DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

Owned by Frances (King) McKillip, Deffenbaugh St., Kokomo, Indiana

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)

 Owned By

Joseph G. Werst born on the 22th day of September 1817
George W. Werst born on the 3th day of November 1818
Andrew Werst born on the 5th day of April 1821
Decatur Werst born on the 15th day of February 1823
Decatur Werst born on the 22th day of May 1825
Sidny Werst born on the 15th day of March 1828
Catharine Werst bon on the 8th day of December 1830
Francis Marion Werst born on th 3th day of August 1836
Tobias Werst born May 20th 1793
Maryann Werst was born November the 16th 1861

Decatur Werst died May the 23rd 1824 age one year three months and eight days
Mary Ann Werst daughter of Joseph G. and Louisa C. Werst died May 10, 1866 age 4 years and five months and twenty four days
Tobias Werst Died April the 24th 1855 age sixty two years lacking sixteen days
Nancy Werst died April 17 1871 aged 80 yrs two months and two days
Sidney A. Anderson died Sept. 14, 1890 aged 62 yrs 5 mo 29 days