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Allen County High School
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Allen County High School

(1941 - 1970)

The first meeting on record of the Allen County Board of Education for the purpose of building Allen County High School was held on March 9, 1940.  The purpose of this meeting was to purchase the property on which Allen county high was to be built. The board approved the purchase of 11.42 acres from dr. L.W. Johnson for the amount of $5,000.00.  Land for the school was located on West Cherry Street in Scottsville.   On May 11, 1940 a meeting was held for the purpose of approving the bonds for the construction of the school.  The bond issue was $50,000 at 3.5%.   The first school year was 1941-42.  This year only Mt. Victory and Meador High School students came to Allen County High.  The following school year, 1942-43 Mt. Zion and Petroleum students came.  The first year enrollment was 129 students and 32 graduated.  The first building was destroyed by fire on May 10, 1943.  the building was rebuilt exactly as it was originally - all joined in to help as this was war time and both labor and materials were scarce.  Eventually, as the population of the county grew, this building became too crowded and it became more and more evident that other arrangements would have to be made.  In 190, a new high school building was completed.  The former Allen County High School became the Middle School for grades 7 and 8.

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