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French Family Bible

New Oxford Quarto Edition of the Holy Bible; Oxford Bible Publishing Co. copyrighted 1896. Copied 1961 by Gladys Hoffmann & Augusta Helm Morris of the DAR Mary Ingles Chapter of Ft. Thomas, Kentucky and published in the Kentucky Bible Records Volume 1 in 1962.


David McLaughlin (Father) 26 Aug 1800 Fayette Co. Ky

Elizabeth Morris (Mother) 4 Aug 1804 Montgomery Co. Ky


John-26 Dec 1827 in Montgomery County
Clarrissa A-18 Dec 1828 in Montgomery County
Thomas G-27 Apr 1830 in Montgomery County
Sarah A-26 Apr 1832 in Montgomery County
Elizabeth-6 Jan 1834 in Montgomery County
Susan-26 Aug 1835 in Montgomery County
Caroline-27 Sep 1837 in Montgomery County
Andrew P-15 Nov 1841 in Montgomery County
Hugh-15 Mar 1843 in Montgomery County
Christopher-10 Feb 1846 in Montgomery County

William M French (Father) 9 Sep 1807 in Baltimore, Maryland

Ann Richards (Mother) 10 Aug 1810 in Wales, England


John-26 Apr 1830 in Pittsburg, Penn
Elizabeth-21 Feb 1832 in Pittsburg, Penn
Nicholas-5 Oct 1834 in Pittsburg, Penn
Mary J-born in Pittsburg, Penn
William R-born in Powell County, Kentucky
Adeline R-31 Jan 1843 in Powell County
Josephine-20 Nov 1844 in Powell County
Frances I-17 Nov 1847 in Powell County
Eoline-7 Nov 1852 in Powell County

Sarah Jane Pelfry-10 Jul 1863 in Wolf County Kentucky

Joseph L French-29 Sep 1890 in Powell County Kentucky

John French (Father) 26 Apr 1830 in Pittsburg, Penn

Sarah McLaughlin (Mother) 26 Apr 1832 in Powell County, Kentucky


William G-19 Jul 1852
David N-21 Feb 1854
Elizabeth A-27 Oct 1856
George W-29 Jan 1859
Elsie R-9 Jan 1861
Christopher M-8 Jan 1863
Sarah F-14 Jul 1865
A S Eugene-16 May 1867
J Morgan-2 Apr 1869
Charlie E-14 Jul 1871

Warren Martin-15 May 1872
Charles E Martin-21 Sep 1898
Earl F Martin-29 Sep 1900
Elsie L Martin-29 Jul 1903

Ellis Martin-29 Jul 1903
Kenneth Martin-25 Aug 1905


David McLaughlin to Elizabeth Morris-26 Apr 1826
Sarah A McLaughlin to John French-25 Sep 1851
Earl Martin of Stanton, Powell Co. Kentucky to Elsie Conlee of Stanton-24 Sep 1925 at Stanton in Powell Co by Alanzo Willoughby; witnesses Kenneth Martin & Earl Williams
John French to Sarah McLaughlin-25 Sep 1851 at the home of the bride in presence of Robt Knox & Mary J French; signed Thomas White, Min Church of Christ
Nicholas French to Sarah Jane Pelfrey-7 Oct 1889
William G French to ___-10 Oct 1874
David N French to ___-14 Mar 1883
Elizabeth A French to ___-17 Mar 1881
George W French to ____-14 Dec 1884
Elsie R French to ____-25 Feb 1880
Christopher M French to ____-1 Feb 1894
Sarah F French to ____-25 Nov 1897
A S Eugene French to ____-7 Mar 1889
J Morgan French to ____-24 May 1896
Charlie E French to ____-28 Dec 1898

Warren Martin to ____-25 Nov 1897
Charles E Martin to ____-6 Jul 1921

Earl F Martin to ____-24 Sep 1925
Elise L Martin to ____-3 Jul 19__
Kenneth Martin to ____-4 Sep 1926


David McLaughlin-23 Jan 1887
Elizabeth Morris McLaughlin-7 Sep 1853
Andrew P McLaughlin-10 Sep 1852
William M French-4 Oct 1898
Ann Richards French-17 Jan 1894
John French-2 Oct 1900
Nicholas French-13 Feb 1913
Adeline R French-24 Jun 1844
Josephine French-11 Oct 1918
Frances I French-17 Jul 1867
Sarah Jane Pelfrey French-17 Feb 1892
John French-2 Oct 1900
Sarah McLaughlin French-20 May 1907
William G French-4 Jun 1903
David N French-30 May 1885
Elizabeth A French-18 Jul 1905
George W French-28 Dec 1939
Elsie R French-21 Aug 1935
Sarah F French-27 Dec 1925
A S Eugene French-15 Mar 1959
J Morgan French-22 Aug 1901
Charlie E French-22 Oct 1925
Warren Martin-12 Dec 1921
Ellis Martin-9 Aug 1903


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