Lymus Marshall

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Civil War Pension for Lymus Marshall

Submitted by Gwili Posey


Department of Interior

Bureau of Pensions

Washington, D. C., June 1, 1898

A Div.

Inv. Cert. No. 916,042

Lymus Marshall

Co. ---- 120 Reg't U. S. C. Vol. Inf

Co. A. G. U.S.C. Vol. Cav.


Will you kindly answer, at your earliest convenience, the question enumerated below?  The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your family.

Very respectfully, H.---- -------


Mr. Lymus Marshall,

Henderson, Henderson Co.


No. 1.  Are you a married man?  If so, please state your wife's full name, and her maiden name.

Answer: Yes, Ellen Marshall Maiden name Ellen Hancock

No. 2.  When, where, and by whom were you married?

Answer: by Rev Jacob Hawkins, Dec. 25, 1864, Marshall District Henderson Co.

No. 3.  What record of marriage exists?

Answer: Recorded by the new condition Sept? 14, 1877

No. 4.  Were you preciously married?  If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.

Answer: No I have not been married but once and my wife and I are still living together

No. 5.  Have you any children living?  If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth.

Answer: Yes I have 4, John H. Marshall born June 21 1867  Hattie E. Marshall born January 25 1879  Mary J. Marshall born Sept 27 1880  Grant Elliott Marshall born Dec 17 1887


Date of reply, June 22, 1898

Hattie E. Marshall


Record & Pension Office, War Department

Sept 24, 1903


Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C., Sept 23, 1903

Respectfully returned to the Chief of the Record and Pension Office War Department for an amended report giving place of enlistment of this soldier and name of late owner.  No other reports on file Inv.  Cert. # 916,042, Lymus Marshall, A 6 U.S. C. Vol. Cavy, Unassigned 120 U. S. C. Vol.

Record and Pension Office, War Department, Washington, Sept, 24, 1903

Commissioner of pensions, with  the information that Lymus Marshall of Umas signed 120 U. S. C. Inf and Co. A. 6 U.S.C. Cav. enlisted at Henderson, KY. Name of owner Bennett Marshall.


Record & Pension Office War Department

Dec 18, 1903


Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pension, Washington, D. C. Dec. 17, 1903

Respectfully returned to the Chief of the Record and Pension Office, War Department, requesting a report showing the location of this soldiers command during his period of service.  This information is desired to determine his title to pension under the Act of June 27, 1890, as required by Order 77 of this Bureau.  No other report on file Inv. Cert. No. 916,042, Lymus Marshall, Co A. 6, U. S. C. Cav. and Unassigned 120 USC

Record and Pension Office, War Department

Commissioner of Pensions, with the information that in the case of Lymus Marshall, umass'd 120 Regt. U. S. C. Inf. and Co. A 6 Regt U.S. C. infty, Claimant was at Owensboro, KY June 6.65,

Station Co. A, 6 Cavy, June 30.65, Camp Nelson, KY

Aug 31.65, same,

Oct. 31.65, Cumberland Gap, KY

Dec. 31.65, Helena, Ark

Feby 28.66, Duvalls Bluff, ARk.

Apl. 15.66, M. O. Same


General Affidavit


State of Kentucky, County of Henderson:

In the matter of claim of Lemas Marshall, Co A 6 USC Cavy for increase, Act Feby 6, 1907, Cert. 91604.

On this 17 day of June 1907, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County, duly authorized to administer oaths, Lemas Marshall aged 63 years, a resident of Henderson, in the County of Henderson and State of Kentucky well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn,, declares in relation to the aforesaid case as follows:

I can not give public record of my birth for the reason that there was none ---- at the time nor can I give Baptismal record as my family were Baptist and did not believe in Infant Baptism.  I was 31 years old when I joined the church neither can I give any family or plantation record of my birth for the reason that my old master Bennett Marshall is long since dead and left no issue and if he had a record I know nothing of it.  And none of his relations so far as I can learn, when I enlisted I gave my age at 21 as I had been told that I was.  I could have entered the army at 18 but my people told me I was 21.  And I here with submit my discharge as proof of my good faith and ask that it be returned to me at an early date.  I had a wife and one child when I enlisted.

His Post-office address is 461 Fagan St. Henderson Kentucky

J. Rosenfeld                                                                                                               Lemas  his X mark Marshall

James Hancock





County of Henderson

State of Kentucky


In the matter of Pension Claim of Lymus Marshall comes the affidavit Hattie E. Denton a person of legal age who deposes and says that she is the daughter of Lymus Marshall and as such was called to his aid and attendance in September 1923 by reason of a decline in his health.  He has a growth between his shoulders on the back, had chronic Asthama and Bronchial trouble which to me seems to grow more severe with age.  We feel that it is absolutely unsafe for him to be alone at any time.                                

Given under my hand this 21 st day of Nov. 1924

Attest Comalee? Reeder      Hattie E. Denton

George Reeder  

State of Kentucky

County of Henderson

Personally appeared before me H.  Francis Jones a Notary Public in and for the County and state above mention Hattie E. Denton a person of full age, whom I have known over time from? 15? yrs. and made oath that the facts in the fore going affidavit on ---- to the best of her knowledge and belief.  I have no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.

Given under my hand and seal this 21st day of Nov. 1924

H. Francis Jones N. P.

Cout. Nov 26 28


Affidavit Supporting Burial Claim

1.  Full name, rank, organization, and dates of service of deceased: Lymus Marshall, Corporal, unassigned, 120 Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, corporal Co. A, 6 Regiment, US Colored

2.  Your relationship to the deceased: daughter

3.  All cash money and other personal property owned by deceased: --- 2 houses, one 3 rooms, one 2 rooms

4.  (a) All real property owned by deceased at date of death: 2 Houses, one 2 rooms, 1  3 rooms

     (b) Assessed value thereof: about $800.00

     (c) Total encumbrances thereon $300.00

5.  (a) Was the deceased entitled to insurance or death benefits or any allowance by reason of membership in any society or

          association or other beneficial organization?  Metropolitan

     (b) If so, what was the amount?  $100.00

     (c) Are above amounts payable to a designated beneficiary or to deceased claimant's estate? Yes

     (d) If payable to a designated beneficiary, state name and relationship Hattie E. Denton, daughter

     (e) Did he have Government insurance? none

6.  (a) Was any amount received from the Pension Office to defray burial expenses? No

     (b) Was any amount due from Pension Office?  About two weeks pay.

     (c) Has application for allowance been made to Pension Office? Yes

     (d) Blank

     (e) Was any amount received from the War Department to defray burial expenses? No

     (f) Was any amount due from War Department? burial expense

     (g) Has application for allowace been made to War Department or will such application he made? Yes, this is all

     (h) Was any amount received from State or political subdivision to defray burial expenses? No

     (i) Was any amount due from State or political subdivision? 2 weeks pay of pension

     (j) Blank


June 24, 1926

Hattie E. Denton for burial of Father Lymus Marshall

in Account with

W. A. Gaines Co.

Undertakers and Funeral Directors

June 16/ Embalming        15.00

Casket                          100.00

Grave Bos                       10.00

----- grave at Fernwood       6.00

Suit of Clothes                15.00

Hearse                           10.00

3 autos                           24.00

pair socks                          .25



Stamped: Received Claims Reimbursement sections, Jul 23, 1926, Claims Division



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