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Slaves mentioned in Bourbon County women’s probate records 1786-1850

 Transcribed and submitted by Nancy O'Malley

"This is a work in progress"



Book Reference

Slave Name


Allentharpe, Elizabeth

Will Book K:457 (1841)


Freed at Elizabeth’s death; niece Lucy Bashford to provide security

Blen, Isabella

Will Book G: 373 (1826)

Harry (boy)

Freed at 30 years of age; to serve Isabella’s brother, Ephraim Harrod, until emancipation; Harry to be paid $25 per year; Isabella inherited Harry from her husband, Jacob Blen



Hillis (woman)

Inherited from Jacob Blen; to be freed at Isabella’s death; to be supported out of proceeds of Jacob’s estate if necessary

Bridges, Martha

Will Book J: 169 (1833)

Molly (girl)

Willed to mother Nancy Bridges, then to brother Matthew at mother’s death

Clarkson, Polly

Will Book G: 471 (1827)

Edward and his son Alfred

Eady and her children Ann and Daviss

Easter’s children, Harriet, Julian and Joseph and their increase

To husband Peter Clarkson; divide among children at his death

Corn/Conn, Sarah

Will Book F: 389 (1821)


$30 of his hire for present year given to granddaughter Sally Broadus

Dunlap, Jane

Will Book F: 371 (1820)

Dolly (woman)

To mother Elizabeth Kimbro

Field, Anna

Will Book B:224 (1804)





To son Larkin, with whom she now lives






To daughter Mary Slaughter; then to son Larkin at her death






Their increase

To daughter Anna Roberts, then to her heirs at her death






To son John Field

Forman, Elizabeth

Will Book G: 23-24 (1822)

Tom (man)

Valued at $250.00 in inventory (no will); need to check sales to see who purchased him

Forrest, Sarah

Will Book M:49 (1842)

Mary (woman)

Freed at Sarah’s death; given a red cow with a white face and a bureau

Garrard, Elizabeth

Will Book J: 81 (1832)

Bennet (?) (man)

Walter (boy)

Sons William and James to serve as trustees of slaves to benefit their sister, Elizabeth M. Brooks, wife of James A. Brooks, during her life, and then for heirs



Aqila (woman)

Her sons William and Edmond

Sons to serve as trustees of slaves to benefit their sister, Ann Ellenor Hawkins, wife of Thomas W. Hawkins, for her life, and then for heirs



Francis (boy)

To daughter Mariah Dudley, wife of Peter Dudley

Garrard, Mary

Will Book L: 450 (1841)



To son George W. Williams



Fielding (boy)


To grandson, Franklin Williams; Fanny to receive $10 out of her hire; Franklin could swap Fielding for Bob if he so chose.






To Mary Rankin

Grafford, Mary

Will Book J:11 (1831)

Children of her slave woman Cassandra unto her slave man Hedgman

Children received $900.00 out of $1000.00 left to Mary by her deceased husband, Thomas Graffort

Hamilton, Margaret

(widow of John Hamilton who willed her Rachel and her children)

Will Book G: 521 (1827)

Rachel (woman)

To serve son William for 1 year then to be freed; if Rachel has another child while still enslaved, it is to be freed with her.



Rachel’s children:

Mary (10 years old next Christmas)

Hetty (8 years old on July 4 last)

John and James (4 on 8 December next)

Judith Ann (2 on 8 December next)

To son William until they reach age 25; to be taught to read bible; freed at age 25.

Hand, Elizabeth

Will Book B: 20

Ned (man)

To son Robert

James, Elizabeth

Will Book G: 107 (1823)

Mary (“faithful slave”)

To be freed as “she has at a former time paid the amount of her valuation”; if children object, executors are to purchase Mary out of money in estate and deduct the price equally from the heirs.



George, blacksmith, c. 32 years old

Esther (woman)

Charlotte and children Belissa (about 6 years old) and Bella

Selina and child Greenville

Wallace (boy)

Appraised for $800.00; sold for $740.00

Appraised for $300.00; sold for $315.00


Appraised for $600.00; sold for $676.00 Appraised for $500.00; sold for $653.00

Appraised for $450.00; sold for $524.00

Kenney, Margaret

Will Book H:255 (1829)

Unnamed slaves

Victor Kenney to keep the slaves until Christmas

Lair, Elizabeth

Will Book C:141-145 (inventory)


Unnamed woman

Unnamed boy

Unnamed boy

Appraised at ₤70

Appraised at ₤40

Appraised at ₤30

Markham, Mary

Will Book F: 418 (1821)

Allen (boy)

To William Smith, eldest son of Thomas Porter Smith



James (boy)

To Thomas Porter Smith, Jr., second and youngest son of T.P. Smith, Sr.



Unspecified slaves

To be hired out and proceeds to be used for benefit of Frances’ children (Frances may have been Thomas P. Smith’s niece.)

Mason, Fanny

Will Book N:55 (1847)

Unspecified slaves

To be hired out until grandson Lewis G. Stone is 21; to be divided among children if Lewis dies

Miller, Isabella

Will Book O: 69 (1850)

Unspecified slaves

Slaves part of interest in father Peyton Sumate’s [Shumate?] estate; these individuals were to be distributed among her children William, Peyton and Susan Miller (all underage or unmarried at time of writing)

Moore, Elizabeth

Will Book G: 316 (1825)

Slaves listed in marriage settlement with husband John Moore

To be freed at age 25 provided they have learned a trade and can read the scriptures



Mary (“delicate and a cripple”)

To be provided for by some humane family who will treat her well as a servant or to be sent to her mother, who was living in Ohio (latter course preferred)



Inventory listed following slaves


























Harriott the Elder


Absalom (son of Nan or Nancy)



Nesbitt, Agnes (of Marion County, Indiana)

Will Book K: 405 (1837)


To be freed; then being held under bondage by John McNesbit of Kentucky

Patton, Margaret

Will Book E: 471 (will); F:21 (inv.) (1816?)

Linsey (girl)

Listed in inventory at value of $200.00; not listed in sales. May have been inherited by her infant daughter born after the death of her husband, John Patton, in October 1816.

Patton, Nancy

Will Book J:283 (1833)

Unspecified slaves

Gave her interest in slaves to her sister, Rachel Patton.

Porter, Lucy

Will Book M:430 (1846)

Jeff or Gif (mulatto man)

To be freed; also to get shop lying between her house and house of Mrs. Sidney Shannon and bake house plus ground on which they stand, stables and lots adjoining Abram Spears, Mrs. Willett and the road, two carriages, a wagon, and all horses, harness and other appendages, all provender/grain; Gif to pay funeral expenses and support her daughter Polly Cook and her children until children old enough to support themselves.

Pritchard, Charlotte

Will Book K: 360 (1837)



Rest of Matilda’s children

Mother to have use of Matilda during mother’s life; mother to have use of Malissa until she reaches age 14 when she is to be hired out; rest of children to be hired; after mother’s death, estate to pass to siblings, nieces, nephews.

Reed, Margaret M.

Will Book K:75 (1835)

Aimy (woman)


Aimy’s children




To be freed if she consents to go to Liberia; may take her children under age of 21 years.

To be freed if they go to Liberia; hired out if they do not go with proceeds to benefit grandchildren.

Proceeds of his hire to go to her grandchildren. Peter received $10 of his hire.

Ruddell, Elizabeth

Will Book E: 266 (1815)

Black George & Esther

Received 1 pair of shoes each, 1 sow shoat and corn for their bread for 1 year, 1 soot [suit?] and each a piece of linsey.

Scott, Polly

Will O:101-103 (1851)

Black Harry (slave belonging to estate of her brother Jonathon Scott, deceased)

Received $100 to be held in trust and disbursed as needed, “in consideration of his faithfulness to my departed sister and myself”



Harry Steel (also from brother’s estate)

Received (to share with Black Harry) her wagon, 2 of her best work horses or mares with full gearing; to dispose of as they saw fit.



Abram (man)

To James Scott, son of Robert Scott, until December 25, 1864, when Abram was to be freed.



Hiram (boy)

To brother Andrew Scott and wife Paulina until December 25, 1871; Hiram to live with Black Harry and to receive $12 annually




To brother Andrew Scott and wife Paulina until December 25, 1872; Andy to to receive $12 annually.

Scott, Sarah D.

Will Book N:354 (1849)

Judy (apparently an older woman)

To Elizabeth Paton if she will take her and provide for her

Sharpe, Elizabeth

Will Book J: 561 (1834)

Reuben (boy)

To son John Sharpe





To daughter Synthia Wright




To son Vincent Sharpe




Kissey (Pat’s oldest daughter)

George, Elizabeth, James and Joseph Sharpe, legal heirs of son James Sharpe




To son Vincent’s daughter Maary

Sims, Elizabeth L.

Will Book N:279 (1847)

Two unnamed slaves

To be sold at end of present year, but given liberty to choose their homes and not to be sold out of the county.

Speakes, Nancy

Will Book O: 64 (1850)

Matilda and child Elizah

To niece Mary Eliza Cline; Matilda got old quilts



Matilda’s children, Maria and Jane

To niece Caroline Cline. Mary Eliza and Caroline Cline were daughters of David Cline.

Spears, Elizabeth (of Boone County, Mo.)

Will Book M: 213 (1844)

Sarah (girl)

To daughter Sarah Jones



Martha (3 years old)

To daughter Rachel Johnston, until Martha is 25 years old when she is to be freed; granddaughter Elvina Thomas to keep Martha if Rachel dies



Edward (c. 7 year old boy)

To William Johnston, until Edward is 27 when he is to be freed; grandson Jacob S. Johnston to keep Edward if William dies



James Ray (7 year old boy)

To grandson Noah S. Johnston, until James is 27 when he is to be freed; John T.M. Johnston is alternate trustee.




To be freed after he finishes term of hire to Abram Spears.




To be freed after Elizabeth Spears’ death




To be freed 2 years after Elizabeth Spears’ death; Ellen to serve Rachel Johnston during 2 year term.

Strother, Nelly

Will Book H: 89-90 (1829)

Agnes (old and infirm; no value)

Adam & Molly his wife (old; valued at $50.00)

Esther (old; valued at $20.00)

Jonas (valued at $400.00)

Silvy/Sylvia (valued at $300.00)

To be distributed among Elizabeth Hord, James Benson, Zechariah Benson and Polly Harrison (nee Benson) or, if too old, to be taken care of by legatee of their choice.




To Zechariah Benson



Charlotte (complaining; valued at $150.00) and her increase

To Polly Harrison



Jane (girl; valued at $200.00)

To Ellen Ann Harrison (Polly’s daughter)

Suter, Tabitha

Will Book H: 501 (1831)

Terry (valued at $215.00)

Rebecca (valued at $300.00)

To Joann Richards

Ward, Elizabeth

Will Book G: 142

Jim (man)

Jim now in possession of Sanly Gour in Frankfort; proceeds of sale to be divided equally between Elizabeth’s sons and daughters.

Watkins, Martha

Will Book M: 350




Hetty and her increase

Ben (child)

To grandson Erasmus D. Isbell




To be freed

West, Rachel

Will Book F: 264 (1819)

Vina (girl)

To son Roger P. West

White, Polly B.

Will Book M: 325 (1845)


Release of mortgage to son Will J. White



Unspecified slaves

Her undivided interest in her dower right to slaves to son John P. White.

Wright, Martha

Will Book G: 475 (1827)


To serve son James Rennick Wright for 10 years, then to be emancipated, or, if unwilling to serve, to be sold for the terms of hire, but still to be freed in ten years