Posey Family Records

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Posey Family Records

Submitted by Gwili Posey

See also Posey Family Group Sheet



Deed Book Y, p. 7.  (Transcription Jan. 3, 2005.  To me, this was the most important of the deeds as this was my great great grandfather Jarrett, the ex-slave, the father of the others, including Lymus Marshall.  All I’ve been able to learn so far is that the surname of the slaveholder for the family was Marshall.  I suspect that Wm. J. was the one for Jarrett – Lucy  Marshall’s maiden name is Posey! )


[In the side margin at left top : - “ Marshall to Posey Examined and Delivered to Jarrett Posey  July 6, 1878.”  Below: -”The lien retained in the within deed is hereby released all the purchase money having been paid”  (signed) WJ Marshall]


“The indenture made and entered into this 8th day of Nov  1871 between W J Marshall and Lucy F Marshall his wife of the first part and Jarid Posey F.M.C.  (?) of the second part.  Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of Sixteen hundred and fifty dollars to be paid them and for which the party of the second part has executed his ___ of hand.  The said parties of the first part hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth sell, and convey unto the said party of the second part a certain tract of Land lying in the waters of Canal (?) creek in Henderson County containing 55 - 6/10 acres and bounded as follows.  (X) Beginning at a stake in lines of Willie Suggs old farm, and corner to W J Marshall’s 10 acre pond lot, thence S57 ¼ E35 poles and 15 links to a stake in said line and corner to J B Marshall.  Thence N30 ½  E138 poles and 20 links to a stake corner to J B Marshall, then N57 ¼ W75 poles and 1_ links to a stake on side of Madisonville Road and corner to J B Marshall all thence S30 ½  W 98 poles and 20 links to a stake also corner to pond lot thence S30 ½ W 40 poles to the Beginning (X)  To him the sd. Jarid Posey to have and to hold the above described tract of Land with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging. Except that there is included in this survey one half acre lying on Madisonville, heretofore conveyed by W J Marshall, to Richard Marshall and other trustees for school and church purposes. The corners of which are plainly marked and well known to both parties __ but the __ Balance   of the tract to with 22 ?/10 acres, the said parties to the first part doth __ __ free from the claims of any and all persons and in testimony of all which they have hereunto set their hands and seals this 6th day of Nov 1871.


signed]  W J Marshall

                                                                                                                                                   Lucy F Marshall


State of Kentucky

Henderson County

       I,  F E Walker clerk of the Henderson County Court do certify that this Deed from Wm J Marshall and wife to Jarid Posey was ackd

Before me in County on this 6th day of Nov 1871 by the said Marshall and wife to be their act and Deed and being Stamped with US Revenue Stamps to the amount of Two dollars is with this Certificate truly Recorded in my office.

                        Witness my hand this  the 10th day of Nov 1871

                                                                                                [signed] F E Walker C.H.CC

                                                                                                 By John C Adams                                                                       


LDS Film # 0572586

Henderson County Deed Book ?, Pages 545 & 546

This Indenture Witnesseth a contract by and between Jarret Posey 1st party and Jeff & Len Posey 2nd party both of Henderson County, KY as follows to wit: It having been agreed by & between myself Jarret Posey 1st party & my two sons Jeff & Len 2nd party that if the sd 2nd part severally become of age, they would live with 1st party and give their services and what money they could spare to assist sd 1st party in making the payments of purchase money on the land on which sd 1st party now lives, that sd 2nd party should have a part of sd land equal to the value of sd services and money, and sd services & money received by 1st party of 2nd party, jointly having amounted already to the sum of Five hundred Dollars which is hereby acknowledged.  Now in consideration of the above premises and for the further consideration that the 2nd party has this day assured to pay out of thier present & future crops the sum of Three hundred & fifty Dollars ($350) and accused interest to W. J. Marshall that being the unpaid purchase money --- on the land.  I have this day bargained and sold and do by these presents convey &I deed to the sd 2nd parties two certain tracts of land to be surveyed out of the land on which 1st party now lives on the Madisonville Road & opposite the Wm Marshall farm each of sd two certain tracts to contain twenty acres to sd 2nd parties and their heirs forever


Jan 14, 1878                                                                 Jarret  his X mark Posey


State of Kentucky Henderson County,

I Geo W. Smith, Clerk of Henderson County Court do certify that this Deed from Jarret Posey to Jeff and Len Posey now this day duly acknowledged before me in my office by the said Jarret Posey to be his act and deed and the sum is with this certificate truly recorded in my office.  Witness my hand this 6th day of February 1878

Geo W. Smith

By Alex McBurch




This deed between Len Posey & Kizzie Posey his wife Wm Jefferson Posey & his wife Mattie Posey and Limas Marshall & Ellen Marshall his wife Heirs at law of Jarret Posey dec'd Grantors, and Jarret A Posey Grantee.  Witnesseth that grantors in consideration of a division of the landed estate of Jarret Posey dec'd and one dallar cash in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby sell, transfer and convey to Grantee, his heirs and assigns the following property. VIZ: A certain tract of land in Henderson Co., KY Bounded as follows.  Beginning at a state on Madisonville Gravel Road corner to Len Posey.  Thence N 31 E 7 poles & 22 links to a stake corner to the church lot.  Thence 31 E 25 poles & 2 links to a stake in Sebree's line corner to the Lodge lot.  Thence S 56 E 46 poles & 18 links to a stake corner to Limas Posey.  Thence with his line S 31 W 33 poles to a stake corner to Limas Posey in Jeff Posey's line.  Thence N 56 W 54 poles to the beginning containing 10 acres & is part of the land conveyed to Jarret Posey Dec'd by WJ Marshall seee deed recorded in deed book Y, page 7 for which reference is hereby made.  To have and to hold the same with all buildings thereon and appurtenances thereto belonging to the Grantee, his heirs and assigns forever, with convenant of General warranty, Grantors relinquish all right of homestead. Dower. And other contingent rights therein.

Witness hands of Grantors, this 22nd day of May 1897

                                                [signed]   Lenard Posey

                                                           Kizzieh Posey

                                                           Wm Jefferson Posey

                                                           Martha Posey

                                                           Limas X Marshall

                                                           Ellen X Marshall

State of Kentucky

Henderson Co   Sct

I, J H Hart, Clerk of the County Court of the County and State aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing deed from Len Posey, to Jarret A Posey was on the 22nd day of May 1897 produced to me in my County and acknowledgeth by the said Len Posey, Wm Jeff Posey & Mattie Posey his wife & on June 12th ack'd by Ellen Marshall wife of Limas Marshall to be their act and deed.  Given under my hand this 12th day of June 1897.

                                               [signed]    J H Hart Clerk

                                                           By L W Powell DC



Henderson County Will Book F Pages 476 & 477


Will of Jarrett Posey

Henderson, KY., Jan. 11, 1920


I, Jarrett Posey of Henderson County and State of Ky., being of full age and sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore made.  I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my estate as soon as practible after the time of my decease. All the property real and personal of every kind and description wheresoever situated which I may own and have the right to dispose of at the time of my decease.  I give, bequeath and devise to my three children equally, Florence Sugg, wife of Barber Sugg, Fannie Brooks, wife of Henry Brooks, Alexander Posey.  Except Three $300.00 Hundred Dollars I bequeath to my grand son, Geo. Earnest Reed.  I also devise that my wife George Anna Posey shall be supported out of or by my farm as long as she lives or if she should marry again, she no longer has any interest in my estate.  The foregoing instrument was this day read to me and I fully dictated same it is my will.

                                                                            Jarrett Posey


S. D. Harris

C. R. Tanner   

                                                                            Henderson, Ky., March 5th, 1920

At my death I hereby appoint or request my daughter, Florence Sugg be appointed Administrator of my estate without bond.

                                                                            Jarrett Posey


S. D. Harris

M. Walz


Amended this, the 4rh day of March 1924

I desire that my second daughter, Fannie Brooks, be appointed to serve with my first daughter, Florence Sugg, as administratrix.

                                                                            Jarrett Pose


M. L. Hutchen

D. B. Hart


State of Kentucky

Henderson County....SCT.

I, T. J. Cottinham, Clerk of the Henderson County Court, do certify that the foregoing will of Jarrett Posey was by order of the Henderson County Court, at its September, XXXX September 28th, 1925, admitted to probate and ordered to record which is here done accordingly.

Given under my hand this the 28th day of September 1925.

                                                                            T. J. Cottingham Clerk

                                                                            By Mary Helen Carroll D. C.


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Posey Family Bible Record


Jarrett Posey – died Sept 25, 1883

Maria Posey was born Jan 1817 and Died June 17, 1896 (This was Jarrett’s wife, my great great grandmother)

Dollie Posey Plackman died Nov 10, 1930

Maria Louise Posey died Jan 18, 1916 ( I have her diploma from the Kentucky Normal and Vocational Institute for Colored People

(??) and a faded picture of her with some of her students in Henderson)

Annie Barnett Posey died Feb 2, 1913

Kizzie Posey died Aug 31, 1914

Richard A Posey died May 30, 1930

Lenard Posey died Dec 19, 1929


[the rest on the page are of more current times]


Marriages sheet from the Bible:

Lenard Posey to Kizzie Ballie (Bailey) July 8 1875 at 8:30 oclock a.ma

Dollie A Posey to Charlie H Plackman  May 22nd 1900 at 9.5 oclock am

James L Posey to Annie O. Barnett Aug 16th 1900  at 8 (?) am.


[ their first three children are listed}


married to Mary Simpson  July 19, 1915    L Posey    Phillipe Gilbert minister   (This is Len Posey’s second marriage)


This photo is undated, but has to be before 1915.  The young teacher standing at the right of the class is my paternal grandmother, Mrs. Annie
Barnett Posey. She was trained as a teacher for colored students (!) and taught until her early death in Henderson, KY