DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

Owned by John D. Lyon, Yakima, Washington, Dated 1812

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)

David Lyon and Lucy his wife was married May 13th 1795
David B. Lyon & wife Sarah M. Lyon was married April 1846 (McHenry Co., IL)
Marian A. Lyon and husband was married April 14, 1865 and AD 1873
W.F. Lyon and Hellen Josephine his wife was married Aug 8, 1880
Walter D. Lyon and his wife Beulah was married July 1, 1902
Frank Lyons and Millie his wife was married Jan 7, 1937

Letitia Lyon departed this life June 30, 1817
David Lyon departed this life November 22th 1851
Lucy Lyon departed this life May 14th 1861
David b. Lyon departed this life March 3rd at 2AM age 82yrs 7months 19days 1902

W. Frank Lyon passed away
Gertrude Adella Lyon Gilmore passed away 1954

David Lyon was born August 7th 1770
Lucy his wife was born June 6th 1779
Susanna Lyon was born Sept 24 1796
Anna Lyon was born February 20th 1799
Salome Lyon was born May 9th 1801
Polley Lyon was born April 18th 1803
Hannah Lyon was born May 24th 1805
Letitia Lyon was born August 10th 1807
Lathrop Lyon was born July 21th 1809
Hanford Lyon was born Decem 28th 1811
Hiram Lyon was born April 29th 1814
Harmon Lyon was born Decr 14th 1816
David B. Lyon was born May 14th 1819
Lucy Lovina Lyon was born May the 5 1825
Rosilla C. Roberts was born Fbry 3, 1847
S.M. Lyon was born May 25 1827
Marian A. Lyon was born Sept 29 1848
Lucy Lyon was born July 19th 1852
Margery M. Lyon was born Oct 22 1856
W.F. Lyon was born Oct 22 1856
C.D. Lyon was born May 29 1860
C.H. Lyon was born Jun 14, 1862
W.F. Lyon was born Feb the 5th 1858
and his wife H.J. Lyon was born march the 12 1862
David Walter Lyon was born May the 12 1881
Gertrude Adella was born March the 28 1883 Yakima, Wash.
July 30 1895 born to WF and HJ Lyon a son William Franklin Lyon