I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Richard Matthews for his permission to post his cemeteries.  I hope the people of Bell County realize what a sacrifice and a wonderful contribution he has and is making to the research of those now and in the future.  His commitment to this and other projects will help preserve Bell County history forever.  He devotes his time and resources unselfishly to benefit others.  He deserves to be honored and we owe him our appreciation.


          A-E                                      F-K                                         L-R                                    S-Z

Acuff Cemetery


Fee Cemetery

  Lamb Cemetery   Saw Mill Cemetery  
  Alva Memorial Gardens Cemetery  

Fee 2 Cemetery


Lankford Cemetery

  Saylor Cemetery  

Arnett Cemetery


Fee - Knuckles Cemetery 


Laurel  Hill Cemetery

  Saylor 2 Cemetery  

Asher Cemetery


Ferndale Cemetery


Laurel Hill Burials

  Saylor 3 Cemetery  

Asher 2 Cemetery


Ferndale Black Cemetery


Lawson Cemetery

  Saylor 4 Cemetery  

Aunt Emily Cemetery


Fields Cemetery


Lawson 2 Cemetery

  Saylor 5 Cemetery  

Bailey Hill Cemetery

  Forester Cemetery  

Lawson 3 Cemetery

  Saylor 6 Cemetery  

Bain Cemetery


Fox Cemetery


Lee Cemetery

  Saylor 7 Cemetery  

Balkan Cemetery


Fredrick Cemetery


Lee 2 Cemetery

  Saylor 8 Cemetery  

Balkan Black Cemetery


Fredrick 2 Cemetery


Lee 3 Cemetery

  Saylor 9 Cemetery  

Ball Cemetery


Frost Cemetery


Lee 4 Cemetery

  Saylor 10 Cemetery  

Barnett Cemetery


Fuson Cemetery


Lee 5 Cemetery  

  Saylor Burial  

Barnett 2 Cemetery


Fuson 2 Cemetery


Lee Cox Cemetery

  Scott Cemetery  

Barnett - Pursifull Cemetery


Fuson 3 Cemetery


Lee Hoskins Cemetery

  Settles Cemetery  

Bass- Hoskins Cemetery


Fuson 4 Cemetery


Lefevers Cemetery

  Shackleford Cemetery  

Bays Cemetery


Fuson 5 Cemetery


Lewis Cemetery

  Sharp Cemetery  

Begley Cemetery


Fuson 6 Cemetery


Liberty Cemetery

  Shelton Cemetery  

Belcher Cemetery


Fuson 7 Cemetery


Little Creek Cemetery

  Shipley Cemetery  

Belew Cemetery


Fuson 8 Cemetery

  Little Creek 2 Cemetery   Sil Wilder Cemetery  

Ben's Branch Cemetery


Fuson 9 Cemetery


Luckadoo Cemetery

  Simpson Cemetery  

Beverly Cemetery


Fuson Chapel Cemetery


Lynch Cemetery

  Simpson 2 Cemetery  

Big Gem Cemetery (New)


Gabbard Cemetery

  Maiden Cemetery   Sims Fork Cemetery  

Big Gem Cemetery (Old)


Gambrel Cemetery

  Maiden 2 Cemetery   Sizemore Cemetery  

Big Run Cemetery


Garrett Cemetery

  Maiden 3 Cemetery   Sizemore 2 Cemetery  

Bingham Cemetery

  George Partin Cemetery   Marsee Cemetery   Sizemore 3 Cemetery  
  Bingham 2 Cemetery  

Gibson Cemetery

  Martin Cemetery   Slusher Cemetery  

Bingham Goodin Cemetery


Gibson 2 Cemetery

  Martin 2 Cemetery   Slusher 2 Cemetery  

Black Cemetery


Gibson 3 Cemetery

  Martin 3 Cemetery   Slusher 3 Cemetery  

Blanton Cemetery


Gibson 4 Cemetery

  Mason Cemetery   Slusher 4 Cemetery  

Bledsole Cemetery


Givens Cemetery

  Mathel Cemetery   Slusher 5 Cemetery  

Blevins Cemetery


God's Field Cemetery

  Mays Cemetery   Slusher 6 Cemetery  

Boatright Cemetery


Goins Cemetery

  McCabe Cemetery   Smith Cemetery  

Branham Cemetery


Goins 2 Cemetery

  McCullough Cemetery   Smith 2 Cemetery  

Bratcher Cemetery


Golden Cemetery

  McGaffee Cemetery   Smith 3 Cemetery  

Breast Works Hill Cemetery


Good Cemetery

  McGeorge Cemetery   Smith Hill Cemetery  

Brock Cemetery


Good 2 Cemetery

  McGeorge 2 Cemetery   Sol Wilson Cemetery  

Brock 2 Cemetery

  Goodin Cemetery   McKnight Burial   Southerland Cemetery  

Brock 3 Cemetery


Goodin 2 Cemetery

  Meldrum Cemetery   Sparks Cemetery  

Brock 4 Cemetery


Goodin 3 Cemetery

  Melton Cemetery   Stevens-Brown Cemetery  

Brock 5 Cemetery


Goodin 4 Cemetery

  Middlesboro Cemetery   Stewart Cemetery  

Brock 6 Cemetery


Green Cemetery

  Middlesboro Jewish Cemetery   Stewart 2 Cemetery  

Brock 7 Cemetery


Green 2 Cemetery

  Mill Creek Cemetery   Sutton Cemetery  

Brock 8 Cemetery


Green 3 Cemetery

  Mill Creek 2 Cemetery   Tackett Hill Cemetery  

Brock 9 Cemetery


Green Camp Cemetery

  Miller Cemetery   Tad Goodin Cemetery  

Brock 10 Cemetery


Greene Cemetery

  Miller 2 Cemetery   Taylor Cemetery  

Brock 11 Cemetery


Greene 2 Cemetery

  Mills Cemetery   Taylor 2 Cemetery  

Brock 12 Cemetery


Greene 3 Cemetery

  Miracle Cemetery   Taylor 3 Cemetery  

Brock (Dewey Brock) Cemetery

  Greenhills Cemetery   Miracle 2 Cemetery   Taylor 4 Cemetery  

Broughton Cemetery


Gross Cemetery

  Miracle 3 Cemetery   Taylor Burials  

Brown Cemetery


Grubb Cemetery

  Miracle 4 Cemetery   Taylor Wilder Cemetery  

Browning Cemetery


Gulton Cemetery

  Miracle 5 Cemetery   Thomas Cemetery  

Browning 2 Cemetery


Hall Cemetery

  Miracle 6 Cemetery   Thompson Cemetery  

Brummett Cemetery


Hall 2 Cemetery

  Miracle 7 Cemetery   Thompson 2 Cemetery  

Brummett 2 - Knuckles Cemetery


Harkins Cemetery

  Miracle 8 Cemetery   Thompson 3 Cemetery  

Buell Cemetery


Hatfield Cemetery

  Miracle 9 Cemetery   Thompson 4 Cemetery  

Buell 2 Cemetery


Head Cemetery

  Miracle 10 Cemetery   Thompson 5 Cemetery  

Bullins Cemetery


Helton Cemetery

  Miscellaneous Burials   Thompson 6 Cemetery  

Bullins 2 Cemetery


Hembree Cemetery

  Mosley Cemetery   Thompson Burials  

Bullins Branch Cemetery


Henderson Cemetery

  Murphy Cemetery   Tinsley Cemetery  

Bullins Branch 2 Cemetery


Hendrickson Cemetery

  Myers Cemetery   Tinsley 2 Cemetery  

Burns Springs Cemetery


Hendrickson 2 Cemetery

  Napier Cemetery   Turkey Creek Cemetery  

Bussell Cemetery


Hendrickson 3 Cemetery

  Napier 2 Cemetery   Turner Cemetery  

Caldwell Cemetery


Hendrickson 4 Cemetery

  New Vine Cemetery   Turner 2 Cemetery  

Caldwell 2 Cemetery

  Hensley Cemetery  

Overton Cemetery

  Turner 3 Cemetery  

Caldwell 3 Cemetery

  Hensley 2 Cemetery   Parsons Cemetery   Turner 4 Cemetery  

Calloway Cemetery

  Hensley 3 Cemetery   Parsons 2 Cemetery   Underwood Cemetery  

Calloway 2 Cemetery


Hettie Hoskins Cemetery

  Partin Cemetery   Upland Cemetery  

Cannon Lake Cemetery


Hickory Flat Cemetery

  Partin 2 Cemetery   Vance Cemetery  

Cannon Lake 2 Cemetery


Hopkins Cemetery

  Patterson Branch Burials   Varilla Cemetery  

Capito Cemetery


Hoskins Cemetery

  Patton Cemetery  

Wallsend Cemetery


Cardinal Cemetery


Hoskins 2 Cemetery

  Peace Cemetery   Ward Cemetery  
  Cardinal Black Cemetery   Hoskins 3 Cemetery   Peavier Cemetery   Warren Cemetery  

Carmack Cemetery


Hoskins 4 Cemetery

  Perry Cemetery   Warren Cemetery 2  

Carroll (New) Cemetery


Hoskins 5 Cemetery

  Philpot Cemetery   Wasioto Cemetery  

Carroll (Old) Cemetery


Hoskins 6 Cemetery

  PineLawn Memorial Gardens   Webb Cemetery  

Carter Cemetery


Hoskins 7 Cemetery

  Pine Ridge Coal Co   Webb Cemetery 2  

Cary Hill Cemetery


Hoskins 8 Cemetery

  Pineville Cemetery   Webb Cemetery 3  

Centers Graves


Hoskins 9 Cemetery

  Pittman Cemetery   Webb Cemetery 4  

Charles Cemetery


Hoskins 10 Cemetery

  Pittman 2 Cemetery  

Webb Cemetery 5


Cheek - Siler Cemetery


Howard Cemetery

  Powers Cemetery   Wilder Cemetery  

Chenoa Cemetery


Howard 2 Cemetery

  Prater Cemetery   Wilder Cemetery 2  

Cobb Cemetery


Howard 3 Cemetery

  Pridemore Cemetery   Wilder Cemetery 3  

Collett Cemetery


Hubbard Cemetery

  Proffitt Cemetery   Wilder Cemetery 4  
  Collett Burial   Hubert Partin Cemetery   Pruden Cemetery   Wilder Cemetery 5  

Collier Graves


Hugh Polly Cemetery

  Pursifull Cemetery  

Willis Cemetery


Collingsworth Cemetery


Hughett Cemetery

  Rains Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery  

Corum Cemetery


Hunley Cemetery

  Red Hill Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 2  

Cowan Cemetery


Hurley Cemetery

  Red Oak Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 3  

Cox Cemetery

  Hurst Cemetery   Redmon Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 4  

Cox 2 Cemetery


Hurst 2 Cemetery

  Redmond Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 5  

Cox 3 Cemetery

  Hurst 3 Cemetery   Richard Partin Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 6  

Cox 4 Cemetery


Hurst Burial

  Ricketts Cemetery  

Wilson Cemetery 7


Cox 5 Cemetery


Ingram Cemetery

  Riley Burials   Wilson Cemetery 8  

Cox 6 Cemetery

  Ivy Grove   Ritter Camp Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 9  

Creech Cemetery

  Jackie Partin Cemetery   Roberts Burials   Wilson Cemetery 10  

Croley Cemetery


Jackson Cemetery

  Rose Cemetery   Wilson Cemetery 11  

Croley Graves


Jackson 2 Cemetery

  Rose 2 Cemetery   Wilson Burial  

Cubbage Cemetery

  Jackson Burial   Rose of Sharon Cemetery   Wilson Burial 2  

Cupp Cemetery

  James Mason Cemetery   Russell Cemetery  

Woolum Cemetery


Cupp 2 Cemetery

  Jenson Cemetery       Yeary Cemetery  

Daniel Cemetery

  Joe Wilder Cemetery       Yeary 2 Cemetery  

Davis Cemetery

  John Partin Cemetery       Yellow Creek Cemetery  

Davis 2 Cemetery

  Johnson 2 Cemetery       Yellow Hill Cemetery  

Dean Cemetery


Johnson 3 Cemetery

      Yellow Hill Cemetery 2  

Dean 2 Cemetery


Johnson 4 Cemetery


Yoakum Grave


Deaton Cemetery


Johnson 5 Cemetery


Delph Graves


Johnson 6 Cemetery


Dewall Cemetery

  Johnson 7 Cemetery          

Dick Branch Cemetery


Jones Cemetery


Dowell Hollow Cemetery


Jones 2 Cemetery


Dowell Hollow 2 Cemetery


Jordan Cemetery


Dry Branch Cemetery


Kellems Cemetery


Duncan Cemetery


Kettle Island Cemetery


Eb Goodin Cemetery


Kirby Cemetery

  Edwards Cemetery   Kirby 2 Cemetery          
  Elliott Cemetery  

Knuckles Cemetery

  Elliott 2 Cemetery  

Knuckles 2 Cemetery

  Emery Cemetery   Knuckles 3 Cemetery  


  Evans Cemetery              
  Evans 2 Cemetery              
  Evans 3 Cemetery              
  Evans 4 Cemetery