Greenup County Wills

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County Collections

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Greenup County Wills
Submitted by Kellie Scott

Bartley, James  Inventory filed Will Book 5 page 38; dated Nov 25, 1856 filed July 6, 1857
slaves George age 7, Antoinette age 12, Bill age 59, Charlotte age 7 and states that George, Antoinette and Charlotte were hired out for 1857 for their "viduals"  and clothes and Bill was hired out for $50


Callahan, Charles Inventory filed Will Book 4 page 7 dated Nove 9, 1843  filed May 6, 1844
Slave Prudence ( $100)


Caloway, Henry  Will recorded Will Book 3 page 226 dated April 6, 1839; probated May 6, 1839
servants, Ann and Micajah both to be freed on upon decedent's death...........Micajah to be freed and is to leave the state and retire to a free state after he has fulfilled the time I have hired him out for A. Paull, his hire to go toward paying my debts.


Campbell, Johnson  Will recorded Will Book 2 page 39 dated Oct 12, 1823  probated November 1, 1824  Slaves: Aaron, Darcus and Louisa


Carter, Joseph  Will recorded Will Book 3 page 322 dated Oct 21, 1837

 "my yellow man named Anderson shall be free at the death of my Emily."


Chadwick, John  Will filed Will Book 4 page 226  dated Sept. 25, 1849; probated May 6, 1850
slaves: Reuben and Mary to be freed; slave Lellia and other mentioned but unnamed.


Chinn, John H heirs of Settlement of Guardian filed Will Book 5 page 252 dated Sept. 26, 1859;

filed November 7, 1859  states slave Susan was was received in a division of slaves of Benjamin Chinn estate has 3 children and has not been able to receive anything for her hire since 1865 and that she was not hired out for 1857 because of her health condition; Susan is about 20 and of a dark mulatto color


Coleman, Madison  Inventory recorded Will Book 3 page 234  dated May 25, 1839 

slaves Daniel, Judy and Aggy


Culver, John  Inventory filed in Will Book 5 page 118 dated Oct 2, 1858 

Slaves: Elias, Sam, Nelby, Hannah and Marsha


Ewing, Joseph Inventory Filed Will Book 4 page 383 date June 1854
Slaves mentioned Eliza, age 16, Rachel age 13, James age 3, yellow woman about 22 , yellow child about 2

Ewing, Joseph heirs Will Book 4 page 455  Feb 2, 1856

5 slaves: Eliza, Rachel, Labb, Adeline and James


Ferguson, Anthony  Will Book 4 page 346  July 12, 1854

slaves: Caroline and child, John, Dan Tucker, George(Pud), LaFayette, Willis, Jack, Sophia, America and child


Ferguson Anthony Will Book 5 page 285, Sept 16, 1854

Caroline age 35 and her 7 children, two of whom were Sophia age 15 and Willis age 15 another slave John age 10, 1 woman age 30 and child 3 months, Daniel Tucker age 8, George age 6, Wilis age 4, Lafayette age 3, Jack age 3, Sophia age 6 , girl Ibby age 2, woman age 34 and child is 16 months, George 9 months and Sarah Catherine about 2 months


Fuqua, John C. heirs of Will Book 4, page 449 Filed Feb 2, 1857  Melinda a female servant and Juli Ann about 18  March 1, 1866 states slave Julia Ann escaped in 1865


Fuqua, Moses  Will Book 2 page 174  January 12, 1834 probated March 3, 1834  Stated servant girl Dolla to be freed after the death of his wife and I bequeath to my worthy and faithful servant, Charles Fosset, his liberty and so declare him free at my death.


Gibbs, James  Will Book 3 page 96 dated Dec 19, 1835

Slaves Henry and Charlotte


Green, Elizabeth Will Book 2 page 203 will filed May 6, 1834 probated Aug 4th 1834 slaves: Sarah, Mary, Fanny ad her two children William and Shadrack, Margaret and Wilson, son of Margaret, Matilda, Anthony, Julia Ann, Becky, Frank, Robert, Charlotte, Jane, James, Caty, Tim, Cynthia, Morgan, Betusy, Corban, Tetia, ann, Evaline, Terry, William, Edward, Jack, George, Joanna and her infant boy


Green, Henry  Will Book 3 page 168 dated March 10, 1828 probated Nov 6, 1837  slaves 1 black girl and child, Sylva's children: Amanda, Cyntha, America, Jude and a male child, Hannah ( old woman) Charles and Lewis


Hannah, Gabriel  Inventory filed Will Book 4 page 158 slaves 1 woman and 3 boys, slave boy named Jake


Hannah, Robert  Inventory filed Will Book 2 page 81 Slave Edmond a boy about 20

Hasson, James  Will Book 2 page 59  Dec 5, 1825
Estate charged for taking three negroes to Bourbon Co.

Hockaday, John Will recorded Will Book 2 page 155 dated Aug 29, 1832 probated Jan 7, 1833
Slaves Harry ( 40), Sukey ( 40) , Margaret 7 mos daughter of Suky, Naomi age 19 , Albert 6 month son of Naomi, Henry age 6, Isaac 25, Charles 3, Wilson 21, Harriet 9, Phil 50, America 13, Gustus 11,

Lawson, James  Will filed Will Book 4 page 27 dated March 20, 1834 probated Jan 6, 1846
Charlotte to receive ten dollars for every year of service when she is freed at death of decedent. Tom is  to serve as long as Charlotte and is not to be freed at the decedent's death but rather at the death of the decedent's wife.

Lyon, Mary Will book 4 page 450  Feb 2, 1857 Slaves: Augustus, Sucky and Lewis son of Sucky

Mackoy ( aka MaKoy, McCoy)  John Sr. Will recorded Will book 3 page 421; dated June 14, 1842
Slaves: Emaline, Juno, Armstead, Ben ( to be free if he pays estate $300) and Isaac

Mead, Benjamin: divison of slaves filed Will book 2 page 213  slaves: Charlotte, Sarah, Eliah, Jame, Melian, America, Amanda, Reuben, Mary, Anachy, Levi, Maria and William Rielly

Morton, Josiah Will recorded  Will Book 3 page 189 dated Sept 2, 1837
Slaves: children of Abigail son Job and daughter Hanna, children of Henny daughter Cora and Palmyra and David, others William, Emily, Judith, Simon, William, Mariah, Abigail, Henny, Elijah, John, Samuel, Archy, Eliza, Eliza, Lillah  Simon to be freed if he pays estate 250 dollars, Elijah to be be freed if he pays estate 500 dollars, Abigail to be freed when her youngest child reaches 18, Henny to be freed on death of decedent's wife

Morton, Letitiia, will Book 2 page 73  May 1842  Slaves:  Sally, Hannah, Sam, America and Emily

Nichols  Alfred Inventory filed Will Book 3 page 199 1838  Slaves: Lavinea, Harriet, Andrew, Hanson, Julia Ann, Margaret, Martha Ann, Harriet, James, Richard

Parker, Arthur  Will filed Will book 3 page 167  dated July 30, 1837  Slaves: Tim, his wife and four children, Jacksin Boon to serve 1 more year and be freed, Washington to work until he earns what he cost unless Henry Parker from whom he was originally bought wants him back, Ryal to be freed after age 24, William free after age 24 or sell William and Ryanl if need be to pay debts, Uriah, James, Jane, Washington, Ryal, Morgan, Erastus, Joseph, William and James

Paull, Archibald  Will Recorded Will book 4 page 12 dated Feb 21, 1854  Slaves Ibby, Oscar, Edmon,
grants freedom to George Chenis and George Lock; requests slaves not to be sold out of their families but to be  kept and supported in their old age

Poage, Eliza Inventory filed Will Book 4 page 394 dated June 20, 1854 slaves George and Daniel

Powell, Nancy  Inventory filed Will Book 2 page 185  slaves 1 woman and 2 small children-no names given

Rigg Susan Will recorded Will Book 5 page 67 dated April 8 1858 Slaves: Georgia Ann and Mary

Shreve, William M Will recorded Will book 3 page 46  Oct 17, 1834  "all my negroes" only one by name Sandy