Allen David Graham Family Bible

Allen David and Mary Graham Family Bible

Submitted by Mrs. Howard L (Minnie O) Bulls
P.O. Box 542, Reedley, California 93654

From the Family Bible of Allen David Graham, son of Thomas Graham and Mary Rose.  Thomas Graham and Mary Rose, daughter of Captain Lewis Rose, were married in Mercer County, Kentucky.  The marriage bond for this couple was
dated 1 Oct 1793 and was secured by Lewis Rose.  About 1800 Thomas and Mary (Rose) Graham moved to Shelby County Kentucky and lived near other Graham relatives on land brought from the Michael Troutman 400 acres patent on Tick Creek.
The nine children of this couple were born in Kentucky and are on record in the Indiana State Library, Indianapolis in the DAR Records complied by Vera Tranter, Vol. II pt. 3 page 26.

Allen David Graham was the third child of Thomas and Mary (Rose) Graham.  His family bible was located in the possession of the late Earl Graham, 305 N Oak Street, Falls Church Virginia 22046.  After his death in early February of 1969, the Bible remained in possession of his widow, Mrs. Aubry Lee Graham.

A letter to Minnie O Balls, dated 27 Oct 1967 has this information, . . .

"the old Bible carries the printer's date of 1854 whereas much of the date is for earlier
 years.  Obviously someone had the earlier records and inscribed them in the book
when it was procured."


Allen David Graham and Elizabeth Shepherd-29 Nov 1823 in Jennings Co. Ind
S F Graham to P H Coats-27 Apr 1847
James H Graham to Sarah A Comingore-2 Nov 1849
Lewis W Graham to Stiney Vanhorn-28 Dec 1853
William G Quimby to Martha E Graham-26 Apr 1856
R M McCollough to Mary E Graham-4 June 1865
W A Graham to Mattie Givens-23 Jan 1883


Allen David Graham-28 May 1800
Elisabeth Shepherd-30 Nov 1801
Samuel F Graham-21 Oct 1824
James H Graham-6 Oct 1827
Archibald C Graham-22 Feb 1830
Lewis W Graham-10 Apr 1832
Martha E Graham-24 Sep 1834
William A Graham-9 Apr 1840
Rachel A Graham-24 June 1857
Mary E Graham-19 July 1842
Paulina H Coats-9 Feb 1828
Sarah A Comingore-25 Dec 1832

Sitney A Vanhorn-Feb 1832
William G Quimby
R M McCollough-10 Apr 1837
Earl A Graham-8 Sep 1885
Allen G Graham-3 Feb 1888
William H C Graham-19 Feb 1848
Mary Clara Graham-23 Oct 1851
Laura Alice Graham-17 Oct 1850
Edward Allen Graham-20 Jan 1854
Florence Adelia Graham-7 Oct 1854
George Albert Graham-2 Apr 1857
Lewis C Graham-23 ? 1857
(year of birth comes from 1860 census Cowley Co Kansas)

John W Quimby-22 Feb 1857
Rachel A Quimby-12 Nov 1859
Luella Ann Graham-16 ? 1856
George Cameron Graham-7 Mar 186?
Walter Allen Graham-24 Aug
Albert Graham-23 Sep
May Josephine Graham-15 Oct 1862
Carrie E Quimby-19 July 1862
Kate Graham-d/o Lewis W 23 Oct 1865
{from Civil War Pension File # Sc392999}


Rachel A Graham-31 Dec 1855 or 1856
George Albert Graham-2 Jan 1858
Sarah A Graham-23 Jan 1858
Mary N Quimby-28 May 1865
J H Graham-23 July 1865
Allen McCullough-7 Sep 1882
May/Mary Graham-17 Apr 1871 or 1877
Adaline Graham-11 Nov 1878
W A Graham-10 Mar 1897
William A Graham-10 Mar 1897

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