DUNCAN BIBLEIn the Possession ofMary Nell WallAustin ,

In the Possession of
Mary Nell Wall
Austin , Texas

(NOTE: I believe this Bible actually belonged to William Martin Duncan who came to Texas and married. The Bible was published by American Bible Society, New York 1867. The Bible was apparently passed down to his son Clarence Earl Duncan and at the death of Clarence's wife, Lolo, went to their son, Clarence Monte Duncan . Clarence Monte Duncan had no children, and upon the death of his wife, the Bible passed to my mother, Martha Atchison Johnston, first cousin to Clarence Monte, being the niece of Lolo Atchison Duncan. Upon the death of Martha, the Bible passed to me.)

T. D. Martin and Monterey Duncan were married Feb 13, 1895

Oliver Duncan was born May 27, 1807
Lucinda Duncan was born May 12, 1810

Childrens ages of Oliver & Lucinda Duncan

James Sanford Duncan was born April 18, 1832
Thomas Henry Duncan was born Dec 17, 1833
Sorena Elizabeth Duncan was born Oct 1, 1835
William Martin Duncan was born Jan 18, 1838
Joseph Dillard Duncan was born Sept 27, 1839
Nancy Jane Duncan was born Oct 12, 1841
Mary Catharine Duncan was born Feb 18, 1843
Sidney Miles Duncan was born July 15, 1845
Francis Marion Duncan was born Apr 26, 1848
John Wesley Duncan was born July 7, 1850
Martha Ellin Duncan was born May 17, 1852

L . H. Benedict was born Sept 4, 1853
Kittie Benedict was born Aug 25, 1864
Belle Benedict was born Oct 20, 1862
Paul J. Martin was born July 15, 1896
Clarence M. Duncan was born Apr 4, 1907

Deaths of Oliver & Lucinda Duncan children

James Sanford died May 31, 1864
Sidney Miles Duncan died Jan 31, 1863
John Wesley Duncan died July 15, 1864
Sorena Elizabeth Benedict died July 17, 1868
Frank M. Duncan died March 27, 1870
Martha E. Duncan died Jan 22, 1871
Nancy J. Kirby died Feb 28, 1871 wife of J. B. Kirby
Mary Duncan wife of J. W. Duncan died Sept 24, 1870
Tomas Henry Duncan died July 22, 1871
Oliver Duncan died Apr 23, 1871
Mary Catharine Duncan died Nov 25, 1877
Lucinda Duncan died July 8, 1882 - Great Grandmother
Wm . Martin Duncan died Mar 12, 1887 - Paul & Clarence Grandfather
(NOTE: The grandsons are Paul J. Martin, son of Monterey Duncan Martin and Clarence M. Duncan, son of Clarence Earl Duncan.)

Claude Duncan died Sept 16, 1904
Monterey Martin
Clarence E. Duncan 8a.m. Monday Oct 7, 1935

(NOTE: Monterey and Clarence E. were children of William Martin Duncan. In the 1900 census there is listed a son William C. which is possibly the Claude Duncan listed above.)

Lolo Duncan born Dec 30, 1882 married July 23, 1905 Clarence E. Duncan born 6-28-1880 son of Martin and Mollie Duncan