Ball Family Bible

Ball Family Bible


Submitted by Mary Ball Hammil

Thanks to Annette Towler who provided copies originally loaned by Lois Sutherland


Edward P Ball Sr. born January 28, 1774
Janeter Ball born August 24, 1794
George Ball born July 26, 1810
Mildred H Ball born May 17, 1813
Edward P Ball born March 12, 1815
Janeter V Ball June 4 1817
Olivia Ball born July 8 1819
William D Ball May 8 1822
Ann H Ball August 13 1824
Elizabeth N Ball June 2 1827
Adelia H Ball July 13 1830

Mary Washington Martin born Sept 1 AD 1839
Olivia E Martin Born May 9 AD 1842
Liatitia A Martin Born Oct 4 1844
Eliza Ball born June 10 1872
D. B. Ellis born Nov 25 1885 Gr-Grandson of Janeter & Edward Ball
Grace Letitia Ellis Born June 17 1889 Gr. grand Daughters Janeter & Edward Ball
Bessie DeCrawford Born Aug 3 1890

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Edward P Ball and Janeter Davis were married the 5th day of October AD 1809
Charles T Martin and Janetter V Ball were married September the 25th AD 1838
Samuel Kennedy and Mildred H Ball were married January 3rd day AD 1839
Edward P Ball Jr. and Janette Lindsey were married the 7th day of January 1841
W A McLaughlin and Ann H Ball were married Oct the 20 AD 1842
Thomas L Young and Adelia H Ball were married Dec 28 AD 1848
Dudley B Ellis and Jannette M Young married Dec 10 1854
O M DeCourcy Adelia H Young married Nov 23, 1865
L P Young and M. Alice McKee married April the ?? 1880
O M DeCourcy and Katie E Ellis married Oct 18, 1896

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