Swetnam Bible

Swetnam Bible

Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible. New York; A J Johnson 11 Great Jones Street. In 1952 in possession of Bobby Surface of Florence Ky. Copied 1952 by Mrs. William Fitzgerald of the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.  Published in the Kentucky Bible Records Volume I in 1962.


John Jimerson Swetnam-24 Jul 1815
Melvina Elizabeth Watson-15 Apr 1821
Octavia Virginia Swetnam-18 Feb 1839
Ariminta Elizabeth Swetnam-3 May 1840
Montraville Lafayette Swetnam-9 Jan 1842
Owen Butlet Swetnam-27 Nov 1843
Sarah Frances Swetnam-9 Sep 1845
Cerogorda Swetnam-18 Apr 1848
Mary Alice Swetnam-20 Oct 1850
Octavia Virginia Richardson-25 Mar 1864
Robert Lee Pearson-5 Mar 1864
Susan Genevera Harris-19 May 1865
Montie Edgar harris-17 Feb 1867
Mary Elizabeth Harris-9 Jul 1869
Clarence Elbert Swetnam-27 Dec 1869
Jessie Gertrude Swetnam-6 Oct 1873
Homer Stanley Moffett-21 Oct 1873
Carrie Pearl Pearson-2 Aug 1872
Ralph Noble Richardson-1 Jan 1880
Russell Clevn Swetnam-21 Apr 1880
Haydon Nelson-27 Mar 1775
Jane Kendall-29 Dec 1782
Thomas H Nelson-7 Nov 1808
America Nelson-26 Aug 1810
Minerva A Nelson-26 Aug 1810
Louisa H Nelson-27 Jan 1806
Haydon Nelson-18 Mar 1840
Thomas N Pearson-27 Jan 1829
Mary J Pearson-9 Dec 1830
Henry Clay Pearson-8 Dec 1832
James N Pearson-31 Oct 1834
Minerva A Pearson-12 Jan 1837
James Brown-3 Mar 1828
Mattie Brown-27 Dec 1849
Minerva Brown-21 Jun 1854
Emma Brown-13 Feb 1858
Fredine Brown-19 Feb 1860
Robert Brown-4 Nov 1862
Alice A Brown-28 Nov 1864
Myrtie Brown-24 Feb 1866
Cora Brown-26 Apr 1873
Martha Ann Campbell-23 Jul 1841
A Swetnam-3 May 1840
Robert Pearson-5 Mar 1864
Carrie Pearson-2 Aug 1872
Philip Senior-11 Mar 1834
Alice Senior-10 Dec 1856
Kitty Senior-29 Jul 1874
Alan Pearson Utz-20 Nov 1894
Mary L Utz-19 Jan 1897
Robert Harris Surface-11 Feb 1918


John J Swetnam to Malvina E Watson-4 Apr 1838
Robert S Richardson to Octavia V Swetnam-14 Feb 1861
James N Pearson to Araminta E Swetnam-26 Feb 1863
Jeremiah F Harris to Sarah F Swetnam-26 Feb 1863
Montraville L Swetnam to Belle Mann-27 Feb 1867
Robert S Richardson to Gordie Swetnam-9 Feb 1869
Nathaniel L Moffett to Mary A Swetnam-30 Oct 1872
Hubert E Nead to Octavia V Richardson-2 Oct 1883
John H Watson to Susan G Harris-12 Nov 1884
Robert L Pearson to Lucy L Swetnam-25 Oct 1887
Theodore Carpenter to Mary E Harris-28 Dec 1887
Tandy Lee Utz to Carrie Pearl Pearson-7 May 1891
Clarence Elbert Swetnam to Lena Taylor-16 Oct 1894
Thomas H Nelson to Sarah Hawkins-___
America Nelson to Henry Pearson-27 Dec 1827
Mary Jane Pearson to James Brown-21 Dec 1848
Mattie Brown to Moses Rice-8 Aug 1876
Emma Brown to John J Hutton-___
Henry C Pearson to Martha Ann Campbell-4 Mar 1900
James N Pearson to Arminta Swetnam-26 Feb 1863
Minerva A Pearson to Phillip Senior-3 Jan 1856
Robert L Pearson to Lucy L Swetnam-25 Oct 1887
Carrie P Pearson to T L Utz-7 May 1891
Carrie Pearson Utz to Eli H Surface-9 Aug 1914


Owen Butler Swetnam-10 Aug 1844
William Swetnam-24 Aug 1845
Mary R Watson-18 Jan 1852
Sarah Swetnam-4 Jan 1859
Sydney C-w/o of E Swetnam-10 Oct 1861
Octavia V-w/o R S Richardson-9 Apr 1864
Ezekiel Swetnam-31 May 1869
Virenda Hoffman-15 Mar 1872
John J Swetnam-14 Nov 1876
Susan-w/o J M Sanders-1 Jan 1878
Gordie-w/o R S Richardson-11 Aug 1884/36y 4m 23d
James N Pearson-4 Feb 1911
Araminta E Pearson-11 Nov 1921
Jeremiah T Harris-29 Dec 1890
Haydon Nelson-7 Jan 1853
Jane Kendall-24 Jul 1859
Minerva A Nelson-3 May 1893
Louisa H Nelson-3 Sep 1883
Haydon Nelson-24 Feb 1898
Eli H Surface-15 Jan 1933


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