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ARMS: 1433, Sa. Crusily Fitchee Ar. a stork of the last beaked and legged gu.

CREST: A wolfs head gu. 1566. Quartering. Lozengy Or and Az (for De Warbleton).___________

THE over-lordship of Puttenham Manor was left by Edwin of Caddington to his son Leofwin and it afterwards came to Earl Lewin, brother of King Harold. After the conquest it was given to Odo, bishop of Bayeux, the brother of William the Conqueror, of whom it was held by Roger. Odo forfeited his lands about 1088, after the siege of Rochester and Puttenham seems to have been subsequently granted to the Earls of Leicester, for in 1210-12 it was held as of the honor of Leicester and so continued till 1298. In 1303 it was held of the honor of Wallingford which then belonged to King Edward I who probably granted it to Sir Thomas Wale for the Manor was held of him in 1304-5 for the service of One Knights Fee and a pair of Gilt Spurs yearly. Later the over-lordship came to Sir Thomas Spigurnel, who granted it in 1340 to Nicholas de la Beche; he in the same year transferred it to Sir John de Molyns, the service remaining as in 1304. Sir John de Molyns forfeited his lands in 1353 and though many of his estates were restored to his son William, it is most probable that the over-lordship of Puttenham remained in the Crown for in 1556 the Manor was held of the King and Queen, viz. Philip and Queen Mary as of the honor of Tring for homage and rent and the tenure was the same in 1613-14.



Roger was the tenant of Puttenham Manor in 1086 at the time of Domesday Survey, which he held of Odo, the Bishop of Bayeux.

William de Puttenham, named 1154 - 1184. His daughter, Matilda, married Richard Fiz-Wale, which Richard presented the Advowson of Puttenham Church to the Priory of Essebi, Ashby Canons, in Northamptonshire. The presentation was confirmed by Matilda, and in 1278 again by John Fitz-Wale de Puttenham, the son of Matilda and grandson of William de Puttenham (Vide Ancient Deed and Chartulary of Ashby Canons). "Richard" was "parson" of Puttenham when this presentation was made. He was most probably Richard de Puttnam related to Matilda.

Simon de Puttenham, Knight, 1199; Ralph de Puttenham, a juryman, 1199; and a Roger, "son of Simon", 1199 - all named in the Roll of the Curia Regis, Co. of Herts. A.D. 1199.

Ralph de Puttenham, named Rot. Curia Regis 1199 and in Feet of Fines 1203. He held the Manor of Puttenham 1210-12. (Vide Red Book of Exchequer and Close Roll of 1228). He is first Witness to a Deed (Grant) of Richard de Turville, Lord of Chalfont, Bucks, A.D. 1194-5. (British MM.)

Ralph de Puttenham, held the Manor of Puttenham about 1250-70 and perhaps earlier (Vide Testa de Nevill). Married Dionisia... (Vide Feet of Fines)

John de Puttenham, named on Patent Rolls of 1252 and 1281, also in Bucks Feet of Fines 1272. Married Agnes...

John de Puttenham, named in Close Rolls of 1297 and Charter Rolls of 1291 as John de Puttenham son of John and a Witness to a Charter of Edmund, Earl of Cornwall 1291. Held the Manor of Puttenham and is styled as "lord of Putteham" in Ancient Deed of 1288. Married Alice..., "Lady of Puttenham" in 1303 vide Knights Fee. (Vide Feudal Aids.) In 1309 she released two thirds of the Manor of Puttenham, which she may have held in dower, to Roger de Puttenham and Alina his wife. Of whom later.

Henry de Puttenham, most probably a brother of John de Puttenham. Named in Charter Rolls of 1285-6 in Charters of Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, and in M.S.S. at Ashridge.

John de Puttenham and Alice, had issue:

1. Roger de Puttenham. The Manor of Puttenham had in 1304/5 been granted to Roger de Puttenham by Sir Thomas Wale of whom the Manor was held for the service of One Knights Fee and a pair of Gilt Spurs.


He is mentioned in the inquisition of the Earl of Warwick 1316, as holding 1/4 knights fee in Breyles and also named on Patent Rolls 1322. He and his wife Alina acquired lands in Penn 1315 (vide Feet of Fines). He was living in 1326 and is named in a Parliamentary Writ of 15 January 1322 as "of his continuance with the King". In Ancient Deed A.4320. both he and his wife are named 1310. He paid 5/3 Subsidy in 1314. (vide the Herts. Subs. Roll for Puttenham No. 120/9. and had issue of whom later.

2. John de Pottenham, priest, mentioned in Close Rolls 1346 as "parson" of St. Benet Fink in the City of London.

3. James de Puttenham, named on Charter Rolls 1323 as Bailiff of Southwark and on Patent and Close Rolls 1324 to 1327. In 1327 a Pardon was granted to Robt. de Middleton for the death of this man James de Puttenham, who is also mentioned on the "Parliament Rolls" of King Edward II and in two Parliament Writs of 1324 as "Janitor D'NI Regis".

4. William de Puttenham, named on two occasions in 1324 on the Patent Rolls, each time in conjunction with his brother James and on the Close Rolls in 1325 from which latter it is evident they were then both living at Southwark.

The following may also have been the issue of John de Puttenham and Alice:

(a) Ralph de Puttenham on Subs. Roll of A.D. 1314 at Puttenham.

(b) Petro de Puttenham on Subs. Roll of 1314 at Puttenham. He was surety in 1306 for Ralph de Monte Caniso, Knt. of the Shire of Herts. (v.Parl.ty.Writs) and he was a Juror in 1316 on an Inqn. a.g.d. held at Tring. (File 113/10.)

Revert to the eldest son of John de Puttenham and Alice:

Roger de Puttenham, who married Alina ... Alina married for her second husband, Thomas de la Hay and he held the Manor of Puttenham in 1340 jointly with his wife, with a reversion to the heirs of Roger de Puttenham her 1st husband. Their son and Heir:

(Sir) Roger de Puttenham, born about A.D. 1320 and died before 1380 as then his son and heir Robert a minor was entering a plea by his guardian (Vide Comn. Plea Roll 4th Ric. II. -1380-1.) (No. 480. mb. 316.) as against Thomas de Berkeley of Coberley and Margaret his wife formerly the wife of Roger de Puttenham. Knt., for damaging of


property or depleting its ultimate value, at Long Marston, Herts and at Penn in Bucks, etc. and as hereafter coming to the said Robert heir of the said Sir Roger son of him and the said Margaret. He served as Knight of the Shire for Co. Bucks 1355 to 1374 and he is continuously named from 1338 (when he received a pardon for trespass) until 1375 on the Patent and Close Rolls, in conjunction with the De Molyns:

De la Vache: Hampden: Cheyne and other principal men of Buckinghamshire. The Arms of the family were probably first used by him. In some documents he is designated as "the elder", his first son was also "Roger" a priest. The Manor of Puttenham came to him on the death of his mother, Alina, and he was the first of the family who held Puttenham and Long Marston Manors at the same time (at this period, circ 1400 Long Marston was in the parish of Tring). On Close Roll 1340-41. he is described as "son of Roger". The following may have been his brothers:

(a) Thomas de Puttenham named on Patent Rolls in 1367 as an Executor of the Will of Thomas de Ferrariis (a branch of this family were for a time Earls of Derby). In 1492 in an Ancient Indict, at Northampton a Thomas Puttenham as of Cransley is a juryman. It is possible he was a descendant of the above (1367 Thomas). Indict. No. 397(25).

(b) William Pottenham, who in 1363-4 was elected with others to govern the City Company of Girdlers in London. In 1389-90 he was appointed an Auditor by the Mayor and was connected with the City affairs till 1393 when is dated his Will.

In 1395 the guardianship of his daughter Alice was taken up by the Mayor both he and his wife Alice being dead.

He left children: Alice, Thomas and William all under 16 years of age in 1393 when he made his Will in which he named a brother John residing at Winchester and as having 5 children. Also he mentions a relative as residing "at Potenham".

(c) John Pottenham. In 1380 he was Master of the Girdlers Company and in 1393 living at Winchester (vide his brother's Will).

Sir Roger de Puttenham married Margery (or Margaret) and she was living in 1370 when the Manor of Long Marston was granted to Christian Bardolfe with remainder to Sir Roger de Puttenham and Margery his wife and their heirs (vide Coram Rege Roll No. 438. mb. 18. Trinity 44th Edw. III. A.D. 1370). Also similar Deed concerning other possessions in various places on De Banco Roll No. 443. (Deed No. 1.) Trinity 45th Edw. III. A.D. 1371. In Chancery Inqn. P.M. File 53/22 of 6th of Henry IV. A.D. 1405. on Margaret wife of Thos. de Berkeley of Cubberley


formerly wife of Sir Roger de Puttenham it is stated that the heir of the said Margaret is Robert de Potenham and is then (1405) 30 years of age and upwards.

Sir Roger and Margery had the following issue:

1. Roger Puttenham, priest. In 1379 he was appointed to the living of Paddlesworth in the diocese of Rochester by the King. (Vide Patent Rolls.) On October 29th 1400 he was presented by the Prior and Canons of St. Bartholomew's (W. Smithfield) to the Rectory of Danbury, Essex. (Vide Bishop of London Regr.)

2. Robert de Puttenham, who held the Manors of Puttenham and Long Marston in 1414-15. Named in License on the Patent Rolls in 1400, Subsidy Roll 1428 and in Inqn. held at Berkhampsted 1429. His name was returned as a gentleman of Arms 1433. In 1428 and 1429 his name appears as a Witness to Deeds on the Close Rolls. Of whom later.

The following were probably also sons of Sir Roger and Margery:

(a) William de Puttenham or Puttenam who was associated with John, Duke of Lancaster and others as Commissioners of Peace for the Co. of Hertford in the year 1377 and Serjeant at Arms in 1384. (Vide Patent Rolls.)

In 1377-8 he was a juror at Asshridge on a Inqn. a.g.d. file 393. He was probably living 1398.

In 1378 he collected various dues of the Castle and Honor of Berkhampsted lately belonging to Edward the Black Prince son and heir of King Edward III. These dues were also collected by him for King Richard II and his "Accounts" are preserved at the Record Office in excellent condition.

(b) Richard Puttenham in Ancient Indicts. (K.B.9/5) II of Richard II 1388 he was at Eddlesborough, Co. Bucks and he is a Witness to a Deed executed there in 1401 (M.S. at B.Mm.).

He was convicted in 1387-8 (Ancient Indict. above) of slaying in self-defence one William Agas and on Corom Rege Roll 14 Richard II No. 518 A.D. 1390-1. Rex. mb. 18. it is stated he was fined 10/-s. re the above Indict. and one of his recognizances is Robt. Puttenham of Co. Bucks.

(c) Thomas Puttenham, in A.D. 1373 he was Vicar of Bisham, Berks. (see C. Kerry's "Hundred of Bray").

Revert to the second son:

Robert de Puttenham, by his marriage with Margaret de Warblington (or Warbelton) the Manors of Sherfield, Tandridge, Chinham, Willey and


Warbelton came, later on, to the Puttenham family. Margaret was the eldest daughter off John de Warblington off Sherfield Manor, Co. Hants. He died in 1375. His grandson William de Warblington, the last male heir, died in 1469 but his widow enjoyed the estate until 1485, when they fell to William Puttenham, son and heir of Henry Puttenham who had deceased in 1473.

On the Fine Rolls of 2nd off Richard III - 1484 it is fully and clearly recorded as to the descent of all the Warblington property to the Puttenham family in Hants, Surrey and Sussex. The Puttenham family thereafter quartered their arms with the Warbleton Arms, i.e. Lozengy Or and Az. (Visitations of Bucks 1566 and Hants 1634) but it would appear that the De Warbleton family were entitled to several other quarterings through marriages with heiresses, viz:

Sir John d'Ifelde, Knt. married Margery, dau. and co.h. off Sir Henry Apulderfeld, Knt. The dau. and co.h. off the above - Katherine d'Ifelde married Sir Thomas Foxley, Knt.

The son of the above Sir John de Foxley, Knt. married Matilda, dau. of Sir John Brocas, Knt. Their dau. and h. Katherine de Foxley married John de Warbelton. (Harl. Vol. 75.)

The dau. and c.h. of this marriage married Robert de Puttenham.

Arms: Apulderfeld: Erm. a fesse vaire or and gu. D'Ifelde: Ar. a bend or, fimbriated gu. Foxley: Gu. Two bars arg. (see "The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court by Montagu Burrows, M.A. 1886.)

No Will or Inqn. has been found relating to this Robert de Puttenham but in 1444 through failure of heirs to the De Warblingtons a settlement was made with remainder to Henry Puttenham, son and heir of this Robert (Henry died 1473).

There is a Deed by William Warbelton endorsed on Close Rolls. of 21 Henry VI (1443) regarding his lands, etc., in Co. Bucks and Herts, which Deed is Witnessed by Henry Puttenham, Esq..

Robert de Puttenham and Margaret de Warbington had the following issue:

1. Henry Puttenham, born about 1410 of Puttenham, Penn and Long Marston, Esquire aged 60 and over 6 July 1473 when he died (vide Inqn. P.M.). In 1440 King Henry VI granted him a pardon for the death of Thomas Turgys of Marsworth, Near Puttenham and Tring.


In Deeds at Eton College of 1451, 1454, 1462 and 1463 he is a Witness and on Close Rolls 1443 and 1461. In Bucks Feet of Fines 1450-52.

In Chancery Proceedings with Nicholas (his son) Puttenham about 1466 and in 1458 he paid a fine of 60/-s. to avoid Knighthood (v. Exch. L.T.R.).

In the Inqn. on William Warbelton 8 Edw. IV. 1468-9. this Henry Puttenham is declared to be son of Margaret Puttenham (nee Warbelton). William Whappelode (Steward of Henry Cardinal Beaufort) of Chalfont in Bucks, mentions Henry Puttenham in his Will 1447. Of whom later.

2. John Puttenham, priest. Rector of Tewin, Herts from 1450 to 1453 when he resigned and went to Barnewell, Co. of Northampton. The following may have been another son:

(a) William Puttenham of St. Albans. Tanner. He appears in an Ancient Deed at P.R.O. of 1456 and on the Plea Rolls of 1466 respecting property, etc. at St. Albans, Herts.

Revert to the eldest son, Henry Puttenham, who married Elizabeth, the widow of Geoffrey Goodluk (ob.1452). She died 1486 vide her Will P.C.C. and she was probably the 2nd wife of Henry Puttenham. In her Will she mentions William Puttenham.

One John Goodluk, was a trustee acting for William Puttenham in 1485 and he was mentioned in the Missenden Abbey assault (as of Penn) 1466. He was probably son of Elizabeth and Geoff. Goodluk.

Henry Puttenham and Elizabeth had the following issue:

1. William Puttenam of Puttenham, Long Marston, Sherfield, Warbelton, etc. returned as "Esquire" for the Co. of Herts, about 1480. Aged 30 and over in 1473 and 40 and upwards 1st of Ric. III, say 1483. His Will is dated 10 July 1492 and he was buried in the Lady Chapel, St. Mary Elsing near Cripplegate in the City of London. He granted the Manor of Sherfield to his son (Sir) George Puttenham in 1485 on his marriage with Alice Wyndesore (Windsor) and this is the first instance of the Puttenham name being abbreviated.

He was declared "heir" of Henry Puttenham his father by Inqn. P.M. 1473. In 1475 he held the Manor of Tyscote near Puttenham. v. Inqn. of Jo. Harvey of whom later.

2. Nicholas Puttenham, or Puttnam, of Penn, Co. Bucks. Born about 1445 (vide Heralds' Vistn.). He was associated with Henry Puttenham and about 60 others in an assault on the Abbey of Gt. Missenden about 1466


(vide Chancery Proceedings) and was living about 1479-80 and later. In the Heralds' Vistn. of 1566, this Penn branch of the family used the same Arms as those of Puttenham and Sherfield and the name returned as Puttnam. He was apparently living at Penn in 1495-6 being summoned as a Juror in a case at High Wycombe (vide Ancient Endictments). His name is on the Plea Rolls 1513, in a case re "Dagnall" Co. Bucks and of the parish of Eddlesborough, Bucks in 1517 on Coram Rege Roll and he is a Witness in several Deeds at Eton College; 1484; 1498-9; 1503-4. He was living at the parish of Eddlesborough 19th of Henry VII. (1503-4) when he was a juryman there in an Inqn. on John Rufford's estate of whom later.

3. John Puttenam (or Puttenham) of Edlesboro', Bucks, born about 1450-5. His name appears as a Juryman at Edlesboro' in 1472 (12th Edw. IV) Inqn. P.M. on Th. Rufford. In 1477 he is mentioned in a Inqn. as a "tenant" at Edlesboro'.

In 1477 in a Trial v. Baga de Secretis he is described as custodian of the valuable M.S.S. and Ornaments of the parish Church at Edlesboro'. In the 20th year of Henry VII (1505) he is on the Coram Rege Rolls as plaintiff in a case of trepass at Edlesboro'. In the 5th year of Henry VIII (1513), he is a juryman (as gentleman) at Aylesbury Court with Nicholas Puttenham and others. In 1522 he is named as "late John Puttenham" at Edlesboro'. In 1476-7 in the Inqn. on John Brocknoke it is stated that this John. Puttenham was holding lands of him (Brecknock) in Edlesboro'. (John Brecknock was cousin of John Puttenham) of whom later.

The following was probably another son:

(a) Thomas Puttenham mentioned in the Ministers Accounts of Rentals of Henry VII (1480 circ.) for Wendover, Co. Bucks. In a Visitation for Co. Northampton of the Harl. M.S. at the B.Mm. a Thos. Puttenham is named as having married Helen, co-heiress of one John. Spy-Gurnell, and as having a son, Roger Puttenham and grandson Henry Puttenham.

On the Fine Roll of 18th year Henry VI. (1439-40) one Thomas Putnam of Chesham, Co. Bucks, is named a collector of the Subsidy (see New England Hist. and Gen. Register, Vol. 108, No. 429. "The Putnams of Hawridge and Cholesbury, Co. Bucks).

In an Ancient Indictment held at Northampton in 1492 a Thomas Puttenham as of Cransley is a juror.


Revert to the eldest son William Puttenam. This William married Anne Hampden, dau. of John Hampden of Hampden. Co. Bucks. Sheriff of Beds and Bucks 1450-1(ob. 1458) and Elizabeth Whalesborough (whose father Sir John Whalesborough is an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II. and Anne's sister Eleanor Hampden by marriage to Walter Arden became the ancestor of William Shakespeare (Pedigree compiled by P.W. Montague-Smith published in "The Queen" 12.9.51). William Puttenam and Anne had issue:

1. (Sir) George Puttenham, K.B. of Puttenham and Sherfield, born about 1460, made Knight of the Bath 14 Nov. 1501 by the first Tudor King, Henry VII with the following who all had family or other connections with the Puttenham family: Robert Throgmorton, John Paulet, John Norton, Robert Corbet; and in 1509: Thomas Knyvet, Andrew Windsor, Thomas Parr, Edward Oxenbridge.

Sir George Puttenham was sheriff for the Co. of Hants. Nov. 1504. He died at Sherfield and was buried there and his Will is dated 26 Jan. 1534-5. His heir was Robert.

His name appears on State and County Documents, Commissions, etc. and also on "Parliament Roll" 1504. Of whom later.

2. Edward Puttenham, of Puttenham. He left an only child and daughter Elizabeth and as given in the Heralds' Visitation for Co. of Herts, married to John Saunders of Amersham and after of Long Marston (Harl. Vol. 22). and had issue. (Richard Puttenham in 1560 sold the Manor of Long Marston to the Saunders family.)

3. Frideswide. 4. Elizabeth. 5. Alienore. 6. Brigide. 7. Agnes. All five daus. unmn. in 1492 and named in their father's Will.

In 1496 Sir Th. Oxenbridge and his wife Frideswide held lands in Co. Beds. She may have been the above eld. dau. of William Puttenham.

A dau. of Sir George Puttenham also married into the Oxenbridge family.


(End of Part I)



REVERT to Sir George Puttenham, K.B. Sir George Puttenham, K.B. married first in 1485, Alice, daughter of Thomas Wyndesore (Windsor) of Bradenham, near Penn in Co. Bucks (her mother Elizabeth, was the


2. Henry Puttnam (Puttenham) of Penn Co. Bucks is named in his brother John's Will of 1527 and he appears in Chancery Proceedings of 1529 about.

John Puttenham and Margaret had issue:

John Puttnam, of Penn, 'Gentleman' (in Subsidy Roll 1524) died without issue, before 1545. Married, Mary, dau. of Richard Verney of Middle Claydon, Co. Bucks.

Helen Puttnam, died young.

Robert Puttnam, who may have been the Robert Putnam, a citizen of London who died there 1550 and by his Will left a son named Thomas. (This Robert is named in his father's Will of 1527 and in the Heralds' Vistn.)

George Puttnam (or Putnam) of Penn, heir to his brother JOHN who died S.P. The Will of this George is dated 1585 and proved 1590. He received from Eton College a small rent for land in Penn which his father let first in 1511. He married Isabella, dau. of John Shrimpton, of High Wycombe, Bucks., yeoman (vide vistn.). They had the following issue:

1. John Puttnam, eldest son and heir appar. t. v. Heralds' vistn. 1566 but he is not named in his father's Will dated 1585.

2. William Puttnam, of Penn, named in his father's Will also in vistn. Married Jane ... who died Sept. 1620 at Penn and had a dau. Jane who was buried March 1620.

3. Richard Puttnam, of Penn, named in his father's Will and also in vistn.

4. Mary.

5. Susan.

6. Helen.

7. Isabell.

8. Anne.

9. Elizabeth, died young. (In the "Long" pedigree Co. Bucks an 'Eleanor' dau. of George Putnam of Penn married Thomas Long of Penn one of the Coroner's for the County.)

Revert to: JOHN PUTTENHAM of EDLESBORO,' born about 1450-5, son of HENRY Puttenham and Elizabeth:

JOHN PUTTENAM, married and had issue:

Richard Puttenam, of Slapton, near Edlesboro' born about 1495. Named as of Slapton 1516-17, of Edlesboro' 1523-4, of Slapton 1540


and of Woughton 1545-1557. Will dated 26 Feb. 1556-7. In a Survey of Slapton Manor, his heir named JOHN (wife Margt.) whom failing 2nd son HENRY. Richard bequeathed his lands in Slapton to his son JOHN.

In the Subsidy Rolls of 1523-4 the name is clearly written "PUTTNAM". In 1538-9 he acquired by an Indenture lands and messuages in Slapton which had previously belonged to the Abbey at Barking. His name appears on the Coram Rege Roll of 1517 as of Slapton (Michls. 8 Hen. VIII.) and on the same Roll is NICHOLAS PUTNAM as of Edlesboro. Richard married Jone ... who died at Woughton in 1565.

1. John Puttnam (or Putnam, of Slapton, after of Rowsham and Wingrave, Co. Bucks.) Will 14 Nov. 1573. Buried at Wingrave 2 Oct. 1573, of whom later.

2. Harry Puttnam, of Woughton-on-the-Green, Bucks. Will proved Oct. 1579. Buried at Woughton and named his son RICHARD as Executor (wife Jone living 1579 probably died at Woughton in 1584) of whom later.

3. Joan Puttnam, named in her father's Will 1556 and was married at that time.

The above John Puttnam married Margaret ... who died 1568 and buried at Wingrave, had issue:

1. Nicholas Putnam, of Stewkeley, near Wingrave, Bucks. Will proved 27 Sept. 1598 in which he names all his children, of whom later.

2. Richard Putnam, of Rowsham and Wingrave. Will Oct. 1576 in which he bequeathed all his freeholds and leaseholds in Wingrave to his brother NICHOLAS which he "inherited from his father JOHN PUTTNAM". He died without issue and was buried at Wingrave. He named in his Will his brother "JOHN" also.

3. Thomas Putnam, of Rowsham. Will July 1576. Buried at Wingrave. Married Dennys ... who was living in 1576 and was sole Executor of her husband's Will. Thomas was without issue names two brothers JOHN and NICHOLAS in his Will.

4. John Putnam, of Slapton. Will dated 5 March 1594-5 proved 28 Feb. 1595-6. He was buried at Slapton near Edlesboro. Co. Bucks. Bequeathed his lands in Edlesboro and Northall to his youngest son BARNARD whom failing to his son JOHN. Names also son THOMAS who with his wife are his Executors. He also mentions his brother NICHOLAS. John married and had issue, of whom later (see PART iii).

5. Katherine.

6. Ellyn.


The above NICHOLAS PUTNAM of Stewkeley married Margaret, dau. of John Goodspeed. She was living in 1598 and married secondly 1614, William Huxley and died 8 Jan., 1618-19. Nicholas had issue:

1. John Putnam, of Aston Abbots, Co. Bucks. and of Salem Mass., U.S.A. Founder of the Salem Branch of the Putnam family (vide Pedigree by Eden Putnam 1909 published in the Putnam Leaflets Vol. IV. No. 2 at Wellesley, Mass.). There is however testamentary evidence in London that others of the family sailed to Virginia at the Civil War period 1640-50. He was baptised 17 Jan. 1579 and was at Aston Abbots in 1614 when he signed his mother's marriage bond. He was granted land in Salem., Mass., 1641 and died there 30 Dec. 1662. He married Priscilla (Deacon?) about 1611-12. She died in Salem and had issue, of whom later.

2. Thomas Putnam, baptised in 1584.

3. Richard Putnam, baptised 16 July 1590 at Stewkeley and living 1597.

4. Anne Putnam, married Wm. Arnett 26 Jan. 1604-5.

5. Elizth. Putnam, married Ed. Bettam 22 Oct. 1612.

John Putnam and Priscilla had issue:

1. Lt. Thomas Putnam, baptd. at Aston Abbots, Bucks, 7 Mar. 1614-15 of Lynn and Salem, Mass. of whom later.

2. Nathaniel Putnam, bapt. at Aston Abbots, 11 Oct. 1619 of Salem, Mass. of whom later.

3. Capt. John Putnam, bapt. at Aston Abbots, 27 May 1627 of Salem, Mass. of whom later.

4. Elizth. Putnam, bapt. 20 Feb. 1612.

5. Sarah Putnam, bapt. 7 Mar. 1622 Aston Abbots.

6. Phoebe Putnam, bapt. 28 July 1624 Aston Abbots and buried there 30 April 1630.

(There is a Will at Somerset House of "Thomas Putnam, sen. aboard The Increase bound of Virginia" 1657.)

The eldest son, Lt. THOMAS PUTNAM, baptd. 7 Mar. 1614-15 died 5 May 1686, married 1st Ann, dau. of Edward Holyoke and had issue of whom later. She died 1 Sept. 1665. He married 2ndly Mary, widow of Nathanile Veren. She died 16 March 1694-5 and had issue:

JOSEPH PUTNAM, born 1669, died 1725 of Salem, married about 1690 Elizabeth dau. of Israel Porter and had 13 children 11 of whom were living at the time of their father's death:

William Putnam of Salem.

Col. David Putnam of Salem.

Gen. Israel Putnam of Pomfret, Conn., born 7 Jan. 1718, of whom later.


Daus. Anne, Mary, Elizth., Sarah, Rachael, Huldah, Eunice and Mehitable.

GENERAL ISRAEL PUTNAM,* the famous Pioneer, Ranger and Major-General at Bunker Hill married 19 July 1739, Hannah (born 1721) dau. of Joseph and Meritable Pope. He died 29 May 1790 and had issue:

1. Israel, s. & h. born 8 June 1740. Living 1766.

2. Daniel, born 10 March 1742, died 1759.

3. David, born 1759. Living 1766.

4. Peter Schuyler, born 31 Dec. 1765. Living 1766. Daus: Hannah, born 25 August 1744. Living 1766. Elizth., born 20 March 1747. Died aged 17 in 1765. Meritable, born 21 Oct. 1749. Living 1766. Mary, born 10 May 1753. Living 1766. His wife Hannah died 6 April 1766.

Lt. THOMAS PUTNAM by his 1st wife Ann Holyoke had issue:

1. Thomas Putnam, born 1652, died 1699 of Salem.

2. Edward Putnam, born 1654, died 1747. Deacon and parish clerk, married Mary Hale and had issue:

1. Edward Putnam, of Middleton.

2. Joseph Putnam, of Salem.

3. Nehemiah Putnam, of Middleton.

4. Ezra Putnam, of Middleton.

5. Isaac Putnam, of Sutton.

6. Elisha Putnam, of Sutton, Mass., 1685-1745, who married and had issue:

1. Elisha Putnam.

2. Nehemiah Putnam.

3. Jonathan Putnam.

4. Stephen Putnam.

5. Amos Putnam.

6. General Rufus Putnam, born 9 April 1738, died, 4 May 1824, at Marietta, Ohio.

REVERT to the 2nd son of John Putnam (bapt. 1579) and Priscilla:

NATHANIEL PUTNAM, bapt. 11 Oct. 1619, died at Salem, 23 July 1700, married Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Hutchinson. She died 1688 aet. 60 and had issue:

1. Samuel Putnam, born 1652, died 1676, of Salem. ________________
* A large statue of Major-General Israel Putnam, a hero of the war of Independence adorns the main thoroughfare of Brooklyn, Conn.



Part III

The history of this family with its many branches was compiled by the writer with reference to a pedigree drawn up by the late Frederick Puttnam Esq., of Streatham, London, in 1912 (died 30 Sept. 1930) who correctly descended the American Putnams from the Edlesborough and Slapton, Bucks., Puttnams and not the Penn, Bucks., Puttnams7which had hitherto been incorrectly recorded by the late Major Eben Putnam in 1892 and 1909. This mistake the writer now learns was also noted and corrected by G. Andrews Moriarty, Jr., A.M., LL.B., F.S.A., in the American Genealogist in 1938, vol. XV. No.1 and in Oct. 1946 vol. XXIII. No. 2 in collaboration with A. Vere Woodman, F.S.A., and Frederick G. Gurney, and a pedigree showing the "probable descent of the Edlesborough Puttenhams from the ancient lords of Puttenham of Puttenham" was published but with many omissions which are now filled in from the late Frederick Puttnam's pedigree.

A further pedigree of the Edlesborough Puttnams bringing the descent down to more recent times has now been compiled by A. Vere Woodman. The descent is from John Puttenham of Edlesborough (who purchased Richard Puttenham's lands in Edlesborough before 1530). This John was undoubtedly the brother of Richard who was born about 1495 and was of Slapton, Edlesborough and Woughton (Will 26 Feb. 1556/7) and the ancestor of the Rownsham, Wingrave, Stewkley, Aston Abbot, Woughton and Olney Puttenhams (N. & Q. vol. 4 No.10. page 428).

A. Vere Woodman in collaboration with Mr. Moriarty also compiled a sketch pedigree of the Chesham, Co. Bucks. Putnams (vide The New England Historical & Genealogical Register, April 1954, vol. CVIII) who are undoubtedly another branch of the Puttenhams of Puttenham (who broke away earlier than the Edlesborough Puttenhams) and a further pedigree has been drawn up by A.V.W. bringing the descent of this branch down to more recent times.

(The Ancient history of the Puttenhams of Puttenham, Co. Herts., from about 1086 to 1300 appears in two excellent articles by A.V.W. in the New England Historical & Genealogical Register, of April 1941 vol. XCV. and Jan. 1948 vol. CII.)


3. Madge Putnam, B.A. Durham, born 22 Feb. 1913, married John Leslie Pyle, Esq., of Newcastle on Tyne and had issue: Anne Patricia Pyle and Rosemary Elizabeth Pyle.

(k) Bertha Putnam, unm.

Revert to Henry Puttnam, born 1839, the 2nd son of Jonathan Puttnam and Mary Peen. Henry died 26 May 1920 aged 80 years. Buried Nunhead Cemetery (Grave 33889) and had issue:



Harry (no issue).

Thomas (no issue).

Fredrick George, born 1871, died 1954 aged 83 years, buried Tooting Cemetery (Grave 222 a.i.) and had issue:

Fredrick (no issue); William (no issue); Isabelle; Nell; Ann; Elizabeth; Esther; Harry (no issue); John (issue Fredrick Tony); James (issue John Robert); Joseph (issue Joseph); Thomas (issue Clifford).


Part IV. - Edlesborough Branch

JOHN PUTTENHAM, of Edlesborough, Co. Bucks., born about 1450-5 (see N. & Q., ccii (1957) 188) appears to have had in addition to Richard Puttenham (Will proved 26 Feb. 1556) of Slapton and Woughton on the Green (see N. & Q., ccii (1957), 428) two other sons, Nicholas, the eldest and John (see The American Genealogist, Whole No. 90, vol. xxiii, No.2. Oct., 1946). This Nicholas of Edlesborough is not identical with the Nicholas Puttnam of Penn from whom Major Eben Putnam derived the American family, because in 1506, Margaret, widow of Nicholas, held lands in Penn (Common Pleas, Deeds enrolled 976. m. 3d.).

The eldest son, Nicholas Puttenham, gentleman, sues Thomas a Dene for a trespass in his close at Dagnall, 1511 (De Banco Roll 997. lVIich. 3 Hen. VIII. m. 53). The Sheriff ordered to arrest Nicholas Putnam, gent., and others for certain trespasses 1516 (Coram Rege Roll K.B. 27. Mich. 8 Hen. VIII). He had issue:

1. Richard Puttenham, who married Elizabeth. He was assessed at 26/8 in lands at Edlesborough (Sub. Roll 1524) and assessed at L7 goods at Egginton. Will dated 20 May 1530 at Tottenhoe: to Wife Elizabeth L10 provided she does not trouble "John Puttenham my Uncle"