George W Metcalfe Family Bible

Metcalfe Family Bible

Contributed by Louis D Melnick, 530 Michigan Ave
Evanston, Illinois 60202

The entries given below are from the reverse of a title page of a New Testament published in New York in 1829 by the American Bible Society.  The following inscription is from the inside back cover, and is extremely difficult to read.

"George W Metcalfe...bought in the year 1834/price 75 cents/Illinois, Edgar Co, Paris"


George W Metcalfe-25 Mar 1810({Shelby Co Ky)
Martha Metcalfe-1 Sep 1809 (Floyd Co Ky)


John P Metcalfe-29 Dec 1834
Mary Ann Metcalfe-13 Mar 1835 (Edgar Co Ill)
George William Metcalfe-21 Jan 1837, and deceased 7 June 1837
John P Metcalfe-deceased 25 Jan 1838
Nicy R Metcalfe-14 June 1838, and died 16 June 1838
Jane Sinthalia-30 Nov 1840 (Edgar Co Ill)
Mimey Elisabeth-29 Apr 1843 (Edgar Co Ill)
Sarah Metcalfe-19 Sep 1845, and died 12 Oct 1845

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