DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

Ownership not known, but of the family of Judge William Harris of Franklin, Kentucky and Dr. Henry Harris of Bowling Green, KY

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)


John Harris Born May 27th 1741

The age of John and Patience Harris' Children

Milley Harris born Sept. 14th 1771
Taylor Harris born October 12th 1773
Edwards Harris born May 8th 1775
Nancy Harris born Feb 28th 1777
Criss___ Harris born October 18th, 1778
Joel Harris born October 12th, 1782
       Harris born February 1st 1784
       Harris born March 28th 1787
Henry Harris born Decr 28th 1789
Arthur Harris born Decr 22ne 179_
N/hewet Harris born August 26 1777

Vice Died 24 of Jan. 1830, 422 acrs of land value $4____

Robert Harris the Son of Henry Harrys & Elizabeth his wife was borne December the 13th day1812

     E. Harris deceased August the 27 1869
Robert G. Harris died August the 16 1876
Martha J. Harris died Dec 7, 1881
Henry C. Harris died Oct. 20, 1890
_____E. Harris died June 15th 1894
William Thomas Harris died June 26, 1928
Alice Lady Gregory died January the 4th 1937
Maryha Jane Harris died September the 16th 1958
Lloyd Ralston Harris died November the 26th 1969

Name of Henry C. Harris & Martha Harris Children
Lloyd Harris was born Dec 23, 1886
William N. Harris was born June 18, 1889

Name of Lloyd R? Harris and Annie Robey Harris Children:
William Robey Harris born Dec 16, 1912

Names of William N. Harris and Eunice Savely Harris children:
Henry Savely Harris born March 22 (scratched over) 1915
William E. Harris was born October the 4th 1827
Martha J. Harris was born December 12 1830

The ages of William & Marty Harris children:

Henry C. Harris was born August 22, 1851
William T. Harris was born November the 20 1852
Alis L. Harris was born February the 2 1868
Martha J. Harris was born October the 12 1863
Robart Green Harris was born Octobr th 11/14 1865

Lloyd Roston Harris and Annie Robey were married Dec 27 - 1911
William Robey Harris and Margaret Lewis Taylor were marrid June 30 - 1930