Gaines Bible

Gaines Family Bible

Holy Bible...New York, American Bible Society 1855.  In the possession of William Fitzgerald in Florence Ky in 1962. Copied January 1962 by Mrs. William Fitzgerald of the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR Ft. Thomas, Kentucky and published in the Kentucky Bible Records Volume 1 in 1962. 


Jonas Utz-8 Nov 1792
Alethea Thomas-__
Zera Ann Utz-29 Dec 1827
Medeline Utz-29 Mar 1829
William Gaines-s/o Oscar & Althea-19 Sep 1857
Wilson Thompson Gaines-4 Oct 1859
Lucy Medline Gaines-14 Sep 1860
Charles Addison Gaines-1 Dec 1863
Anna Maria Gaines-25 Jan 1865
William Gaines-16 Mar 1794
Jennetta Watts-23 Jun 1797
Stephen G Gaines-9 Jan 1819
Elizabeth Christy-9 Feb 1824
Washington W Gaines-30 Apr 1820
Susan Duncan-2 Apr 1832
Joseph A Gaines-6 Sep 1822
Martha Gyne-28 Dec 1823
Alonzo Gaines-20 Sep 1825
Mary Christy-1 Dec 1826
Maria M Gaines-12 Dec 1828
Charles C Graves-7 Jun 1824

Oscar Gaines-19 Mar 1831
Aletha M Utz-5 Oct 1834
Templeton Gaines-14 Aug 1833
Milton Gaines-15 Sep 1836


William Gaines to Jennetty Watts-15 Jan 1818
Stephen G Gaines to Elizabeth Christy-22 Dec 1842
Washington W Gaines to Susan Duncan-27 Dec 1854
Joseph A Gaines to Martha Gyne-3 Nov 1848
Alonzo Gaines to Mary Christy-3 Mar 1848
Charles C Graves to Alethea M Utz-25 Sep 1856
Oscar Gaines to Alethea M Utz-25 Sep 1856
Jonas Utz to Althea Thomas-____
Benjamin Rice to Zera Ann Utz-11 Jun 1846
Milton Gaines to Mollie Cropper-19 Jan 1864


Susan Gaines, consort of Washington W Gaines-18 Mar 1857
Narcissa Gaines-d/o Alonzo & Mary Gaines-24 Jul 1857/9 years old
Coy Medline Utz-1 Jun 1859
Elizabeth Gaines-consort of Stephen-16 Dec 1862
Jennette Gaines-18 Nov 1863
William Gaines-24 Nov 1866


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