Barren County Court Records

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County Collections

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Assorted Barren County Court Records


Courtesy Michelle Gorin Burris, Barren’s Black Roots Volume 1, Gorin Genealogical Publishing,

(c) Feb 1992. Taken from County Order Books, Indentures to Apprenticeship, and Circuit Court records.


From assorted Circuit Court records:


1799:       Henry Roundtree owned Sall and Jin


1805:       Mary Rountree owned Little Dave and Sall

                Samuel Roundtree owned: Ben, Jimmey, Rachel, Fanny and David Carter, David and Robert

                Henry Roundtree owned: Ben (29), Fanny (27), Rachel (33) and her child Rhoda (10 mos),

                David Carter (16).


1809:     Jesse Cox owned Sally and Dave

              Mary Roundtdree: Rachel, Dosha, Eliza


1814:    Henry Winlock’s slaves: Lucy, Isaac, Zachariah, Essex, Liddy, Caroline

            (these had died prior to 1814 – all came from Jefferson Co to Barren.


1817:    Mary Barbee sold Liddy.


1818:   George Moore had servants, not named.


1819:   Mary Barbee had: Lucy, Isaac, Zachariah, Esses, Simon and Hannah. Latter two born

            Jefferson Co KY


1825:   Case filed 21 Sept 1825. Patsy Astin vs Flemiong Short. Case involved slaves named Dilly,

            Polly, Frank and Abby.


1837:   Case 834 filed March 1837. Cites the following slaves: Women: Polly, Mtilda, Mary

            Violet and Charity. Men: Jo and Reuben. Boys: Billy, George and Alanson. Girls: Sukey and



1852:   Case of Nancy Bridges vs William Bridges. Noted that Isaac Greer, deceased, left Nancy

            two slaves; Marilla and Calvin. His will included and also named Harriett (girl), Marilla and

            her son Calvin, Charlotte (girl), Lydia (girl) and Stephen (boy).


1853:   Case 1978 filed 3 Jan 1853. William C Yancy vs Josiah Bush. Included was a list of slaves:

            Nancy, Mary, Sarah, Nimrom, A___, Levi, Mary, Caroline, Samuel, Thomas, Julia,

            Jefferson, Solomon, Ellen, Francis, Anthony, Wm Lewis Poynter. Mother of the latter was

            Julius. Also, Thomas.


1853:   Case #1962 filed 22 Mar 1853, Isaac M Scrivener vs Hiram K Lyons. Referenced that James

            Button, decd., left an estate and several slaves – believed to be four, not named.


1857:   Slaves of Thomas Pare: Jim (between 47 and 52), Sarah (37-42), Harriett (10-12), Clay

             (8-10), Henry (6-8), Jane (6-8), Julia (5-7), Caroline Elizabeth (3-4), Elbert (under 1).


1860:   Maria Proctor of Bell’s Tavern listed her slaves: Jourdan (40), Jim (90-100), Virgin

            (55-60), Granville (19), Harriet (32) and her children: Alice (12), Ginny/Jenny (6),

            Henry (30 months), infant girl (6 months), Martha 22, Mug 26, George Ann (24). In her

            petition to enlarge Bell’s Tavern, she also allotted funds to “removing and rebuilding 4

            Negro cabins.”


1865:   Filed 8 Mar, Obadiah Britt executors vs Susan Grayson and others. Slaves cited:

            To Susan Grayson: James (boy), Mary (girl), Ann (Girl) and John (boy).

            To Mary Ann Matthews: Hiram (boy) and George Ann (girl).

            To Martha Wheeler: Susan (woman) and Susan (girl).

            To Frances Houchens: Wilson (man), Richard (boy), Sarah Ellen (girl), Angeline (girl).

            To O Britt: July Ann (girl), Jane (girl), Amanda (girl), George (boy).

            To A E Powell for schooling the above plus Peter (boy), Mary (girl), Angeline (girl).

            To J W U Britt: Albert (boy), Thomas (boy).

            To Mrs S S Barrick: Aaron Barber (boy).

            To James Wood: Grace (girl).

            To John W Britt: Elijah Jane (girl) and Charles (man).


1868:   Case filed 23 May of Bradberry and Blankenship vs Blankenship. Will of Elijah Blankenship.

            Lists slaves: Dorcas, Martin and Kit.


Order Books:


1828:   A mulatto boy named Henry (son of Free Sally) bound to Dr George Rogers

            (of Glasgow) to learn the business of gardening and “horslery” until age 21.


1849: Division of estate of Thomas W Wade. 1st settlement: Ned, Billy, Nancy, Jane, Marion,

          Peggy, Oliver and Ann Virginia. 2nd settlement: Daniel, Henry Clay, Edy, Rhoda & child

          Cynthia, Nathan, Sophia, Thomas Jefferson. 3rd settlement: Charles, Monroe, Kitty the

          Elder, Mary, Kitty the Less, Sarah, Malinda and her child George Harrison. 4th settlement:

          Jourdan, Spencer, Lucinda, Matilda &K child Louisa, Harriett, Austin, Sarah Frances.

          Reference also made of George who was about 75 years old and Lewis who was sick and

          unable to work.


1851: Widow’s dower set in December for Mary Herndon, widow of John: Slaves listed:

           Charles (man), Alexander (boy), Eliza (woman), Sharlett (woman), and Mary (woman).

           Listed later also were Thomas (man), James (man), Frank (boy), Elizabeth (girl), Luan

           (girl) and Hardin (boy).


1861: Thomas, age 9, indentured to S W Waller.


1862: Alice (12), Alex (8) and George (6) indentured to Wm Wells.


1864: Division of slaves of Jeremiah Whitney among his heirs: Aaron, Fred, Dice.


1866:  Note: All children have same last name as to whom indentured except where shown:

           Frank (age 12) and Mary (14) indentured to Charles E. Bush

           Jennick Nuckols (10) indentured to Nannie E Nuckols.

           John W (12), Frank (9), Virginia (7), Aaron (5), Sarah (5) indentured to Virginia F Preston

           Susan (orphan 11) indentured to John D Courts.

           Isaac Winlock (9) indentured to J T H Winlock

           Dannie (6), William (L2), Ellen (9) indentured to W M Winlock

           Elizabeth (6) indentured to W M McFerran

           Susan (13), Charles (4) indentured to David B Denton

           George Henry (15), Theodocia (12) indentured to Joseph R Garnett

           Wesley Ballenger (10) indentured to M R Gossom

           King or Birdy Maupin (13) indentured to W M Maupin

           Elizabeth Bush (15) and Thomas Bush (11) indentured to John Parker

           Mary (7) indentured to E Shackleford

           Sam (12) indentured to M H Dickinson

           Robert (9) indentures to Susan J Nuckols.

           Henry (13) indentured to W L Poynter

           Josephine (orphan 13) indentured to Wm Hare.

           Isabell (9) indentured to Woodard Greer.

           Sam (14) indentured to Elijah Harlow


1867:  Continuation of indentures:


            George (orphan 12), Jane (orphan 13), Sarah (orphan 9) indentured to S S Farris

            Henry (15) indentured to Thomas H Bradshaw

            Eliza Wells (orphan 9), Jeff Wells (orphan 6) indentured to R W Dougherty.

            Scott (orphan 13) indentured to George Gray.

            Le Ann (6) indentured to John A Redding

            John P (orphan 16) indentured to S H Griggs

           Hudson (16) and Frederick (12) indentured to Robin Wood.

           Larue (8) and Martha (4) indentured to Martha Y Perkins

           Sarah Jordan (11) indentured to W F Redding.

           Henry (15) indentured to John W Ritter.


1868:  Continuation of indentures:


           Lewis Ballenger (13), Susan Ballenger (10), Mollie Ballenger (7), Granville Ballenger

                     (5) indentured to U R Gossom.

            Everett Willis (5) and William Ellis (3) indentured to John H Bagby.

            Evelin? (11) indentured to John L Barlow

            John Preston (orphan, 10) indentured to James Murrell

            Sarah Ann Harris (age 5 on 17 July 1869) indentured to William Wells.



            Ova/Ora/Osa Carden (9) indentured to James Jordan.

            Nelson (11) indentured to Thomas F Carden

            George (12) indentured to Lawrence Lowry.

            Trigg (age 9 on 10 Aug 1872) indentured to Alick Davidson.



           Mattie Peden (age 3 in May 1874) indentured to B S Peden


1875:  Andrew Jackson Deweese? (4) and John Garman (15) indentured to L D Satterfield.


1878:  John Will Hatcher (10) indentured to J B Clack


1885: Eugene (13) indentured to W E Allen