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Allen County, Kentucky


Welcome to the new migrations project for Allen County, KY!

This project is in it's infancy, and the more submissions made by you, the more we can share! This site will expand as information is gathered, so help us grow as fast as possible!

Rootsweb and Migrations .Org are joint sponsors of this effort. If your ancestors moved into, out of, or temporarily resided in Allen County, Kentucky, this is the place to share your information and view information shared by others.

Where did they come from?

Where did they go?

Click on the Migrations button to discover Allen County submissions, and watch the path into and out of Allen County, KY, spread westward!

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Your host is Sharon Tabor. If you have questions or comments feel free to pass them along. I am responsible for monitoring submissions and for posting them to the site. Please follow the instructions closely so your information will be available to others as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance. is an unincorporated noncommercial research project. The mission of is to (A) provide genealogical and historical internet researchers and educators with links to online migration and genealogical sources; and (B) administer a searchable public database that collects and analyzes migration data, providing migration patterns for genealogical, historical and educational research.' all-volunteer staff consists of a national coordinator, national assistant coordinators, local level coordinators, and support personnel. is hosted by Prohosting.