DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

The Holy Bible: Stereotypd, printed and published by H.& E. Phinney, Cooperstown, New York, 1824
(No inscription in front; all entries in same brown script writing

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)

John Hurd was married to Miss Louis Hurd March 5, 1776
Seth Jones was married to Miss Nancy Carr July 1795
Sethe Hurd, son of Jno. & Louis Hurd, was married to Miss Sophia Jones, daughter of Seth and Nancy Jones, Jany 26th 1825


John Hurd was born Feby, 22, 1752 Seth Jones was born Jany 4th, 1761
Louis Hurd was born July 18th,1762 Nancy Jones was born May 8th 1771
Abigail Hurd was born August 30th, 1780 Abigail Jones was born Oct 6, 1795
Louis Hurd was born June 9th, 1787 Phebe Jones, was born April 25th, 1798
Sarah Hurd, was born April 9th, 1789 Sally Jones, was born April 26th, 1801
Charloite, was born May 19th, 1790 Sophia Jones was born Oct. 19th, 1803
Dothe, was born January 26th, 1793 Eliza Jones was born July 15th 1806
John, Jr. was born May 27th, 1795 Seth B. Jones was born June 27th, 1809
A. son was born Jany 9th, 1798 died same day  
Silence was born Nov. 25th 1800 William Jones was born June 9th,  1812
Seth was born Sept. 13th, 1803  

John Henry Hurd, son of Seth and Sophia Hurd, was born Dec. 22nd 1825
Mary Francis Hurd, daughter of Seth and Sophia Hurd, was born May 15th, 1836

John Hurd, died Dec 25th 1827 Agd 75y 10mo 3d
John Henry Hurd, son of Seth and Sophia Hurd, departed this life the 18th day of August 1828. Aged 2y 7mo 26 days
Sophia Hurd, wife of Seth Hurd, died Oct 9th 1864 aged 61y 11m 20 days
Seth Jones, Died May 3rd 1843. Aged 82y 2mo 29d
Louis, his wife, died Feby 11th 1830 Aged 67y 6m 23 days
Sarah Hurd, Daughter, did Nov. 2nd 1841, Aged 25y 6m 23day (wife of Samuel Mallory)
Silence Hurd, daughter, died Sept 2, 1845 Aged 44y 9mo 7days (wife of  I. Wash Jay)
Nancy Jones, relict of Seth Jons, died Feby 21st 1840 Aged 88y 9mo 13d
Eliza Jones, daughter of Seth and Nancy Jons, died March 29th 1815 Aged 8y 9m 15d
Sally Jones died Dec 4th 1849. Aged 48y 7m