Tanner Bible

Ephraim and Susanna Tanner Family Bible

The Holy Bible...New York.  Published by the American Society. In possession of Miss Virginia Crisler, Florence Ky (1962) Copied by 1952 by Mrs. William Fitzgerald of the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. Published in the Kentucky Bible Records Volume 1 in 1962.


Enos Tanner-1 Feb 1811
Malinda Rouse-27 Oct 1815
Leonard McLellan Tanner-5 Feb 1833
Mary Jane Tanner-25 Oct 1834
Benny C Tanner-8 Feb 1837
Ephraim Eli Tanner-15 Nov 1839
Susannah & Sarah Ann Tanner-26 Nov 1841
Emily F Tanner-10 Mar 1850
Benjamin Tanner-21 Feb 1803
Anny Tanner-27 Jun 1803
Julia Tanner-30 Dec 1826
Mary Ann Tanner-29 Jun 1829
Amanda Tanner-4 Jun 1832
Joel Tanner-5 Sep 1835
Susan Ann Tanner-8 Sep 1838
William Newton Smith-19 May 1829
Amanda Smith-4 Jun 1832
Mary Emma Smith-18 May 1852
Simeon Spencer Smith-11 Mar 1854
Ada Hattie Smith-2 Jan 1861
S Spencer Smith-11 Mar 1854
Susie D Smith-3 Feb 1862
Robert H Smith-20 Dec 1883
W Wallace Smith-6 Mar 1888
Henry A Smith-14 Jun 1894
Ezra K Tanner-23 Feb 1857
Almedia R Tanner w/o Ezra-21 Feb 1856 d/o Lee H & Annie Laura Busby

Lee H Busby-1 Oct 1861
Annie Laura Busby-16 Oct 1862
Harry Tanner-20 Jan 1881 s/o Ezra & Almedia
Reppa R Tanner-14 Jul 1883 d/o Ezra & Almedia
Henrietta Busby-29 Aug 1883 w/o Harry Tanner
Dink D Tanner-6 Jan 1902 d/o Harry & Henrietta
Addie Lee Tanner-23 Oct 1903 d/o Harry & Henrietta
Irba Lorena Tanner-26 Apr 1907 d/o Harry & Henrietta
Alfred H Tanner-10 Jun 1909 s/o Harry & Henrietta
Harold K Tanner-9 Sep 1919 s/o Harry & Henrietta
Vallenna R Tanner-1 Aug 1922 d/o Harry & Henrietta
Stanley I Tanner-4 Mar 1925 s/o Harry & Henrietta

Ephraim Tanner-1779
Susanna House Tanner-20 Nov 1784 in Virginia

Ephraim & Susanna Tanner had 14 children

Rhoda Tanner-23 Dec 1801
Benjamin Tanner-2 Feb 1803
Frances Tanner-30 May 1804
Simeon H Tanner-28 Nov 1805
Rachel Gatton-7 Aug 1817 w/o Simeon H Tanner
Joel Tanner-2 Nov 1807
Enos Tanner-1 Feb 1811
Caleb Tanner-3 Jul 1813
Joshua Tanner-11 Jun 1815
Ephraim Tanner-15 Jan 1817
Moses Tanner-28 Dec 1818

Susanna Tanner-2 Feb 1821
Aaron Tanner-1 Feb 1823
Cornelice Tanner-20 May 1825
Mary Tanner-1827
Enoch Tanner-9 May 1829
Joshua Tanner-29 Dec 1830
Susan E Tanner-31 Jan 1834
Mary Ann Tanner-24 Apr 1836
Corillia H Tanner-24 Jan 1838
Malinda C Tanner-25 Apr 1840
Amanda E Tanner-24 Apr 1842
Julia F Tanner-24 Jan 1844
Lucy V Tanner-8 May 1846
Sary J Tanner-17 Apr 1847
Martha L Tanner-7 Mar 1850
Rhoda C Tanner-11 Apr 1853
Almedia R Tanner-21 Feb 1856

Aaron Crigler
Katherine Crigler w/o Aaron

Jacob Crigler Rev-15 Jan 1778 in Madison County, Virginia
Nellie Crigler-8 Oct 1788 w/o Jacob in Madison County, Virginia

Jacob & Nellie Crigler’s Children

Silas Crigler-30 Oct 1790
Eleanor Crigler-30 Jul 1801
Enoch Crigler-13 Feb 1805
Noah Crigler-5 Sep 1809
Lidia Crigler-9 Aug 1811
Mary A Crigler-9 Jul 1813
Julia Crigler-23 May 1815
Susan Crigler-6 Feb 1817
Harriet Crigler-22 Mar 1820
Aaron F Crigler-7 Dec 1821
Katherine J Crigler-31 Dec 1823
Martin L Crigler-19 May 1826
Philip M Crigler-8 Apr 1829
William Y Crigler-15 Sep 1831
Emmeline P Crigler-31 Aug 1834


Enos Tanner to Malinda Rouse-5 Apr 1832 by Rev. Josiah Whitaker
Leonard McLellan Tanner to Sarah Elizabeth Wilson-27 Jun 1867; By Rev. Thomas Drake

Benjamin Tanner to Anny House-3 Nov 1825
Julia Tanner to ____-21 Aug 1845
Mary Ann Tanner to Thomas A Utz-21 Jun 1849
Amanda Tanner to William N Smith-19 Sep 1850
W N Smith to Susan J Dennis-28 Aug 1866
S S Smith to Susie D Riley-8 Nov 1882
Harry Tanner to Henrietta Busby-25 Jul 1900
Dink D Tanner to Elmer Home-28 Sep 1920
Addie Lee Tanner to John Caldon-30 Jan 1924
Alfred H Tanner to Carmon McDonald-10 Jun 1935
Vallenna R Tanner to Bruce Easterday-3 Dec 1943
Stanley I Tanner to Blanch Boggett-12 Apr 1944
Rhoda Tanner to William Aylor
Benjamin Tanner to Annie House
Frances Tanner to Augustus Carpenter
Simeon H Tanner to Rebecca Gatton
Joel Tanner to Lydia Crigler
Enos Tanner to Melinda Rouse
Caleb Tanner to Nincie Rouse
Joshua Tanner to Jancie Rouse
Ephraim Tanner to ___ Cleek
Moses Tanner to Harriet Floyd
Susanna Tanner to Eli Carpenter
Aaron Tanner to Annie Floyd
Mary Tanner to Noah Surface
Jacob Crigler to Lida Utz-15 Jan 1799
Jacob Crigler to Nellie Tanner-20 Sep 1808
Lidia Crigler to Joel Tanner-7 Feb 1828 d/o Jacob & Nellie
Eleanor Crigler to Alexander Philson-12 Mar 1829
Mary Ann Crigler to Henry Rouse-1 Mar 1835
Susan Crigler to William Rouse-20 Aug 1835
Julia Crigler to Aaron Crigler-20 Oct 1836
Silas Crigler to Katherine Zimmerman-23 Oct 1836
Harriet Crigler to Jacob Straffer-22 Mar 1838
Aaron F Crigler to Rhoda Rouse-27 Oct 1842
W Y Crigler to Anna White at Florence, Boone County, Kentucky 20 Dec 1861


Ephraim Eli Tanner-9 Mar 1840
Susanah Tanner-10 Nov 1842
Emily F Tanner Brown-wife of John Brown-7 Oct 1884
Malinda Tanner-14 Apr 1891
Enos Tanner-14 Apr 1891
Sarah Elizabeth Wilson Tanner-22 Jan 1902
Leonard McLellen Tanner-14 Jan 1922/88 y 11m 9d
Joel Tanner-29 Sep 1835
Anny Tanner-2 Oct 1840
Susan Ann Tanner-24 May 1842
Julia Grubbs-3 Oct 1848 w/o James Grubbs d/o Benjamin Tanner

Benjamin Tanner-26 Jan 1876
W N Smith-30 Dec 1899
W Wallace Smith-19 Oct 1900
Robert R Smith-17 May 1903
Sue J Smith-31 Oct 1924
Susie D Smith-7 Jan 1930
A Hattie Smith-4 Dec 1933
Irba Lorena Tanner-16 May 1909
Ezra K Tanner-31 Dec 1933
Almedia R Tanner-11 Sep 1932 w/o Ezra K Tanner
Lee H Busby-14 Aug 1947
Annie Laura Busby-24 Nov 1917 w/o Lee H Busby
Rev Jacob Crigler-14 Jul 1847
Nellie Crigler-21 Feb 1855
Enoch Crigler-15 Jun 1805/ 6m 3d
Lida Crigler-15 Jul 1805 w/o Jacob
Noah Crigler-8 Dec 1815/ 6y 2m 3d
Katherine Jane Crigler-4 Nov 1829/ 5y 10m 4d
Martin L Crigler-12 May 1832/ 5y 11m 23d
Silas Crigler-31 Dec 1841
Emeline P Crigler-27 Jul 1851
Julia Crigler-18 Sep 1850
Lydia Tanner-28 Aug 1859
Susan Rouse-Mar 1888/ 71 y 1m
Mary Rouse-26 Jun 1888/ 74y 11m 17d
William Y Crigler-20 Feb 1894
Harriet Straffer-13 Mar 1896
Aaron F Crigler-15 Mar 1899
Joel Tanner-8 Jan 1902
Lida Crigler Tanner-28 Aug 1859 w/o Joel
Ezra K Tanner-31 Dec 1933
Almedia Tanner-11 Sep 1932 w/o Ezra
Simeon Tanner-2 Apr 1891
Rachel Tanner-2 Jan 1900 w/o Simeon


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