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Allen County Courthouse
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Allen County Courthouse

(1818 - 1903)

Allen County's second courthouse was erected in the center of the public square in Scottsville in 1818, replacing the temporary log structure built in 1816.   The octagon shaped was unique as an architectural type for this area.  The bricks for the structure were made on site and all of the materials used in the building were manufactured locally.  The courthouse was surrounded by a lawn and trees which in turn were enclosed by an ornamental wrought iron fence.  The building served briefly during the Civil War as a fortress and storage for guns and ammunition.  In addition to serving as a center for judicial matters, the building also served as a temporary meeting place for many churches that did not have their own building.  a fire in 1902 did considerable damage to the courthouse.  This occurrence, together with the fact that the building was proving to be too small for its intended use, led to the decision to demolish the building in 1903.  A larger courthouse was erected at the same location.

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