Barren County Deaths

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Barren County Deaths


Courtesy Barren’s Black Roots Volume 1, Michelle Gorin Burris, Gorin Genealogical Publishing,

(c) 1 Feb 1992. Taken from physicians reports, newspapers, funeral homes and scrapbooks.


ALEXANDER, George: age 36, died 29 Sept 1911. Son of Jake and Ann Howard Alexander.

ALEXANDER, Mary Bittie. Widow, born VA, age 60, died 14 Aug 1912. Burial Odd Fellows Cemetery.

ALEXANDER, Orbis: 1 year and 1 month. Child of Odie and R G. Died of bronchitis 18 Oct 1910. Attending physician Dr Durrett. Burial Barlow Cemetery.

ALEXANDER, Sherman: Single, porter, age 17 years, 6 months and 11 days. Died of Typhoid Fever 24 Apr 1912. Son of Adie and R G Alexander. Attending             physician: Dr. Durrett. Burial Barlow Cemetery.

ALLEN, Press: Died 9 August 1919, age 65.

BAKER, Infant: Child of Annie. Died 23 Nov 1918, stillborn. Wilson Graveyard.

BARLOW, Lou Allis. Died 25 May 1904. Parents: Henry and Cornelia Barlow

BARRETT, Unknown. Died 2 Sept 1918, age 45.

BOATMAN, Fannie. Died 20 Dec 1905 of septicemnia. Age 19, died at Rocky Hill, attended by Dr. J. C. Jordan, reported by J. A. Murray.

BRENTS, Granville: of Beckton, age 63, died 19 June 1912. Burial Old Rocky Hill.

BRENTS, Netie: Daughter of Grand and Jane Wells Breents. Died of hives 19 May 1913. Burial Oak Grove.

BUFORD, Elizabeth: Died 27 Apr 1919, age 28, married. Daughter of John Twyman and Carrie Myers Twyman. Burial Odd    Fellows Cemetery.

BUFORD, Felix Grundy: Married, age 75 years, 10 months, 23 days. Died 22 July 1913, son of Melie Baker. Services and burial at homeplace.

CAMP, Ella: Age 30, died of TB 7 May 1912, daughter of George and Sarah Page Camp. Burial family cemetery.

CAMP, Sarah Janes/Jones: Age 75, widow, died of pneumonia 3 Feb 1912. Services at home, burial family cemetery.

CHILDUS, Lee: Died 14 July 1904, age 47. Resided Glasgow.

CHISM, Loyal: Single, age 23, died 20 June 1912, son of John and Ritter Howard Chism.

COLLINS, Hattie: Died 15 June 1904, age 25, residence Haywood, daughter of William and Bell Edmunds

COLLINS, J C. Died 16 May 1921 Oil City, age 8 months. Oak Grove Cemetery. Parents: Will and Mary Will Landers Collins.

CRENSHAW, No First Name Shown, died 16 Aug 1906 of tubercular pernitistis. Female, age 12, mulatto, died near Hiseville. Daughter of Genie                   and ___ Crenshaw. Dr. Jno. B. White attended.

CRENSHAW, George Ann: Died 12 May 1904, 56 years old. Daughter of Bill and Rose Baker Gillock. Buried Oddfellows Cemetery, married.

CRENSHAW, Samuel Wiley: Farmer, age 87, drowned 22 May 1911. Son of Archie and Caroline Crenshaw of VA. Burial Blue Spring Cemetery.

CURTIS, Milan: Died 17 May 1921, age 4 months. Mother: Emma Milam.

DAVIDSON,  Mrs. Catherine. Died 8 Dec 1902, cause unknown. Age about 75, Dr J. H. Edwards of Rocky Hill KY

DELANEY, Steve: Age 60, Glasgow, died 29 Dec 1911

DEPP, Mrs. Joe: Of near Glasgow, died 12 Aug 1910, burial Oak Grove Cemetery.

DEPP, William Adolphus: Died 17 June 1921, born 8 Apr 1921. Son of Corbet and Eula Alexander Depp, burial Odd Fellows Cemetery.

DICKINSON, Frank. Died 12 June 1904, 46 years old, son of Sam Dickinson. Pneumonia.

DUFF, Charlie: Died 8 Nov 1918 near Coral Hill, age 70. Son of John and Sarah Jones Duff. Services and burial Glasgow Cemetery (Odd Fellows).

DUNN, Jane: Wife of Frank, died 20 Dec 1911, daughter of Henry and Julia Preston Munfort. Burial Barlow Cemetery.

EDMUNDS, Fanny,  Of Haywood, age 40 years and 1 month, daughter of George Duncan. Attending physician: Dr. J. S. Durrett, burial Oak Grove.

ELLIS, Jack: Died 8 June 1904, resided County house.

EVERETT, Jennie: Died 13 Feb 1919, age 65, widow, burial Wilson Cemetery

EVERETT, Jim: Died 25 Nov 1918, burial homeplace.

EVERETT, Louvenia: Single, age 13 years, 2 months, 6 days. Died of TB 19 May 1912. Daughter of William and Louvia Bishop Everett.

         Physician: Dr. J. S. Leech. Burial Knob Road Cemetery (Odd Fellows).

EVERETT, Sallie: Age 35, wife of Boon. Died of abortion 31 May 1911. Daughter of Oscar and Emaline Goodpaster James. Services and burial

         Oak Grove Church cemetery.

FARRIS, Henry. Died 6 Aug 1903 typhoid fever. 24, single, loafer, born Cave City. Son of Clem and Mollie Wilson Farris who were both born in

        Barren Co. Dr. Jno. B. White.

FERGUSON, Bettie. Widow, age 56 years and 17 days. Died 24 Oct 1912. Daughter of Dick and Bettie Button Bush.

FORTUNE, America: Died 3 Aug 1918, age 72, burial Poplar Grove Cemetery.

GATEWOOD, Tommie. Age 9, died 3 Dec 1918 at Coral Hill. Burial Pleasant Union.

GILLENWATER,  Amos: Age 30, died 4 Sept 1914.

GLOVER, Mark: Single, farmer, age 15 years and 18 days. Born Barren Co., resided at Route 5, Glasgow. Burial Lick Branch. Son of Will

        and Florence Franklin Glover, both born KY. Died 19July 1923 of appendicitis; Dr. C. W. Froedge attending.

GORIN, America: Widow, residing Bowling Green. Died 11 July 1910, buried 2 miles northeast of Glasgow.

GREER, Angus: Age 12, daughter of L D. Died 30 June 1910. Physician: Dr Duerett and Dr. Porter. Buried at home.

HARLOW, Wood: Died 28l June 1920, age 65, buried Harlow Cemetery.

HOLDER,  Thomas: Died 5 Nov 1912 at County Farm.

HUDSON, Ed: Died 8 June 1902 of TB, age 23. Dr J H Edwards of Rocky Hill.

HUFFMAN, Elijah. Single, farmer, age 19. Born 29 Apr 1909; died 21 Dec 1927 of typhoid Fever. Dr. W G Depp, attending physician.    

         Burial Taylor Comer cemetery, Eighty-Eight KY. Son of Walter and Hattie Curkpachere? Huffman, both born KY.

HUNTER, Hulda: Age 55, died 3 Oct 1911.

HUNTER, Sallie: Age 49, daughter of Harry & Hulda Hunter. Died 20 Aug 1912, buried Knob Road Cemetery, ½ mile from Glasgow. (Odd Fellows).

HUNTER, Sarah Ann: Died 30 Aug 1921, age 75. Allen Graveyard. Charged to Chas. Gossom and Noah Mansfield.

HURENDON, Trannie: Died 29 May 1919 near Oil City, age 22. Daughter of Chas and Flora Tisdale Hurendon. Buried Button Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Fred: Died 3 July 1920, age 17. Resided Bruce. Son of Walker and Bell Baker Johnson, burial Oak Grove Cemetery.

JOHNSTON, Robert: Of Glasgow, died of pneumonia 24 Oct 1910.

KING, Amanda: Age 6 years. Born Barren Co, died 24 Dec 1852 of inflammation of the bowels. Owned by John Kin heirs.

 LEWIS, Levi: Died 13 July 1904, age 40, barber. Burial Glasgow Cemetery (Odd Fellows).

MARTIN, Child. Died 1 July 1921 Oil City. Father: Willis Martin, burial Wilson Cemetery.

MARTIN, Sol (Mrs): Died 13 Aug 1910

MARTIN, Willie: Died 3 June 1904, age 18 months. Parents: Willis and Fannie Martin.

MATTHEWS, Florida: Cook, single, died 23 Dec 1912. Daughter of John Matthews. Dr. J S. Durrett attending physician. Services at 1st Baptist

          Church, burial Barlow Cemetery.

McMILLAN, Joseph: Born 1 May 1847 Glasgow, married Ellen ___ in 1868 (she died prior to 4 May 1898). He died 12 Mar 1930 in Glasgow. Born a

          slave, the former property of Frank McMillan.

MILLER, Emily: Single, age 70, died 10 Nov 1911, burial Wilson Cemetery.

MILLS, Mattie: Died 27 Oct 1918 of the flu, near Temple Hill, burial Roseville Cemetery.

MOORE,  Unknown: Died 4 June 1904 of measles. Resided Bon Ayr.

MURRELL, Rev. Peter: Died 1 Sept 1900 Glasgow of old age. Age 82, born VA. Married. Dr  J. S. Durrett.

MYERS, Fannie: age 65, daughter of G Meyrs. Died 3 Jan 1913, burial Trigg Farm.

NEWLAND, Julia Ann: Died 4 June 1904, residence near Glasgow.

PAGE, Lynda: Died 22 May 1917, age 36, resided near Temple Hill. Married, daughter of Henry and Rachel Wilkerson Lewis. Interment at Poplar Grove.

PALMORE, John Talbert: Son of Amanda and William Palmer [sic]. Died 28 May 1911 with burial Wilson Cemetery.

PARRISH, John: Died 11 Dec 1900 at Rocky Hill KY. Pneumonia, 59 years old, widower, Farmer, born Rocky Hill. Dr. J S Durrett.

PAYNE, Robert: Married, age 77, resided 2 ½ miles north of Glasgow. Died of dropsy 5 September    1919, born Barren Co. Buried Odd Fellows Cemetery.

PRESTON, Delia: Of 5 miles south of Glasgow. Age 11 years and 11 months, 19 days. Died of TB 4 Dec 1912. Daughter of Frank and Sallie  

         Davidson Preston. Dr. J. M. Taylor, Burial Oak Grove Cemetery.

PRESTON, Willie: Buried Oak Grove Cemetery, age 3 months, born Jan 1919, died 3 Apr 1919.

PULLIAM, Page: Died 1 Apr 1920 of TB, age 18. Son of John. Interred Poplar Grove Cemetery.

RALSTON, Nina: Age 22, daughter John and Rachel Ellis Ralston. Died of consumption 23 Oct 1910. Lived near Haywood. Burial Oak Grove Cemetery.

REED, Frank: Farmer, age 60, died of heart trouble 12 June 1912.

RICHARDSON, Delia: Died 24 May 1919, age 75.

ROBINSON, Burnett: Died 19 Mar 1918 pneumonia. Age 41, married. Son of Bet and Susie Ralston Hatfield. Burial Oak Grove Cemetery.

SCOTT, Melvin: Child of Hiram and Mary Murphy Scott. Burial Odd Fellows Cemetery.

SETTLE, Patsy: Age 50, widow, daughter Charity Barlow. Died 27 June 1911, burial public Graveyard (likely County Farm).

SHACKLEFORD,  Mrs. John: Died 6 May 1904, resided Glasgow

SMITH, Mattie: Died 27 Feb 1918, age 36. Daughter of George Jones who was born in TN and an Alexander who was born in KY.

STONE, Mrs. Dolph: Died 9 July 1917, resided near Bristletown.

TISDALE, Uncle Israel Putnam: Oldest man in America, died near Glasgow 11 Dec 1909, age 120. Not only the oldest man in KY but in America. Came           from Virginia to Kentucky at age of 20; exact age not known but insists he was born in 1798 and has a son 80 years of age. He lived alone          in a small cabin and raised a truck patch. Another article stated that in 1910 when he was 119 years old. Lived in Barren County. Was a          former slave. Lives near Jenny in the northwest part of the county. Claims he was 9

   years old when Washington died.

TRIGG, Washington: Age 77, farmer, born Barren Co, died 4 Dec 1911, son of Barnel.

TWYMAN, Lou Belle: Died 17 Nov 1918, age 11 years of pneumonia. Buried Crenshaw Cemetery

TWYMAN, Robert: Farmer, age 73, died 9 Dec 1912.

WHEELER, Smith: Died 4 Sept 1919 Haywood; born 23 Mar, aged 70. Son of William Murrell? Buried Oak Grove Cemetery.

WHITNEY, Alfred: Died 23 July 1900 in Glasgow of cholera. Widower, farmer, born Haywood. Dr. J S Durrette, attending physician.

WHITNEY, Baby: Died 20 Feb 1903 of pneumonia, 4 months old. Parents: Reubin and Mary Parrish Whitney. Dr. Jno. B. White, attending physician.

WHITNEY, Henry: Single, age 37 years and 6 days. Died Haywood of TB 6 Jan 1912. Son of George and Millie Ellis Whitney. Dr. R. H. Porter              Services and burial Oak Grove.

WHITNEY, Lizzie: Died 23 May 1904, married, age 30, consumption. Daughter of Mosie and Amanda Twyman, burial Pleasant Union Cemetery.

WHITNEY, Lou: Age 19 yers, 2 months and 14 days. Died of meningitis 28 Apr 1911. Daughter of Millie & George Whitney. A T Botts,

         attending physician.

WHITNEY, Samuel: Born 11 Aug 1847 near Lucas, married 19 Mar 1925 Annie May Shipley. Glasgow. Died 19 May 1928 Glasgow. Born a slave,

         property of Octavious Whitney who was a grandson of Martin Button.

WHITNEY, Vina: Died 19 Aug 1918, age 4 months, Roseville

WILLIAMS, Clarence: Died 16 Feb 1906 of a blow on the head from a falling limb, burst Skull. Age 24, farmer, married, died near Hiseville.

          Dr. Jno. B. White, physician

WOOD, John: Died 20 Oct 1918 Glasgow of the flu. Age 20, buried home cemetery.

WRIGHT, Charles: Died 6 May 1904 of small box (smallpox), age 17 years. Mother was Fannie Wright.

WRIGHT, Fannie: Single, age 45, died of TB 29 Feb 1912, daughter of Felix.

WRIGHT, Mary: Age 19, died of TB 17 Apr 1912.