Robert Thomas Family Bible

Robert and Sarah Ann Thomas Family Bible

Bible owned by Mrs. Harriet Drake, Springfield, Ohio.  Following copied by A J Murphy in 1929


Robert Thomas-March 1754
Sarah Ann Thomas-30 Apr 1760

Children of Robert Thomas and Sarah Ann Thomas

Leonard-7 July 1780
Lewis-6 May 1782
Israel-April 1784
George-March 1786
Isaac-February 1788
Jacob-11 Apr 1789
Lydia-December 1792
William-2 July 1794
Robert Jr.-11 May 1796
John-15 Sep 1803
Samuel-1 Apr 1800
Mary-15 Sep 1803


Robert Thomas and Sarah Ann ___, married in 1778
Jacob Thomas and Phoebe Treadaway, married in Philadelphia October 24, 1816

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