Ellis Family Bible

Ellis Family Bible

Ellis family Bible records found in the 1854 Bible (Published by Phinney and Co., New York).
Submitted by
Mary Ball Hammil



John Ellis was born Feb. 7, 1811
G. L. Ellis was born March 11, 1819
J. R. Ellis was born Nov 5, 1839
D. B. Ellis was born Oct 20, 1841
S. E. ?? Ellis was born Dec 21, 1843 (wife of George Ellis)
G. M. Ellis was born June 9, 1847
L. H. Ellis was born May 9, 1851 (married William Davis Ball)
J. D. Ellis was born Dec 20, 1855


Grace Ellis Died Feb 20, 1874
John Ellis Died Nov 4, 1885
George M. Ellis Died Jan 20, 1892
John D. Ellis died Nov 30, 1901

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