Colliver Family Records

Colliver Family Records

This bible was in the possession of Evalyn Colliver of Ft. Thomas in September 1969.
It was copied by Mrs. Glenn F Roberts for the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR
of Ft. Thomas.


J H Colliver-10 July 1829
Mary Jane Overby-20 Jun 1840
Evy Colliver-24 June 1859
Elliott Colliver-5 Aug 1861
Ida L Colliver-2 Jan 1868
Wise Colliver-3 June 1888
Lizzie Taylor Colliver-25 Oct 1889
Edith Lee Colliver-30 Aug 1891
Howard Earl Colliver-23 Jan 1894
Mary Kathleen Colliver-12 Dec 1899
Ruth Elliott Colliver-12 Mar 1904
Sara Bell Colliver-23 Sep 1906
Evalyn Nelson Colliver-21 Oct 1909
Donald W McQueen-12 Mar 1913
Ida Ruth Colliver-7 June 1914
Virginia Lee Colliver-31 Jan 1918
Martha Ellen Coliver-23 Jan 1923
Elizabeth Jane Colliver-2 Aug 1923
Anne Hesbitt Colliver-d/o Howard and Willie19 Sep 1927
Majorie Long Adams-d/o Marvin Adams and Kathleen Colliver-2 Aug 1929
Ruth Ann Jenkins-d/o Frank Jenkins and Ruth Colliver-2 Nov 1934


James H Colliver and Mary J Overby-3 Aug 1858
Elliott Colliver and Ida L Wise-27 Apr 1887
Lizzie Taylor Colliver and Donald W McQueen-23 Dec 1909
G Wise Colliver and Katherine Ellen Harper-17 June 1913
Edith Lee Colliver and John Gilbert James-9 Mar 1916
Howard Earl Colliver and Willie Gillaspie-18 Jan 1922
Mary Kathleen Colliver and Joseph Marvin Adams-15 Jul 1925
Ruth Elliott Colliver and Frank McGinnis Jenkins-1 Jan 1929
Sara Bell Colliver and John Leslie Jones-20 June 1937
Donald Windsor McQueen Jr. and Nelle Regina Benet-7 Feb 1937
Ida Ruth Colliver and Dr. Willis Wilbur Harris-14 June 1940
Virginia Lee Colliver and William Whitfield Williamson II-26 May 1943


Eva Colliver-17 June 1889-29y 10m 23 days
James Colliver-18 July 1901
Mary Colliver-11 Jan 1913
Elliott Colliver-23 Aug 1915
Ida L Wise Colliver-13 Oct 1944
Marvin Adams-Feb 1950
Howard Earl Colliver-1 Nov 1951-57y
Wise Colliver-30 Nov 1956-68y

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