Anderson County, KY Trails To The Past Photos

Anderson County, KY Photos

Have any photos of  Anderson County, KY??? Or of relatives from Anderson County, KY.
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Downtown street construction in Lawrenceburg, 1942

Anderson County, Kentucky. Gymnasium addition to Western High School, Johnsonville, KY. black and white silver print

Anderson County, Kentucky. Confederate memorial on Courthouse lawn, Lawrenceburg, Ky

Log House in Anderson County

Anderson County, Kentucky. Lawrenceburg School date 1938

Sam Hutton Log House -1785 (Date of Work); May 21, 1968 (Date of Photograph)

The following linked photos are linked to Old Kentucky Homes Site:


Alton Township Photo 1 
Alton Township Photo 2
Alton Township Photo 3

Alton Station
Alton Station Photo 1
Alton Station Photo 2
Alton Station Photo 3
Alton Station Photo 4

Anderson City
Anderson City Photo 1
Anderson City Photo 2
Anderson City Photo 3
Anderson City Photo 4

Ballard City Photo 1
Ballard City Photo 2
Ballard City Photo 3