Allen County Biographies

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Allen County Biographies

Courtesy Barren’s Black Roots Volume 3, Michelle Gorin Burris, Gorin Genealogical Publishing, (c) May 1993 and shown originally in The Jubilee History and Biographical Sketches of Liberty Association, G. R. Ford, Times Publishing Company of Smiths Grove, KY, 1916.

Mary T. Benedict, of Settle, Allen county, Ky., the daughter of Mr. Fielding and Mrs. Alcy Stark, was born May 6, 1866. She professed a hope in Christ in November, 1880 and joined the Greensville church and has lived an obedient Christian. She was united in marriage to Mr. Elliot Stark, the son of Mr. John Stark, deacon of Greensville church. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Stark are two children, Annie Lora and Ednie Rally Stark. Mr. Elliott Stark taught school awhile, his daughter, Annie Lora, also taught for five years. Sister Mary T. is a live Sunday School worker and has served as a teacher for several years. After the death of Mr. Stark on November 17,1886, she went into wedlock with Mr. General Grant Benedict, March 25, 1888, and to this union is still continuing in perfect love. At the present time she is secretary of the Sunday School and financial secretary of the church.”


Alfred Landers, the son of Jerry and Rebecca Landers, was born December 21, 1859, at Yessey, Ky., in the time of slavery, was sold one time at the Court House as slaves were sold. He professed a hope in Christ in 1873. He united in marriage to Miss Amanda Frances, November 8, 1882. To this union were born four children, as follows: Garland, Cora, John and Corelie Landers. In 1888 he was ordained to the deaconship of the Greenville church and is still serving in that office. He is one of the members of which the Liberty School Sunday School Convention organized and has taught Sunday School for twenty years. He is now the treasurer holder of his church and has been for 25 years and has served as Secretary of M and D Meetings several times. His wife, Mrs. Landers, died August 8, 1893. In 1894 he was united in marriage to Miss Alvertie Duncans.”


Mrs. Alvertie Landers, of Gainesville, Allen county, Ky., daughter of Mrs. Mary Duncan's, was born August 12, 1876. She professed a hope in Christ about 1889 and joined the Greensville church. She went into wedlock with Mr. Alfred Landers, November 20, 1894. To this union are 6 children: Chester Arthur, born September26, 1896; Naaman Garnett, born February 2, 1899; Lawrence and Loyce, twins, born April 27, 1901; Callie Crittenden born June 8 1908 and Anna D Landers, April 12, 1912.”


Mr. E. G. Landers, of Meador, Allen county, Ky., the son of Alfred and Amanda Landers, was born March 27, 1884. He attended the common school at Hickory Grove in Allen county and completed the common school studies. He professed a hope in Christ in 1894 and joined the Greensville Baptist Church and was baptized by Rev. B. Rogers and has served as secretary of the church several times. On October 25, 1907, he was united in marriage to Miss Luella Porter and to this union there is one child, Ruby D. Landers. Mr. Landers’ profession is concreting and cistern work.”


Misses Ella and Priscilla Rogers, twin sisters and daughters of Mr. Robin and Mrs. Cynthia Crittendon Rogers, of Meador, Allen County, Ky., were born January 2, 1891. They professed a hope in Christ in 1904. These two girls were well reared and have proved an honor to their race, both morally and intellectually. Miss Priscilla was united in marriage to Mr. Herschell Stark and in a short time while afterward died. Miss Ella is still living with her parents and to know her is to love her. The little boy standing between them is their nephew, Vernon Rogers, son of Mr. James Rogers. He was born April 28, 1918. His mother is dead. The girl on the left of the boy is Ella.”


Phillip Shipley, Jr., of Manord, Allen county Ky., professed a hope in Christ and was united with the Caney Fork Baptist Church. He was united in marriage to Miss Mary Holder and to this union there were four children, George, Robert, Ninethy May and Earney P. Shipley. Bro. Shipley was a deacon of the Caney Fork church and served that office well until his death.”