DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

Owned by William & Lucinda (Gibson) Richards, Highland Co, Ohio, now in possession of a descendant, Mrs. Rosco E. Swartz (nee Cinderella Richards) Georgetown, Ohio. Copied July 5, 1942 by Mrs. Stanley West, 181 W. Main Street, Wilmington, Ohio

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)

1st Page
William and Lucinda Richards married November 16th 1819
William Herrick Doggett born October 26th 1849

2nd Page
William Richards born dc. 24th 1795
Lucinda Richards born Sept. 27th 1799
Milverne Richards born April 2, 1821
Newton Richards born April 28th, 1823
John Richards born Jan. 1, 1825
Elizabeth Richards born July 6th, 1827
Nancy Richards born August 20th 1829
Samuel Richards born August 12th, 1831
William Richards 2nd born May 18th, 1833
Reuben Richards born August 9th, 1835
Lucinda Margaret Richards born march 16th, 1842

3rd page - Deaths
John Richards Father of William Died April 17th 1826 in th 57th year of his age
Samuel Gibson Father of Lucinda Died February 20th 1835 in the 74th year of his age
Elizabeth Gibson Mother of Lucinda Died 13th A.D. 1858 age 88
Nancy Richards Died August 10th 1833
William Richards 2nd Died April 29th 1844
Reuben Richards Died October 1839
Catherine Blount Died Sept 1839
Reuben Richards 2nd Died August 9th 1840
Rolley Richards Died Oct 1st 1844
Elizabeth Doggett Died Oct. 9th A.D. 1851 Formerly Elizabeth Richards

4th Page
Mary Strain (formerlyl Richards) died June the 6th A.D. 1852
Nancy Baker (formerly Richards) died Sept 24th 1862
Lucinda Richards (Formerly Gibson) died October 24th 1872
William Richards Sen - died July 9th 1877 in the eighty Second year of his age

Samuel G. Richards died
Margart Lucinda Richards Gregg widow of John C. Gregg died March ___ 1920