 Jun 1852 in Boone County
Sarah Alice Utz-19 Jan 1857
Mary Elizabeth Utz-8 Nov 1916/baptized 3 Jun 1917 by Rev Royer at Ebenezer Church
Robert Franklin Woodward-15 Feb 1900


David Utz to Elizabeth Adams-22 Sep 1824
William A Tanner to Jemima Utz-22 Nov 1842
Ephriam W Weaver to Lety Utz-6 Oct 1846
Thomas Adams Utz to Mary Ann Tanner-21 Jan 1849
Absalom Jefferson Utz to Susan Tanner-18 Sep 1849
Caleb Carpenter to Zeurilday Utz-31 Jan 1850
Jeremiah Beemon and Emily Frances Utz-16 Dec 1858
John Preston Utz to Louisa Rouse
Martin Rouse to Louisa Utz
David Lewis Utz to Mollie Hightower
Ephraim Utz to Delila Utz-28 Jan 1869 by Elder Edmund Stephens
Thomas Adams Utz to Juliann Elizabeth Rouse-15 Apr 1865
Abel Utz to Ann Huffman-20 Dec 1821
Thomas Adams Utz to Julia Ann Elizabeth Rouse-15 Apr 1866
Benjamin Cornelius Surface to Ada Emma Dixon-5 Feb 1878
Harvey Frank Utz to Mary Arminta Surface-25 Nov 1896
Elizabeth Ann Utz to William Henry Dobbins-5 Jan 1876
Mary Elizabeth Utz to ___Devon-24 May 1939


Absalom Utz-29 May 1860
Abel Utz-28 Jun 1880
Ann Huffman Utz-24 Jul 1860
Barnett B Utz-15 Dec 1899
William H Utz-6 Dec 1879
Elizabeth A Utz-Sep 1909
Juritta E Utz-8 Dec 1888
Jemima F Utz-19 Jul 1830
George W Utz-4 Nov 1904
Lucinda J Utz-24 Jul 1914
James M Utz-13 Feb 1918
Nancy L Utz-5 Sep 1909
David F Utz-3 Nov 1920
Mary Elizabeth Utz-13 Dec 1879
Frederick A Utz-1919
Thomas Adams Utz-1 May 1902/funeral at Hopeful Church
Julia Ann Elizabeth Rouse Utz-26 May 1909
Benjamin Cornelius Surgace-17 Nov 1925/funeral at Hopeful Church
Ada Emma Dixon Surface-26 Feb 1908
Harvey Frank Utz-4 Mar 1939/funeral at Hopeful Church
William Henry Dobbins-3 Apr 1935
Elizabeth Ann Utz Dobbins-5 Sep 1910


A portion of a letter Noah Surface wrote to his children:

"I was born in Preble County, Ohio on the 15th day of April 1826, where I lived ten years, when my parents moved to Warren County, Ohio. On June 9, 1845 I and Miss Mary Tanner of Boone County were married by Rev Jacob Crigler. The following year we moved to our present home (Florence, Kentucky). The Lord has blessed us with seven children, who have been spared to grow up to manhood and womanhood."

Letter to Mrs. Absalum Utz, Madison Co Virginia  (with bible) Ages from the church record of the Evan Lutheran church in Virginia; absalum utz was born may 5, 1768. George and Margaret are his parents. david utz, son of absalom utz was born march 31, 1799. given under my hand this 24th day of September 1820 Evangelical Lutheran Church, Michael Meyerhoeffer, Pastor, Madison County, Va.


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