Smith Bible

Jeremiah and Polly Smith Family Bible


In the possession of Mrs. Eva Delahunty of Florence Ky in 1952 and copied in 1952 by Mrs. William Fitzgerald of the Rebecca Bryan Book DAR of Ft. Thomas.  Published in the Kentucky Bible Records Volume 1 in 1962.


Jeremiah Smith (Father)-12 Feb 1798
Polly Smith-3 Apr 1802
Sarah Ann Smith-2 Sep 1819
Franklin Harry Smith-12 May 1822
John Noah Smith-5 Oct 1826
William Nuton Smith-19 May 1829
James Aderson Smith-21 May 1831
Benjamin Thornton Smith-12 Sep 1833
Clarissa Jane Smith-6 Feb 1837
Henry Harrison Smith-18 Nov 1839
Mary Elizabeth Smith-16 Jan 1842
Virginia Catherine Smith-24 Dec 1844


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