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Anderson County, Kentucky
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Hi Welcome !!! I am Sundee Anderson - Maynez, your county coordinator . I do not live in Anderson County, KY but I have lots of roots and family there. Unfortunatly I cannot do lookups, but I will add all I can to the site as I find information.
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Anderson County, the eighty-second county in order of formation, is located in the Bluegrass region of central Kentucky.
The county was established on January 16, 1827, from parts of Franklin, Mercer and Washington counties. It was named for Richard Clough Anderson, Jr., a Kentucky legislator. U.S. congressman, and minister to Colombia.
The territory of Anderson County was established by the Virginia Legislature of 1776, included in what was
the called Kentucky County. In 1780 Kentucky County was divided into Jefferson, Lincoln and Fayette Counties.
Anderson was included in Lincoln. Mercer was the first county formed out of Lincoln, and Anderson was then a part
of Mercer County, Franklin County was carved out of Mercer County by the 1794 Kentucky Legislature and most
of the present county of Anderson was included in Franklin.  In 1827, Anderson became a county and was formed
from parts of Franklin, Mercer, and Shelby Counties.
The first emigrants thought to come to Anderson County, KY are Richard Benson, Nathan Hammond and William

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