Kentucky African American Griots

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County Collections

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Warren Co. Biographies


Courtesy Barren’s Black Roots Volume 3, Michelle Gorin Burris, Gorin Genealogical Publishing, (c) May 1993 and shown originally in The Jubilee History and Biographical Sketches of Liberty Association, G. R. Ford, Times Publishing Company of Smiths Grove, KY.


Mrs. Ollie Blewitt, of Bowling Green, Ky., the daughter of Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sallie McKay, was born A D 1877 3 ˝ miles east of Bristow. Ky. She professed hope in Christ and is now a member of the New Bethel Baptist church in Bowling Green. She was united in marriage to Rev. James Blewitt February 28, 1904. Her belief in Christianity is very strong. She says the only way to get to Heaven is to live a perfect life in the flesh, and no one has any standing with God except they do all bidden of the Lord. She does not claim sanctification, but do all, or be lost and she is trying to be well pleasing to her God by living a staunch, upright ardent Christian lady.”


Graham R. Ford, of Smiths Grove, Warren County, Ky., the son of Mr. Wood Ford was born April 5, 1870. He was reared in Warren county, attended the common schools, completed the eighth grade and then took up High School studies. He taught subscription schools several times and also taught penmanship two terms. He professed a saving faith and grace in the Lord Jesus, with the evidence of a heart feeling sensation on December 3, 1892, and united with the Little Hope Baptist Church. Realizing that the Lord had made a choice of him to preach the gospel, on February 19, 1893, he attempted to preach from the following subject: “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.” – 2 Cor. 4:3. On August 6, 1893 he was united in marriage to Miss Octavie Pierson of which he is well pleased. He was elected assistant Moderator of the Liberty Association in August 1913, he was elected head Moderator of which office he is still serving. He served two years as president of the Glasgow Normal and Theological Institution. He is also now serving as chorister of the Sunday School Convention and has willingly served almost all the offices of the Liberty Association. He bought property in Edmonson county, Ky., and built a residence that is now valued at one thousand dollars and doesn’t owe a penny on it. His work in the ministry has, so far, been very successful, with the exception of his portion of trouble that is allotted every man of God. He is thankful to God for the condition of his past life and for His mercy towards him and also thanks the people for their patronage. He is now pastor at Rocky Hill, Barren county, on the first Sunday; Rich Pond, Warren county, on the second Sunday; Woodburn, Warren county on the third Sunday; Greensville, Allen county, on the fourth Sunday. He is as ever a friend, co-worker and brother in the Lord Jesus Christ. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Rom. 1:16.”



Mrs. O. T. Ford, a daughter of Rev. N. P. Pierson and Mrs. Pierson, was born January 30, 1874. She attended the common schools and procured a fair education. At the age of seventeen she professed a hope in the Lord Jesus and united with the Icy Sink Baptist Church.


“On the sixth day of August 1893, she was united in marriage to Rev. G. R. Ford. After marrying, she moved her membership to the Little Hope Baptist Church to live with the Rev. Ford. For the last twenty years she has been a teacher in the Sunday School, having served as teacher most of the time of the advanced class and a while as superintendent. She is serving now as Bible class teacher.


“In 1895, the Little Hope Church made choice of her for their recording secretary, and for twenty-three years is succession she has kept a faithful record of all their business.


“The little boy standing at her side is her nephew, which we are raising. We took him when very small. His name is William Taft Ford. He was born December 2, 1908. He is now in the fifth grade and is very apt in his books.”


Mr. Milton Gambel was born in A. D. 1876. He professed a hope in Christ when very young. He went into marriage union with Miss Gertie Gums in 1901. To this union were born four children.


“He first joined the Loving Chapel Baptist Church in Simpson County, Ky. After moving to Rich Pond and purchasing land in Warren County, he joined the First Baptist Church of Rich Pond, in which church he is living a staunch Christian and is serving in the office of deacon and performing the official duty well and pleasing to all the members.


Mrs. Gertie Gambel was born in A. D. 18882 and professed a hope in Christ at the age of nine years. She joined the Loving Chapel Baptist Church in Simpson County, Ky., Rev. H. D. Carpenter was the pastor at that time.


“In 1901 she went into marriage with Mr. Milton Gambel, and is now a member of the Rich Pond Baptist Church. She is living an inviting life to Christianity under the pastoral care of Rev. G. R. Ford.”


Morris McDaniel, born a slave near Smith’s Grove, Ky., August 6, 1842, was a corporal in Co. K Infantry 108 regiment and served from 1863 to 1865 in the Civil War. He married to America Whitney in September 1859, and to this union were born 6 boys and 4 girls. In 1873 he moved near Hydro, Ky., and bought a farm of 100 aces and with a large family, strived hard until paid for. In 1877 he joined Mt. Union Baptist Church and was ordained deacon of said church in 1883. His mind was so deeply involved in church work that he often neglected the care of his home and family for his church. He seemed to think that it was his calling to do something for the uplift of humanity without charge saying he would reap his reward in Heaven. When the new church was built he gave the foundation, one half of the boards and furnished his team free of charge to help with the hauling and helped the carpenters from start to finish.”


Mrs. Annie Page, the daughter of Mr. Peter Lewis and Mrs. Lucy Lewis, of Oakland, Warren county, Ky., was born March 16, 1878. She professed a hope in Christ in A. D. 1894 and was, in the same year, united in marriage to Mr. Hessey Page on January 3. To this union there were nine children. Mr. Hessey Page died January 10, 1918.





Rev. L. Shobe, of Smiths Grove, Ky., the son of Mr. Ben and Mrs. Matilda Shobe, was born in AD 1855. He professed a hope in Christ at a very young age, joined the Icey Sink Baptist church and began the ministry at the age of 22 years and has been pastor of the following churches: Mammoth Cave 23 years, Oak Ridge 27 years, Statenfield 2 years, Rocky Hill 18 years, Allens Seminary 2 years, Poplar Grove 2 years and is now pastor at Oak Ridge and Poplar Trove. He has been married three times.”




William Wright, of Smiths Grove, Ky., as born August 17, 1841. He was the son of Nelson Harvey. He professed a hope in Christ and joined the Mt. Union Baptist Church in 1875 and two years later was chosen for a deacon, which office he served promptly for 41 years. He went into wedlock with Miss Sarah Cole and during his married life he contracted 14 children, 7 boys and 7 girls. The boys are: Allie, Warren, Samuel, Willie, Matthew, Robert and Ramey Wright. The girls are: Fannie, Lizzie, Julie, Annie, Clara, Ida, and Jennie Wright. He was the grandfather of 33 children and the great grandfather of 38children. He remained a member of the Mt. Union Baptist Church from 1875 until his death on March 17, 1918. His funeral was conducted by the Reverends G. R. Ford and N. P. Pierson from scripture found in Acts 6:3 and I Timothy 2:13, the subject being “The Deacon and his Office.”




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