Templeman Family Bible

Templeman Family Bible

From the bible of Maranda Katherine Templeman Wilson, published in 1873 and owned by Mrs. Charles M Aull, her granddaughter of Columbia South Carolina. Copied for the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR by Martha Reed Roberts
of Ft. Thomas.


Edward Templeman, my great grandfather and his wife lived and died in Stafford County Va
Ephraim Templeton, my grandfather and his wife were born in Virginia, moved to Kentucky in 1812 and died in Bath County Kentucky
Fielding Templeman, my father was born April 12, 1813
Margaret Templeman, my mother was born 19 Jan 1818
Coleman S Templeman-10 May 1839
Maria Templeman-25 Oct 1840
Robert R Templeman-8 Aug 1842
Corrina Alida Templeman-8 June 1844
Margaret Ann Templeman-5 Oct 1846
Mary Jane Templeman-24 Apr 1846
John Crusbe Templeman-8 Jan 1850
Susan Elizabeth Templeman-29 Aug 1851
Miranda Katherine Templeman-6 May 1853
Joseph Henry Templeman-20 Feb 1855
Sarah Eliza Templeman-4 June 1857
Lou Vera Templeman-27 Aug 1859


Coleman S Templeman and Nancy Adams-5 Nov 1863
Maria Templeman and James Albert Atkinson-18 Dec 1856
Maria Templeman and Thomas J Crouch {2nd husband}-9 Mar 1871
Robert R Templeman and Susan L Hopkins-17 Nov 1864
Corrina Alida Templeman and Levi M Templeman-3 Oct 1864
Mary Jane Templeman and John R Robertson-18 Nov 1868
John T Templeman and Bettie Hockody-1 Apr 1872
Susan Elizabeth Templeman and James Alexander-31 Oct 1872
Miranda Katherine Templeman and George W Wilson-27 Oct 1870
Joseph Henry Templeman and Lucy Trewbridge-25 Sep 1872
Sarah Eliza Templeman and Samuel Sanderson-10 Nov 1879
Lou Templeman and Dunlap Howe-1- Apr 1877


Margaret Ann Templeman-15 June 1865
Fielding Templeman-15 Feb 1875
Lou Templeman Howe-5 Nov 1881
Margaret Ratliff Templeman-5 Sep 1889/99?
John T TEmpleman-8 Feb 1899
Maria Templeman Atkinson Crouch-15 Oct 1909
Robert R Templeman-9 Oct 1913
Sarah Eliza Templeman Sanderson-11 July 1914
Susan Elizabeth Templeton-8 Apr 1915
Corrina Alida Templeman-25 Mar 1923
Coleman S Templeman-30 Aug 1930
Mary Jane Templeman Robertson-7 June 1930
Joseph Henry Templeman-29 Sep 1931
Miranda Katherine Templeman Wilson-12 May 1939

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