John P Epply Family Bible

John P Epply Family Bible

The Holy Bible owned by Harry C Epply now in possession of Mrs. Louis Heyman
of Indianapolis Indiana
Copied by Mrs. Kenneth A Meyer for the Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter DAR
of Ft. Thomas


John P Epply-s/o Samuel and Susan-born in Pennsylvania-1817
Saline A Burke-d/o William and Mary-1st wife of John P Epply-9 Nov 1820
in North Carolina
Harriett L Mansur-d/o William and Gertrude F-2nd wife of John P Epply-1817
Harry Clay Epply-18 Apr 1856
Mary Ann Epply-3 Aug 1858
Stella Belle Epply-26 Aug 1878
Norma Silvina Epply-15 Nov 1880
Harry Jacob Epply-29 May 1883
Clara May Epply-14 July 1885
Frazee C Bentley-s/o Alfonse and Agnes-10 Jan 1887
Marybelle Bentley-d/o Franzee Bentley and Aline Foust-2 Oct 1914
Anna M Edwards-d/o Thomas and Mary-2nd wife of Charles M Epply-31 Oct 1851
Alice Von Phul-d/o Henry Von Phul-3nd wife of Charles M Epply-9 Apr 1848


Harry Clay Epply and Mary Ann Lype-28 Nov 1877
Stella Belle Epply and Charles A Meyer-3 July 1906
Norma Silvinia Epply and George Chambers-16 Aug 1898
Harry Jacob Epply and Sabine Frederick-20 Oct 1910
Clara May Epply and Louis W Heyman-17 Apr 1913

Children of John P Epply and Saline A Burke

Harriet R Epply-15 Jan 1842
Francis B Epply-5 Feb 1843

Children of John P Epply and Harriette L Mansur

John Horton Epply-9 June 1845
William Wesley Epply-7 Aug 1847
Charles M Epply-30 Nov 1848
William H Epply-1851 in Cincinnati
Ella G Epply-1853 in Cincinnati
Mary Belle Epply-27 July 1864

Children of Mary Belle Epply and Charles Foust

Charles Ellis Foust-22 Nov 1880
Aline Foust-7 Oct 1889

Children of Charles M Epply and Luella Medary

Charles Clifford Epply-30 Sep 1874
Lorinda Epply-13 Aug 1875


John P Epply-died 22 Sep 1897/age 80
Saline A Burke Epply-1st wife of John P-d/o William and Mary Burke-25 Feb 1843
Harriet R Epply-d/o John P and Saline-16 Jan 1842
Francis B Epply-s/o John P and Saline-5 Aug 1843
William Wesley Epply-s/o John P and Harriett-17 Dec 1848
John Horton Epply-s/o John P and Harriett-19 Dec 1878
Luella Medary Epply-1st wife of Charles M Epply-d/o John and Lorinda Medary-
23 Aug 1880/28 y
J Harry Hoover-s/o Henry R and Barbara-27 Nov 1897
Harriett L Mansur Epply-d/o William and Gertrude F Mansur-2nd wife of John P Epply
3 July 1899-82 y
Charles Clifford Epply-s/o Charles M and Luella-23 July 1901
Anna M Edwards Epply-d/o Thomas and Mary A Edwards-2nd wife of Charles M Epply-
14 Nov 1901
Charles Foust-13 Sep 1902-50y 9m 13d
William H Epply-s/o John P and Harriett-24 Dec 1904/53 y
Charles M Epply-s/o Charles Foust and Mary Belle Epply-16 Sep 1915
Alice Von Phul Epply-d/o Henry-3rd wife of Charles M Epply-29 Jan 1919 in Greensburg In
Margery Sanford Foust-d/o Charles Ellis Foust and Gay E Geifus-22 June 1920/17 y
Ella G Epply Hoover-wife of Harry-8 Apr 1926
Katherine Lilling Epply-d/o Bernhard and Adeline Lillng-wife of William H Epply-
29 Aug 1927
Louis W Heyman-5 July 1928
Mary Belle Epply Foust-wife of Charles-18 May 1934
Charles Ellis Foust-s/o Charles and Mary Belle-9 Dec 1939
Henry Clay Epply-18 May 1940
Mary Ann Lype Epply-9 May 1939
Stella Belle Meyer-19 Sep 1953
Charles A Meyer-12 Jan 1939
Harry Jacob Epply-1 Mar 1946
Aline Foust Bentley-d/o Charles and Mary Belle-wife of Frazee C Bentley-10 Oct 1948
Lorinda Epply-d/o Charles M and Luella-18 July 1951
Frazee C Bentley-s/o Alfonse and Agnes-12 Mar 1959
Marybelle Bentley Kruer-d/o Frazee and Aline Foust-wife of Albert R Kruer-10 Apr 1967

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