DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

Owned by Lester Wigham, 1942, Kansas City, Kansas

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)


John Wigham Born April 22nd 1820 Mercer Co, Ky
Elizabeth W. Wigham (nee Curd) born Sept. 23rd 1823 in Mercer Co, Ky
Mary Ellen Wigham Born Nov. 14th 1852 in Rocheport, Boone, Co.., MO
Nanncy Curd Wigham born Mar 17th 1855 in Andrew Co., MO
Sallie Vanarsdall Wigham born July 21st 1856 in Andrew Co., MO
Frederick Riperdan Wigham born Aug. 10th 1857       "            "
John Brent Wigham Born March 24th 1860                 "           "
Thos. Jefferson Wigham Born July 3rd 1863                "            "
Bettie Wigham Born Oct 20th 1861                             "            "
boy baby Wigham Born May 12th 1866 Died 20th      "            "
Daniel Aaron Wigham Born March 5th 1869               "            "
Sallie V. Wigham Died Jan 25th 1894                         "            "
Elizabeth W. Wigham Died Sept 3rd 1897 at 9:30       "            "
Thos. J. Wigham Died Jan 27th 1897                          In Arkansas
Bettie Wigham Died July 3rd 1865 morn in Andrew Co., MO
Elizabeth W. Wigham Died Sept 3rd 1897  - 9:30 eve.

John V. Garner Born Sept. 30th, 1840 Married Oct 24th 1876
Mary E. Garner Born Nov 14th 1852
Lovie M. Garner Born May 16th 1878 Married Mar. 22nd '05
Anna L. Garner Born Apr 25th 1881
Jennie W. Garner born Oct 18th 1882
John Tusustall Garner born Jan 21st 1865
Martha Frances Garner Born Feb. 1st 1887
Edna Ruth Garner Born Dec. 6th 1888
Infant Daughter Born Aug 28th, 1890 Died Feb 13th 1891
Venus A. Garner Born Feb. 17th 1892
Deloss V. Garner Born Sept 22nd 1895

John V. Garner was in Russell County, KY - Mary Ellen Wigham was born in Rochport, Boone County, MO - were married in Andrew Co, MO by J.R. Shanabalt a Baptist Minister - Lovie, Anna, Jennie, John and Martha were born in Andrew Co, MO - Edna born Elk Co, Arkansas. Infant daughter and Venus were born in Chautauqua County, Kansas. Deloss was born in Washington County, Arkansas