Clore Bible

Clore Family Bible

 The Holy Bible...New York, American Bible Society, 1879. An old bible with no frontispiece in the possession of Lon Clore, (1952) Florence, Boone Co., Kentucky.  Copied by Mrs. William Fitzgerald, DAR Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter Fort Thomas in 1952 and published in the "Kentucky Bible Records Volume II"  in 1962



Jonas Clore was born Aug 8, 1821
Virinda Aylor Clore was born Feb 5th, 1824
Lewis Clore was born October 17, 1854
Georgia Clore was born July the 29th 1858
Lonnie Clore was born June 19, 1876
Homer H Clore was born March the 23rd 1878
Stella May Clore was born May the 1st 1882
Shelton Clore Stephens was born May 26th 1900
Oakley M Stephens was born October 17, 1909
Rita Maxine Stephens was born September 13, 1927
Garnett Clore was born December 18, 1905
Wayne Lewis Stephens was born Oct 13, 1935
Garnett Clore Jr. was born May 22, 1937
Barbara Ann Clore was born April 27, 1939
Gerald Burt Clore was born 1941
Jayne Elisabeth Stephens was born 1950
(Father)  Henry Clore was born July 17, 1842
(Mother)  Aletha J Cason Clore was born November 15, 1847
Ollie M Clore was born September 5, 1868
Mary J Clore was born April 26, 1870
Laura Bell Clore was born September 29, 1877
Churchhill Clore (Father) 9 Jul 1814
Julia Jain Aylor Clore (Mother) 11 Mar 1821
Eleander Frances Clore-2 Oct 1840
Henry Clore-17 Jul 1842
Henry’s children-Ollie Kelly, Garnett
Mary J Clore-19 Jul 1844
William Clore-15 Mar 1847
Charles Clore-12 Jan 1850
Noah Clore-2 Aug 1853
Mary Louise Rich Clore-27 Jan 1857
Effie Clore-16 Feb 1885 d/o Noah & Mary Louise
William Henry Kennedy-5 Oct 1860 s/o W D & Mary J (Clore)
Eddie Orville Kennedy-29 Sep 1862 s/o W D & Mary J (Clore)
Mary Julia "Belle" Kennedy-24 Dec 1864 d/o W D & M J (Clore)
Charley Clore-12 Jan 1850
Sallie Clore-28 Apr 1853


Lewis Clore and Georgia Clore were married December the 24th, 1874 (They were own cousins, Lewis' father was Jonas & Georgia's father was Leonard)
Lewis Stephens and Stella Clore were married Oct 11, 1900
Homer Clore and Grace Neal were married Feb 1900
Lonnie Clore (Lewis' father) and Laura Clore (Henry Clore, her father, Church Clore, her grandfather) were married January 23, 1901
Jonas Clore and Virinda Aylor were married March 6, 1845 (Virinda Aylor, the daughter of Wm & Rhoda; their children were Willie, Perry, Henry, whose daughter is Aleen Brady and whose granddaughter is Mary Jane Jones, Mary Ann Presser and Lewis)
Shelton Clore Stephens and Georgia R Aylor were married _____
Lonnie L Clore and Minneola Ryle were married Jan 15, 1927
Garnett Clore and Zayda House were married May 30, 1927
Garnett Clore and Nancy Burt Christy were married Jan 9, 1937

Henry Clore & Aletha Cason of Boone County, Covington?, Kentucky, were married on the 10th day of January 1867
Bennie T Kelly and Ollie May Clore were married October 24, 1888
Lonnie L Clore and Laura Bell Clore were married January 23, 1901

Churchhill Clore to Julia Jain Aylor-10 Jan 1837
Father-Henry Aylor Sisters-Mary Ann Stephens, Jemima Conner, Brother-Lewis Aylor

Noah Clore to Mary Louise Rich-20 Oct 1874
Mary Jane Clore to W D Kennedy-27 Dec 1859
Effie Clore to Albert L Nichols-20 May 1903


Mary Jane Clore-w/o W D Kennedy died Jan 5, 1865
Mary Julia Belle Kennedy-d/o M J & W D Kennedy died July 14, 1865
Mary J Clore died May 6, 1870
Churchhill Clore-died July 2, 1883
Frances Clore-died Sep 17, 1896
Julia J Clore-w/o Churchhill died  Apr 3, 1900
Jonas Clore died January 8th, 1901
Virinda Clore died ____
Laura B Clore died July 17, 1921
Henry Clore died December 25, 1922
Henry Clore-died Dec 25, 1922
Lewis L Clore died May 22, 1928
Homer H Clore died Jan 9, 1932
Georgia Clore died February 16, 1933
Gerald Burt Clore died Feb 7, 1941
Minnie Clore died Oct 22, 1949
Anne Stanton Stephens (wife of Oakley) died April 22, 1951
Lewis Stephens died Jan 20th, 1952


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