Morin Family Bible

Morin Family Bible

Contributed by Ronald Brennan

A copy of these records is at the Campbell County Historical Society in Alexandria in the Elizabeth Cooley collection. Original bible in the possession of Jim Hales of Cold Spring


Edward Morin and Martha Carmack were married June 28, 1839
John M Biggs and Maria Morin were married December 21, 1848

This Certifies that Chas. Morin of Mentor, Ky. and Viola B Hicks of Charleston, W. Va. were joined together by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at Cincinnati Oh on the 9th day of November in the year of our Lord 1904 In Presence of Clara B White, Signed Rev. John A. White. Copyright, July lst 1886

Viola B. Hicks & Chas, T. Morin Nov. 9th 1904
Marceline Morin Married to James S. Hales (of Frankfort KY) Sept. 1929


Edward Morin was born February 9, 1802
Martha Carmack was born February 2, 1802
Maria Morin 10 Aug 1829
Sarah M Morin 12 May 1831
William A Morin 26 July 1833
Edw. P. Morin, Born Mar. 2nd 1834 at Mentor, Ky. Died Feb 16th 1906
Cynthia J Morin 12 Feb 1836
Susan Morin (Boyers) Nov. 21st 1836 New Martinsville, W. Va.
Augusta Z Morin 28 June 1839
Edward D. Hicks Feb 17th 1851 California, KY Died 1932 Charleston, W. Va.
Ocie W. (Young) Hicks Jan 5th 1852 Mentor, KY Died Aug 18th 1929 Charleston W Va.
William E Morin 8 Apr 1855
Thomas J Morin 11 Nov 1857
Martha V Morin 27 June 1861
Verena D Morin 30 Sep 1863
Clarence Morin 22 May 1868
Mabel Morin Lane June 12th 1871 Mentor, Ky. Died March lst 1895 Mentor
Will Morin Nov 9th 1872 Mentor
Maud (Morin) Rieley Mar 31st 1876
Ella (Morin) Holden Dec 25th 1877
Chas. Morin, Feb. 10th 1878, Mentor, KY
Arthur S. Hicks Nov 5th 1878 California, Ky.
Virgie M. (Hicks) Chapman June 14th 1880 California, KY
Susie (Morin) Foster May 8th 1881 Mentor, Ky. Died July 31st 1905 Mentor
Viola B (Hicks) Morin Mar 15th 1882 California, KY
Viola Morin Mar. 15th 1882, California, KY
Dennis J. Hicks Jan 16th 1884 California KY  Died Nov 15th 1933 49 years & 10 mo.
Howard Hicks July 14th 1886
Luella V. (Hicks) Ellis Apr lst 1889
Clara Hicks Davidson Oct 22nd 1893
Maycel Morin, Born Feb 17th 1906 Passed away one month old
Marceline Morin Born Feb. 24, 1907 (Mentor KY)
James C Hales Jr. Born Sept 30th 1930 In Speers Hospital Dayton, KY
Luile Ann Hales Born Speers Hospital Dayton, Ky. Nov. and passed away Dec

Children of John M Biggs and Maria Morin

Edward M Biggs-9 Dec 1849
Melcena Biggs-30 Nov 1851
John M Biggs-18 Oct 1853
William E Biggs-6 Mar 1857
Robert A Biggs-18 May 1859
Jefferson Biggs 16 Apr 1861
Lucy Biggs-18 May 1863


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