Marriages to 1900

Early Allen County Marriage Records 1815-1889

The marriages listed here are from the books "Allen County Kentucky Marriage Records 1815-1865" by Miss Ona Willoughby (dec'd) c.1938, "Marriages, Allen County Kentucky 1866-1889" by Erskins Garrison (dec'd), and "Allen County KY Vital Statistics 1852-1861" by Elizabeth Rabold & Mary Price (both dec'd). There are probably transcription errors due to illegible and faded writing, burned information, etc.

In October 1902, the Allen County Courthouse suffered many record losses from a fire. The Marriage Certificates, Bonds, and Licenses did not survive. What did survive was the Marriage Register where the young couple's names were listed, and the minister signed his "return" after the ceremony was performed. Nothing more than what is listed here is available at the courthouse for the years indicated. There may be errors in transcribing these records. However, missing information is truly missing and not an indication of a transcription question. The original pages are charred, and in many cases badly burned. Blank information cannot be recovered from the original. However, if you have information to share, I will notate that beside the marriage column: mailto:[email protected]

This is an alphabetical list for grooms and brides. Some of these files are large and will take a minute to load, so please be patient!!


Unknown - A - B - C - D - (E,F) - G - (H,I) - J - K

LM - N - O - P - R - (Sam-Smi) - (Sne-Sut) - T - (Van-Wes) - (Whe-You)

There are no brides begining with "U, Q, X, or Z"


Unknown - A - B - C - D - E - F - G - (H,I) - J - K - L - M

N - O - (P,Q) - R - (Sad-Smi) - (Sne-Swe) - (T,U,V) - (Wad-Wic) - (Wil-Y)

There are no grooms beginning with " X or Z"

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