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301 North Fourth Street
Scottsville, KY 42164

Membership Dues

  • Single - $10
  • Husband & Wife - $12.50
  • Centennial Club - $100
  • Patron - $500
  • Room - $5000+


  • President - Jolene Cooper
  • Vice-President - Jewell Keen
  • Secretary - Wayne Weaver
  • Treasurer - Joyce Weaver

Meeting Information

The regular monthly meeting is held at 7 PM, the 3rd Monday of each month at the museum, 301 North Fourth Street. If you are in the area the day of the meeting, the Historical Society invites you to be their guest for the evening.

The Museum and Research Room hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-4pm. Or call 270-237-3026 for an appointment

Genealogical Research Materials located at the Historical Society
A partial listing of materials located in the Research Room. Contributed by Freddy Brown

Bring a Piece of Allen County into Your Home

These Items are for sale at the Historical Society, and help underwrite the operating expenses of the Museum and Research Room. To order, send request and check made payable to :
Allen County Historical Society , P.O. Box 393, Scottsville, KY 42164-9757
(Kentucky Residents include Sales Tax).  All items are available at the Museum.

Allen County Commemorative Christmas Ornaments -
Reproductions of local historic sites, made into attractive Christmas tree ornaments.  They can also be mounted in an attractive shadow box frame for display and keepsake.  Each metallic ornament is about 4 inches long and 3 inches tall, with a ribbon attached for tying onto the tree.  There is to be a series of these articles made commemorating our "special places".  These ornaments may be ordered from the following address:  Allen County Historical Society, P.O. Box 393, Scottsville, KY 42164-9757.   Each ornament is $17.50 which includes postage and handling.

1996 Christmas Ornament - Jacksonian Hotel (1919-1973)
1997 Christmas Ornament - Allen Co. 2nd "Octagonal Shaped" Courthouse (1818-1903)
1998 Christmas Ornaments - Allen County High School and Scottsville High School
1999 Christmas Ornament - Old "Tabernacle" on the Holland Road
2000 Christmas Ornament - 3rd Courthouse, built 1903, demolished 1965.
2001 Christmas Ornament - Old City Jail - known to some as "The Red Top".  It was torn down in 1965, when the City County Building was completed.
2005 Christmas Ornament - Allen County Historical Society
*Inquire about availability of ornaments from past years*


Allen County Historical Calendars
Allen County Calendars of Pictorial Histories (yearly since 1976, with the exception of 1996 & 2002) composed by The Historical Calendar Committee of the Scottsville Woman's Club.  These are drawing of historical buildings and landmarks in Allen County done by the art students of Allen County Scottsville High School, and other themes. The 2001 Calendar honored Allen County Civil War Veterans. No 2002 calendar will be available. There are some copies still available of past years.

These calendars may be ordered from the following address:  Allen County Historical Society, P.O. Box 393, Scottsville, KY 42164-9757.   Each calendar is $10.00 which includes postage and handling.


Allen County Historical Society Publications
Limited copies of the following publications are still available
Family History Book
Crescent Hill Cemetery
Pictorial History of Allen County

various Prints and Note Cards

Allen County Historical Society Tree Committee
The Tree Committee of the Allen County Historical Society has been working to measure, photograph, and record the big trees of Allen County. They measured 97 large trees during the past 2 years. On December 16, 2005, the members of the Tree Committee (Bobby Reynolds, Arles Weaver, Larry Gerald, and Glen Conner) were presented certificates by the Kentucky Divison of Forestry that designated 3 trees of Allen County as the largest of their species in Kentucky. Those Champion Trees were:

The Kentucky Champion Southern Red Oak stand along KY100 on Ricky Hall's farm in the Flatwoods community of southeastern Allen County. It is 20 ft 9in in circumference, 102ft high, with a crown spreading 117ft at the widest
The Kentucky Champion Pecan stands on the Kimble Willoughby farm near the Railey Ford on KY1332 in the Bailey community of northwestern Allen County. It is 20ft and 7in in circumference, stands 124ft tall, and has an average crown spread of 128.5ft
The Kentucky Campion Pig Hickory stand on the Blane Brooks farm on Brooks Road in the Midway community in far southeastern Allen County. It is 14ft 3in in circumference and 148ft tall with an average crown spread of 142ft.

Grave Line Tour - A guided, historic lantern tour of Scottsville Old City Cemetery. Held each October. Contact the Allen County Historical Society or Scottsville/Allen County Chamber of Commerce for dates and detais.



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