DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

Owned by Rev. Don Fitzsimmons, Pomeroy, Washington, and copied by him. Dated 1875 by J.R. Jones

(submitted by Glenn Conner, Allen County KY Historical Society)

 Marriage Certificate
What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. -- Matt. XIX 6

This Certificate that the Right of HOLY MATRIMONY Was Celebrated John Q. Fitzsimmons of Jefferson Co., Kansas and Mary E. Batterton of Jefferson Co Kansas On the Eleventh Day of March 1875 at oskaloosa by L.D. Pric -- Minister Witness: Lucy A. Price
Witness: Fred Coy Price

Sam William Hutchinson was united in marriage to Jennie M.M. Fitzsimmons of Garfield Co, Wash. on the 28th day of Oct. in the year of our Lord 1894
Frank Burt was married to Dora B. Fitzsimmons both of Garfield Co., on the 30th Sept. in the year of our Lord 1908

Jennie M.M. Fitzsimmons was born December the 19th in the year of our Lord A.D. 1875
Dora. Bell. Fitzsimmons was born November the 5th 1877
John Omer Fitzsimmons was born March the 7th 1880

Mary E.Fitzsimmons departed this life June the 5th in the year of our Lord A.D. 1882, age 25 years 25 days was the wife of John Q. Fitzsimmons
William A. Fitzsimmons departed this life in the year of our Lord A.D. Jan 19 -- 1915 at White City, Kansas being 60 years 6 months and 15 days
John Q. Fitzsimmons born July 30, 1852 in Manaska Co, Iowa Departed this life Mar 9, 1917 at Clarkston, Wash. Age 64 year 7 mo 9 days
Dora B. Fitzsimmons Burt departed this life Aug 24, 1926
John Omr Fitzsimmons departed this life July 6, 1951
Jennie M.M. Fitsimmons Hutchinson Departed this life Jan. 14, 1967
Lena May Stember Fitzsimmons wife of John Omer Fitzsimmons departed this life September 10, 1875