Lowden Carll Family

Lowden Carll Family

Transcribed by Susan Carle Young Permission granted by Willis Carle

Submitted by Richard W Baker

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FAMILY RECORD (printed middle top of page)

(printed at top of left-hand column)

Lowden Carll was Born June 29 Anno Domoni 1760
Elizabeth Shull Was Born November 1 Ann. Dom 1776


Susanah Carll Born June 30th An Dom 1793
Thomas Carll Born March 24th An Dom. 1795
Elizabeth Carll Born Feby 24th An Dom 1797
David Carll Born Feby 24th An Dom 1799

Matthew Currey Born March 17th Anno Domin. 1766
Elender Wood Born December 18th An. Domn. 1770


William Correy Born May 9th An Domoni 1792
John Correy Born June 1st Domoni 1795
James Corry Born July 6th An Domn 1797

FAMILY RECORD (printed middle top of page)

MARRIAGES (printed top of left column)

Lowden Carll and Elizabeth Shull Joined in the Bond of Matrimony Nov 4th Anno Domoni 1790


Susannah Carll and Nicholas Baker Wedded September 6th An Domoni 1810
Thomas Carll and Mary Thatcher Wedded December 19 An Domoni 1816
Elizabeth Carll and David Smith were married August 30th 1820

(printed top of right column)

Matthew Correy and Elender Wood Joined in the Bond of Matrimony August 11th Anno Domon 1791


William Correy and Sarah van Astral Wedded June 17th An. Dom. 1813
James Correy and Elenor Van Doren Wedded Jany 8th Ann Domini 1818

Lowden Carll Widoer (?)and Elender Correy W Joined in Matrimony (the second time) June 11 Ann Domn 1801

(printed at top of right column)
(here reverts back to first, lighter ink)

Elizabeth Carll first Wife of Lowden Carl Deceased November 25 Anno Domoni 1799
Matthew Correy first Husband of Elender Carll Deceased July 8th 1798
Loudon Carll Departed this life February 28th AD. 1821

Wherefore let them that suffer
according to the will of
God commit the keeping
of their Souls to him in well
doing as unto a faithful Creator

(here reverts to darker ink than either of previous but still in same hand, these seem to be a continuation of the list of Thomas and Mary Carle's children)

James S Carle Born June 6th 1827
Nancy E Carle Born January 10th 1830

(printed top of left column)

Children of Lowden and Elender Carll

Matthew Carll Born January 24th An Domn 1807
Lydia Carll Born Septem 10 An Dom 1809

(this section is in darker ink than all the preceding but seems to be by the same hand)

Children of Thomas and Mary

Carle -- Susan Ann Carle daughter of Thomas Carle and Mary his wife was Born March 30th in the year of our Lord A. D. 1818
Elizabeth Jane Carle was born April 18th AD 1820
Harriet Carle was Born May 14th in the year of our Lord AD 1822

William Holmon Carle son of Thomas Carle and Mary his wife was Born Nov 7th in the year of our Lord AD 1824

Page 4
(printed top of right column)
(reverts to first ink appearance)

John Correy son of Mathew & Elender Correy Deceased January 2nd Anno Domoni 1797
David Carll Son of Lowden & Elizabeth Carle Deceased June 2nd Anno Domn 1802
Lydia Carll Daughter of Lowden & Elender Carll Deceased August 30th Anno Domon 1811

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