Kansas History and Heritage Project-Wyandotte County Directories

Wyandotte County Directories
1921 Kansas Farmer and Mail and Breeze Farm Directory

This directory lists heads of households (almost two thousand), all members of the family (including the wife's maiden name), mail route, section and township, name of owner (if different from head of household), total acreage, year owner came to Wyandotte Co., and telephone service, if they had one.

You may want to browse the pages instead of just using the directory below. I believe many names were misspelled--one of my own relative's name was incorrect.

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Explanation of Abbreviations Graves, Clarence Newby, Earl B.
Adair, Andrew Graves, Earl Newman, Elix O.
Adams, James M. Graves, Earl (con't) Newman, Victor L.
Adkins, James D. Graves, Edward S. Newton, Robert H.
Adt, Peter L. Gray, George I. Nicolaisen, Niels
Agers, Laura J. Gray, Guy A. Nielson, August and Charles
Agers, Roscoe H. Gray, Louis Niermann, John H.
Ainsworth, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Green, James W. Noe, Albert L.
Akers, Mrs. Rena Green, Edward D. Nolan, T. H.
Akkeson, Charles Green, James Nonemaker, Charles H.
Akkeson, Ola Green, James A. Nonemaker, Charles H. (con't)
Albug, Adam Green, Morty L. Norgard, Herman
Aldridge, Dorsey N. Green, Ora Norman, Axel
Aldridge, Lon Green, Yostie Norman, Mary
Alexander, John Greening, Wm. H. Norris, Sidney R.
Alexander, Thomas A. Gress, Cleveland North, Wm. F.
Alexander, Thomas A. (con't) Griffith, Charles T. Northun, Wm.
Allen, Allison A. Grigsby, Jeff (2) Norton, Joseph O.
Allen, Arthur C. Grigsby, Wm. A. Norton, Wm. F.
Allen, George A. Grilley, H. C. Novich, John
Allen, George F. Grinter, George Nye, Robert J.
Allen, Hezkiah Gristz, James O'Donnell, Joseph
Allen, Rex L. Grofke, Henry Odor, A. L.
Allen, Ruth A. Groseclose, Wm. G. Offutt, Wm.
Allen, Winfred Gross, Fritz Ogden, David I.
Alsup, James A. Groves, Ely S. Oldham, Earl
Alvey, Andrew Leo Groves, Fred E. Oliver, Rebeun J. Sr.
Alvey, Leo Groves, Junieus G. Oliver, Walter L.
Anderson, Charles Groves, Robert E. Oliver, Will H.
Anderson, Emmett F. Groves, Walter P. Ollinger, George
Anderson, Fred Gruendel, Anthony Olson, Mrs. O.
Anderson, James W. Gruendel, Anthony (con't) Olson, Olof
Anderson, Joseph R. Grueninger, Anthony C. Olson, Oscar H.
Anderson, Wm. A. Grueninger, Charles Olson, Wm. M.
Anderson, Wm. F. Guinon, Bernard J. O'Neal, James W.
Andreelli, Romalda Haase, August Onsen, Oswald
Angold, John Habbs, James H. Orup, Frank O.
Antoine, Albert F. Habjfield, Samuel W. Orup, Frank O. (con't)
Armentrout, Hal Hadley, Robert Ouderkirk, Charles H.
Armstrong, E. P. Hagemann, Werner G. Owens, Elisah H.
Armstrong, Frank Hahn, August C. Owens, James
Armstrong, George M. Hahn, Paul N. Palfer, Frank J.
Arthur, Charles S. Haines, Charles L. Paris, Wm. R.
Asberry, Samuel L. Haines, Ned Parker, Dr. John A.
Ashlock, Charles Haines, Nellie M. Pasley, Thomas W.
Asplund, Augusta A. Hald, Thomas W. Paslo, Wm.
Austin, Earl Hale, Henry A. Patton, George J.
Babcock, Jay Roy Hale, Herman J. Paulson, Chris
Babcock, Mary Hale, James B. Payne, Almon
Bachman, George W. Hale, Jepth A. Payne, Miss Josephine
Bachnick, Wm. Hale, John W. Payne, Wm. L.
Backley, Earle Haling, Henry Peachey, Frank
Bacon, Wm. Y. Hall, Edward L. Pearce, John
Bader, Paul W. Hall, Harry S. Peck, S. E.
Bagby, Elmer F. Hall, Mrs. Emma Peck, Walter
Baibley, Leonard M. Hall, Mrs. Mattie L. Peirsal, Jewel D.
Bailers, Lawrence J. Hall, Mrs. T. B. Pemberton, Wm.
Bailes, Henry E. Hall, Orville G. Penrod, Jason D.
Bailes, Wm. F. Hallsup, George Perdee, Mrs. S. Jane
Bailes, Wm. N. Halterman, Frank S. Perkins, Charley
Bailey, Ben Hamilton, Charles A. Perkins, Mrs. Belle
Bailey, John Hamilton, Charles A. (con't) Perkins, Robert H.
Bailey, Theodore H. Hamilton, Donald W. Perry, Benjamin B.
Bailey, Wm. Hamilton, Henry Perry, Ephrian C.
Bailey, Wm. B. Hamler, Arthur H. Peterman, Jess F.
Bailey, Wm. J. Hammett, Andrew M. Peters, Horace G.
Bailey, Wm. M. Hammett, Wm. Peterson, Andrew
Bain, James H. Hammond, Harry J. Peterson, C. J.
Baker, August H. Hancock, Isaac Peterson, Crist P.
Baker, David H. Hancock, Mrs. Mittie Jones Peterson, John
Baker, Monroe Hanifin, Anna Peterson, Marion E.
Baker, Mrs. Susie Hansel, Alvis Peterson, Marion E. (con't)
Baker, Pink L. Hansel, Frank Pfankuche, George
Baker, Robert Harbour, John R. Pfankuche, John
Baker, Robert S. Harris, Cliff Pharnbrue, Wm. H.
Balance, Allen Harris, John Philibert, I. L.
Balckens, Angeline Harris, Louis Philips, Edward
Balckens, Angeline (con't) Harris, Richard Phillips, Abe
Baldwin, John A. Harris, Thomas L. Phillips, Augustus
Ball, Harry Harris, Wm. T. Phillips, Frank
Ballard, Benjamin B. Harrison, Benjamin Pickering, Wm. Everett
Ballard, Pat F. Harrison, Ray Pierce, Benjamin F.
Ballenger, Wm. E. Harryman, Elezer Pierce, Charles M.
Ballie, Adiell Hartig, Frank Pierce, John N.
Banister, Claude Hartman, August C. Pietz, Henry
Banks, Charles H. Hartman, Clay H. Pieup, James W.
Banks, George Hartman, Henry Pike, James A.
Banks, Solomon E. Hasen, Rasmus Pike, Jesse W.
Banks, Wm. E. Haskell, John J. Pillsburg, Mrs. Correna
Barben, Charles R. Hatcher, Howard R. Piper, Mary
Barben, Gus Havner, Mrs. Alice Pirine, Robert M.
Barber, John J. Hawk, Wm. Pitts, Charles A.
Barber, Joseph F. Hawkins, Mirza E. Pitts, James
Barber, Wm. Hawkins, Wm. Plain, Thomas H.
Bargar, Earl G. Haworth, James E. Plera, Elick
Bargar, James L. Haworth, James E. (con't) Pollock, Theodore L.
Barker, Charles B. Hayden, Alex Ponick, Lee E.
Barker, Leftrich A. Hayes, Charles Pope, Charles
Barker, Mrs. George Hayewell, James T. Pope, Parker C.
Barker, Mrs. Sophia Haynes, Gertie Porry, Wiley A.
Barker, Mrs. Zona E. Haynes, Walter T. Porter, Albert W.
Barker, Therman B. Hays, Robert H. Porter, Charles W.
Barlavie, Albert W. Heck, George Porter, George A.
Barnes, Benjamin F. Heckman, U. S. Porter, George H.
Barnes, Emmett M. Hedrick, Harrison Porter, John R.
Barnes, Fred L. Heiligenstein, Charles Porter, John W.
Barnett, John B. Heinrich, John C. Porter, Willis
Barnett, John B. (con't) Heintyman, Harry Porth, Mike
Barnwell, James K. Helm, Alfred C. Postonner, Peter
Barrett, James J. Henderson, Addie Potter, Thomas
Barrie, Robert Henderson, S. V. Powell, James W.
Barritt, Clay F. Henry, Robert E. Powell, Omer S.
Barry, John F. Henschel, Walter Powelskim, John
Bartlett, Stanley Herbst, Mrs. Helena Prater, Lee
Barton, Wm. C. Herd, Joseph W. Pratt, Charles H.
Bateman, George H. Herdman, Ray C. Pratt, Edmond O.
Baur, John Herod, Wm. L. Presley, James T.
Baurer, Carrie Hersey, Sanford Preston, Ernest J.
Beaty, Beverly W. Herwig, Fred Preston, John D.
Beck, Arthur S. Hibbs, Charles Pretz, August B.
Bee, John H. Hicks, John M. Pretz, Frank T.
Beebe, Charles Hicks, Mrs. Emma Price, Wm. E.
Beggs, Wm. Hile, Mrs. Rose Probst, Wm. J.
Beickel, Wm. G. Hill, George Proebstel, Charles F.
Bell, Edmund W. Hill, Horace Puett, Flavius J.
Bell, Frank Hill, John W. Puhr, Joseph S.
Bellamy, Gerns Hillers, Henry E. Pural, John
Belshe, Lewis Hilles, Lee Purtee, George W.
Bence, Amiel Hilliard, A. Paul Purtee, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bennett, David Hilliard, Manford Purtee, Mrs. Elizabeth (con't)
Bennett, W. J. Hilliard, Miss Julia Purtee, Wm. F.
Bennington, Wm. M. Hillmore, James Puskarich, Michael
Bensen, Herman A. Hines, Samuel F. Quisenberry, Edward N.
Bentley, Charles Hinkle, Frank Rabuse, Frank J.
Berg, Delmar F. Hinma, Alice A. Radey, Carl
Berg, Wm. F. Hiter, Joseph Radey, Slavka
Bergerson, Thomas Hittle, Omer N. Rafter, Edson C.
Bergin, Joseph A. Hockaday, Frank Ragan, James M.
Bergin, Joseph A. Hodge, Edward E. Ragan, John S.
Berlin, Grant Hodges, John Rahijo, Mick
Berrigan, Mike Hodges, Mrs. Rebecca Rahorich, John
Berry, Charlie R. Hoebel, Fredrick A. Railey, Julius
Berry, Clyde D. Hoffman, Charles H. Rajahi, James
Berry, Earl Hogg, Samuel Rambo, Lafayette
Betteis, Walter Holitza, Fred C. Ramsden, Samuel
Bierman, Fred Hollecker, Edward H. Ramsey, Wm. P.
Bierman, George W. Hollenbock, George Rand, Carl A. Sr.
Bigham, Edgar T. Hollingsworth, R. B. Randall, H. G.
Bigham, Milton J. Hollis, John D. Randell, Ray
Bigham, Newton Holloway, John Rankin, John
Bigham, Robert L. Holmes, James Raox, Edward M.
Billby, Roscoe Holmes, John E. Rawlings, Nicholas
Bishop, George J. Holsinger, George Rawlings, Roy B. Sr.
Black, Leonard S. Holsinger, Gerald L. Ray, Charley
Black, Wm. F. Holtz, Wilson Ray, Ed
Black, Wm. W. Holyfield, Jerry Ray, Ed (con't)
Blane, Jacob Homer, Morris Ray, Edward E.
Blankenship, Frank L. Honaker, George Ray, John H.
Blankenship, George Hoog, Frank Raybrook, Edward
Blanz, Mrs. Katie Hook, Marion D. Reagan, Herman C.
Blue, Pete Hoos, George Reardon, Daniel L.
Blum, Erastus K. Hopson, James A. Reardon, Matt
Bobb, David Hore, Wm. H. Reardon, Michael
Boddington, Davis M. Horrey, Mrs. Gus Reber, Earl
Boggs, W. H. Horstman, Alfred N. Redigo, W. A.
Bohart, Harley J. Horstman, Edward F. Redmond, Wm.
Boningquez, Esteben Horstman, Fred E. Reed, George W.
Borchers, Henry and Robert Hortiz, John C. Reed, Pleasant d.
Boring, David F. Horton, Charles F. Reese, Alva
Bortley, James Hoskinson, Benjamin Reeves, Fred
Bowman, Ernest Howard, David Reeves, George
Bowser, Perry F. Howe, Wm. Reimes, John
Boyce, Frank H. Howell, Roy Reischman, Pete
Boyd, Andrew Howser, Philip T. Reitz, Mrs. Elizabeth
Boydston, Eugene Hoyslip, E. F. Renick, Alvestes
Bradford, Richard A. Hrahack, Joseph Retzer, Miss Grace
Bradish, Thomas Hubbard, Charles Reynolds, Tony
Bradley, Wm. H. Hubert, Cammell Richards, John M.
Brancher, Robert Hudson, Ralph Richardson, Arthur R.
Brandon, Ella B Huff, Jasper Richardson, J. W.
Branham, Zephey Huffman, Wm. H. Richmond, John M.
Bratten, Walter J. Humphress, Mose J. Rickey, Robert M.
Brechenridge, Albert Hundley, Orbison Rieke, Charles E.
Breedlove, Roy R. Hundley, Roy Rigdon, Lucas D.
Brenner, Otto Hunes, Joseph Riggs, Dell
Brenner, Ulysses S. Hunneycutt, Wm. Riggs, George M.
Brewster, Bird T. Hurla, Marcus Rihard, Joseph W.
Brier, Charles H. Hurla, Marcus (con't) Riley, James T.
Bright, Frank L. Hurrelbrink, Fred H. Riley, George W.
Bright, John M. Hurrelbrink, George F. Riley, James A.
Brink, W. Jackson Hurrelbrink, W. M. Riley, Roscoe D.
Brinkley, Adam Hutchinson, Alvin Rirker, Charley W.
Brinkman, Wm. Hutchinson, J. W. Roads, Thomas J.
Brintnall, W. A. Hutchinson, S. T. Robbins, Samuel S.
Brooks, Elmer Hutchinson, Wm. O. Robertson, Oscar
Brooks, George W. Illingworth, Samuel Robinson, Wm. A.
Broterson, Rudolph J. Imes, Dr. Marion Robinson, Wm. H.
Brotherson, Mrs. Coy Imhoff, Wm. Rodekope, Ernest H.
Brough, Thomas Sr. Ingalls, Fred Rodenbeck, John J.
Brougham, Leo Ingram, Jesse L. Rodgers, Alfred
Brougham, Leo (con't) Ingram, O. Rodgers, John
Broveuk, Anthony Irvin, J. R. Roemerman, Emil
Brown, Francis Irvin, John W. Roemerman, Leopold
Brown, Frank (2) Irvin, Thomas Rogers, Art A.
Brown, James A. Irwin, Wm. M. Rogers, Frank
Brown, John A. Jackels, Nickles Rohrback, A. J.
Brown, John C. Jacks, Alexander Rohrback, Frank H.
Brown, John M. Jacks, Forrest Rohrback, Henry J.
Brown, Mrs. G. W. Jacks, Grover F. Rohrback, Mrs. Wm.
Brown, Robert E. L. Jacks, John L. Rolley, John J.
Brown, Robert W. Jacks, Leonard L. Rose, George W.
Browne, John W. Jacks, Richard E. Rose, James M.
Bruce, George H. Jackson, Alfred A. Rose, Lee
Brune, Edward G. Jackson, Andrew Ross, Bertrand
Brune, Henry Jackson, John W. Ross, James
Brune, John L. Jackson, Robert T. Ross, Phillip
Brune, Mrs. Lizzie Jackson, Thomas J. Sr. Ross, Robert
Brune, Wm. T. H. Jacobs, Frank F. Ross, Wash R.
Bruner, Mrs. S. V. James, Arthur Roudybush, Archie D.
Bruns, Herman James, Edward W. Routh, Mrs. Winnie
Brus, Jules James, Nadine Rowsey, Earl W.
Btard, Henry A. Jarvis, Ernest M. Rozelle, Mansan W.
Buchanan, George A. Jeffress, Thomas M. Ruby, Charles
Buchanan, Mrs. Priscilla Jellen, John Ruby, Frank S.
Buchanan, Warren L. Jenkins, Henry A. Ruby, Mrs. M.
Buck, Loren Jenson, Jess P. Rucker, A.
Buckingham, Guy W. Jirik, Frank Rucker, J. A.
Buckland, Lucinda Jobe, John P. Ruggaber Bros.
Buckles, John Johamson, Josephine Runyon, George E.
Buckley, George H. Johnson, Albert Russell, George
Budy, Frank J. Johnson, Andrew Russell, Martin J.
Budy, Joseph Johnson, Bert N. Russell, Mrs. Julia a.
Budy, Wm. T. Johnson, Charles G. Russell, Thomas M.
Buford, John H. Johnson, Edward L. Ryckert, Mrs. Mary
Buie, Mrs. Rowena Johnson, Eugene Sager, Earl G.
Buie, Welby R. Johnson, Fred Saler, Charles E.
Bunch, Homer A. Johnson, Gilbert E. Sandburg, Edward
Bundy, Arthur C. Johnson, Isaac Sander, Wm.
Bunker, Glenn H. Johnson, John Sanders, Wade
Burandt, August Johnson, John B. Sandston, Martin
Burge, Elmer A. Johnson, John E. Santmyres, Alfred F.
Burkart, H. Joseph Johnson, John H. Sapp, Austin A.
Burman, Phillip Johnson, Jordon Sarden, Elijah
Burnell, George W. Johnson, Josephine Sargent, George W.
Burner, James Johnson, La J. Savage, R. G.
Burns, James Johnson, Lee Scanlan, Emmett
Burns, Mack R. Johnson, Londale J. Scercy, John C.
Burris, Orvile E. Johnson, Londale J. (cont't) Schaffer, Adam
Burton, Fred Johnson, Mrs. Lottie Schaffer, Frank J.
Bush, Jacob Johnson, Oscar F. Schanye, August B.
Bush, Mrs. Carrie D. Johnson, Otha Schanye, Ferris I.
Bushey, Charles W. Johnson, R. R. Schee, Mrs. Anna
Butterwick, Henry R. Johnson, Sam Scheidt, Jacob
Butts, Charles M. Johnson, Thomas H. Sr. Scherer, Henry
Bye, Charles E. Johnson, Tom J. Scheutz, James M.
Byers, Herschel M. Johnson, Victor Schevemann, August
Bystricky, Frank Johnson, Walter a., Schevemann, Fred
Caffey, Christ F. Johnston, George H. Schiable, J. L.
Cahill, John P. Johnston, Lou L. Schierle, Ernest M.
Cahill, John S. Johnston, Noah O. Schlup, Dewey
Cahill, John S. (con't) Jones, Ben Schmidt, Fred
Cahill, Robert L. Jones, Butler Schmotz, Frank
Cairns, Harry J. Jones, Charles H. Schneck, Frank J.
Calaway, Will Jones, Columbus Schneck, Richard W.
Caldwell, James J. Jones, Dewey R. Schnyder, Henry
Calvert, John W. Jones, Elias M. Schober, Eyleles
Calvin, Harry Jones, Frank L. Schoenenberger, Paul r.
Campbell, Charles E. Jones, Frank M. Schuehman, Mrs. Fannie
Campbell, David S. Jones, George M. Schump, Louis B.
Campbell, Harry Jones, Henry Schweder, Otto
Campbell, Roland Jones, Herbert C. Scott, Arthur
Canady, Thomas C. Jones, Moses Scott, Charles A.
Caningham, James S. Jones, Robert Scott, George S.
Capierrs, John M. Jones, Walter A. Scott, George W.
Caraway, A. A. Jons, Harvey L. Scott, Harry B.
Cardwell, Hessie N. Jordan, Rufus Scott, Mrs. Margaret
Carlson, Andrew Joyce, Wm. J. Scott, Robert (2)
Carlson, August Kain, Henry F. Scott, Wade
Carlson, John A. Kaiser, Frank E. Scott, Wade (con't)
Carman, Clifford Kaiser, John B. Scott, Wm . A.
Carman, Wm. M. Kealing, Mrs. C. G. Scribener, Cecil L.
Carpenter, Frank L. Kearns, Grant Seamans, Glen S.
Carr, James Keckler, Frank Sebree, Robert M.
Carr, Mrs. Susan Keister, Roderick W. Seeman, George C.
Carr, Richard Keitner, Wm. C. Seeman, John A.
Carr, Thomas E. Kelly, Floyd B. Seeman, Wm.
Carr, Tone Kelly, Lorenza d. Seiber, Oscar
Carriger, Bert V. Kelly, Sanford Seifert, Emil
Carson, Charles F. Kendall, James R. Seifert, Herman
Carson, Harley T. Kendall, Wm. Seifert, Joe
Carson, Harley T. (con't) Kennedy, Wm. B. Seufert, John
Carson, Raymond H. Kepler, Fred R. Seufert, Tony a.
Carson, Russell S. Kern, H. H. Seymour, James W. Sr.
Carter, Joseph H. Kern, Harry H. Seymour, Mrs. C.
Carver, Wm. H. Kerr, James F. Shaffer, Wm.
Cash, Robert E. Kerr, Mrs. J. W. Shalling, Herman a.
Caskey, David J. Key, Joe Shannon, John C.
Casper, James E. Key, Mrs. Mary J. Shannon, Wm.
Chamberlin, Fred B. Keys, Ray Sharp, Frank
Chandler, Wm. F. Kinder, John D. Sharp, Wm. A.
Chandley, Pete Kindred, Frank A. Shaw, Nathaniel
Chapin, Wm. Kindred, John Shawhan, Thomas J.
Chapman, Samuel C. Kindred, Martin Shelly, Roy W.
Childs, George M. Kindred, Robert P. Shephard, Aaron V.
Chilton, Harry L. Jr. King, George J. Shephard, Charles S.
Chisam, Thomas N. King, James M. Shipley, James E.
Chrisman, Wm. S. King, Jed E. Shippley, Joseph N.
Christoffersen, Carl King, John Shippley, Joseph N. (con't)
Chubb, Charles King, mary Shirtcliff, J. W.
Cistern, John King, Wm. M. Shryer, Edmund W.
Clamet, Joseph Kirby, Henry C. Shultz, George B.
Clark, Harry W. Kirby, Wm. C. Shumway, George B.
Clark, Henry Edward Kirch, Charles Sibley, Charles L.
Clark, Kenneth S. Kirch, Charles B. Siebero, S.
Clark, Wm. B. Kirkwood, Tom Simes, Tom
Clay, Narany Kirtley, Roy Simmons, Ray H.
Clements, Charles S. Kitchen, John H. Simpson, Joseph E.
Clements, Frederick Klaber, Frank Simpson, Steve D.
Clever, Adolph B. Klaber, Roy F. Simpson, Wm.
Cline, Albert Klamm, Clarence Sims, H. L.
Cline, Bruce Klamm, Edward W. Singleton, James R.
Cline, Bruce (con't) Klamm, Frank Sirridge, Mrs. Ellen
Clorley, James Klamm, Henry Skaggs, James D.
Cody, James P. Klamm, John C. Skaggs, Maston
Colburn S. W. Kleinsteiber, Wm. A. Slagle, John T.
Cole, Anna E. Kline, Colvin E. Jr. Sleeper, John
Coleman, Garett Klise, Charles Sleighthohm, George
Coleman, James B. Knetter, Fred Slezak, Pete
Coleman, Leonard G. Knetter, Fred W. Slichter, John F.
Colking, Wilson Knetter, John Smail, Wm.
Collins, Brooks Knight, Mock C. Smashey, Miss Anne E.
Collins, Charles A. Knoche, Wm. Smith, Arthur A.
Collins, Fred Knox, Saddie Smith, Ben S.
Combs, Henry Knuckle, Fred Smith, Edward
Combs, W. F. Knudson, Gilbert Smith, George
Comerford, John B. Knudson, Mrs. Hansena Smith, Harry R.
Compton, Mrs. Myrtle Kohnke, Henry Smith, Harvey
Conway, Elmer Kosper, George Smith, Henry
Cook, Benjamin Kosper, George (con't) Smith, James
Cook, Claude L. Kraft, Mark Smith, James (con't)
Cook, Harvey G. Krage, Henry W. Smith, James D.
Cook, Henry Kresin, Fred Smith, James H.
Corbin, Charles Kresin, Wm. Smith, John L.
Corrigan, Barnard Kroge, Peter Smith, Victor
Cotton, L. A. Krueger, Leo G. Smith, Wm.
Cotton, Lute Kuhn, Abraham Smith, Wm. B.
Coughlin, Earl Kuhnen, Fred Smitherman, Mrs. Lois
Coughlin, John Kunkel, George Snapp, Fred T.
Courtney, John Kyle, Hirm Snedeker, Ruffus
Couzens, Henry G. LaBarr, Charles E. Sneil, John
Cowan, Wm. J. Lafferty, Marshall Snoddy, Ollie
Cox, Francis M. LaForce, Walter E. Snyder, Frank E.
Crafton, John W. LaFoutain, James Snyder, James L.
Craig, Rose LaGrange, Dee H. Snyder, Samuel H.
Craighead, Thomas S. Lake, Richard E. Soden, Martin J.
Craighead, Thomas S. (con't) Lallier, Ernest Soden, Mrs. Mary J.
Cramer, Barney Lallier, Frank Soden, Wm. B.
Crane, Benjamin F. Lamb, John S. Sortor, Mrs. Ida
Crane, Fred J. Lamb, Mrs. Margaret Sortor, Vorhies
Cranshaw, James H. Lambert, Robert J. Soss, John E.
Crawford, Samuel s. Lambert, Roy H. Spaeth, John
Creten, Frank F. Landor, Wm. F. Spandle, Louis
Creten, Henry Landsberg, August L. Speaker, Charles
Crews, Wm. S. Lane, Mrs. Hannah M. Spence, James A.
Cronkhite, Henry R. Lane, Sylvester Spence, Robert S.
Crothers, Roe Lane, Wm. Spitzengel, John
Crouse, Harvey Lang, Orville C. Spohr, Albert F.
Crouse, Will R. Lankford, Lucy Springhorn, August J.
Crowley, Robert E. Larson, John Spruel, Roda
Crunamett, Charles M. Larson, John (con't) Staaty, August
Cuhok, Emil Lashbrook, John B. Staaty, August (con't)
Culp, Emery Lasher, David F. Staley, Joseph A.
Cunningham, Michael F. Laskar, Nicholas Stanclift, Earl
Curran, Robert Laskin, Brit Stanley, John L.
Curth, Will Laspy, George Stanley, John R.
Curtis, James F. Laspy, Julius Sr. Stark, Wm. M.
Daddo, August Latty, Emmett H. Statler, Philip E.
Dale, Charles G. Lavin, C. E. Staton, Edward P.
Dale, Jesse Lawler, Edgar Stebbins, Mrs. C. M.
Dana, Daniel M. Layton, Frank B. Steel, Edward
Dana, Walter D. Layton, Mrs. Myrinda Steingen, John
Daniel, Lloyd D. Leauendusky, George Steinger, Joseph E.
Daniel, Mrs. Geneva O. Lee, Charles A. Stephens, Assina
Daniels, Wm. A. Lee, Harry B. Stephens, Ben B.
Daniels, Wm. A. (con't) Lee, John Stephens, Charles W.
Darnell, Thomas D. Lee, John L. Stephens, Henry A.
Davis, Andrew M. Lee, Marshall F. Stephens, Herbert T.
Davis, Charles W. Lee, Mrs. Retta Stermolle, John
Davis, George W. Lee, Sam H. Stevens, Walter E.
Davis, Glenn R. Lee, Samuel Stevenson, Roland
Davis, Gobel Leefrom, Andrew Stewart, John W.
Davis, John R. Leillich, Roy Stewart, Mrs. Flora
Davis, Mrs. H. J. LeMay, Liza Stitt, E. J.
Davis, Sylvester Lenendoski, Valentine Stockhoff, Henry W.
Davis, T. C. Leonard, Wm. H. Stockhoff, Herman
Davis, Thomas H. Levens, August Stockhoff, John H.
Davis, Wm. D. Lewis, Charles E. Stockhoff, Wm.
Dawe, Elias Lewis, Isaac A. Stockton, Hiram
Dawson, Henry Lewis, James O. Stoelmaker, Emil
Dawson, Henry A. Lewis, Mrs. Molly Stone, James H.
Day, Henry Lewis, Mrs. Molly (con't) Storey, Robert J.
Dean, Albert Lewis, Percy F. Storey, Robert J. (con't)
Debus, Frank Liebeno, G. F. Storz, August
Debus, George Liebeno, Reuben A. Stotler, Frank W.
Deckman, Wm. F. Lietzan, Edwin T. Stotler, Joseph J.
Dee, Joseph Lillich, Jacob Stout, Albert J.
DeFries, Bailey B. Linck, John Stover, Robert H.
DeFries, Benjamin W. Lind, Arthur J. Stoworog, George
DeFries, Charles Linde, John F. Straub, John
DeFries, John L. Linde, Ralph Straub, Wm.
DeGraeve, Gustave Lindsay, John B. Streeter, Frank A.
DeGrave, Theron Link, Mrs. E. M. Strickland, Augustus
DeGroot, John Linkogel, Henry Strohmeyer, Wm.
DeHaemers, Charles Lipkin, Fessi Stubbs, Everett M.
Deingworth, August Lobb, Manson Studt, Alvin W.
Deingworth, August (con't) Lobenstein, Charles P. Studt, Chas. F.
Deister, Frank Lobenstein, Fred B. Studt, Edward
Deister, Herbert L. Lobner, Frank Studt, George H.
Dekat, Albert G. Lock, Mrs. Amanda Stutz, Fred
DeMaranville, Earl Lock, Naomaus Suchi, Andrew
DeMaranville, Edward D. Lockhart, Wilmer J. Sulivan, Gussie A.
DeMaranville, Isaac D. Lockwood, Frank S. Sutherland, Albert N.
DeMaranville, Jasper Loese, Mrs. Conrad Sutton, Charles T.
DeMaranville, Luther Loese, Wm. F. Swanson, Arthur H.
DeMeese, Joseph Lorhey, Wm. L. Swartz, Benjamin E.
DeMeese, Ollie A. Losberg, John E. Swartz, John
Dennison, Mrs. Margaret Loss, Miss Theresa Sweeney, Thomas F.
Depoe, Joseph Louis, George Swisher, Clarence J.
Derringer, Phillip Louis, Wm. R. Taber, Samuel
Desmet, August Love, Wyly D. Tabor, John B.
DeSpain, Fred Lovejoy, Frank Talbot, James R.
DeVore, Leslie E. Lovelace, Mrs. J. M. Talley, Rev. Alexander C.
DeVorieze, August Lowrie, John Talley, Walter
Dew, Edward C. Lundblade, Earl Tallier, Frank
Dickson, John L. Lundell, John Tallman, Jessie
Dietrick, Frank B. Lundell, Otto Tarr, Fred
Dillah, Bert Lunn, John Tavis, Wm.
Dingwerth, Wm. H. Lust, Cyris J. Taylor, Charles S.
Dingy, Carman Lust, George Taylor, Edwin
Dinsmore, Elbert Luther, Wm. F. Taylor, Ensley
Ditzen, Paul H. Lynch, James O. Taylor, Fielding J.
Divers, Edward Lynch, Mrs. Claudy Taylor, Frank O.
Divers, James H. Lynch, Wm. Taylor, Harry E.
Divers, Jesse Lynn, Edward J. Taylor, James Newton
Divers, Mrs. Sarah Lyon, Clarence H. Taylor, John W.
Doan, Leonard Lyons, Mrs. Mary Taylor, Wm. T.
Dobroiva, Edward Macan, Izidore Thatie, Wilson
Dodson, Leondus Mack, Richard Theden, Herman
Dodson, Wm. C. Magee, Charles U. Theno, M. J.
Dodson, Wm. C. (con't) Mahaney, F. E. Theno, Mathias A.
Doos, David Mahany, Oscar W. Theno, Mike
Doughty, Wm. E. Maier, Fred A. Theno, Nicholas
Douglas, Mrs. Nancy Malone, Earl Theroff, Adam
Douns / Downs, Elmer F. Malone, Fred Thiem, Paul
Dowdall, Harry S. Malone, Ira Thomas, David (2)
Dowing, John Malone, John Thomas, Mrs. Sarah
Downs, Samuel J. Maloney, John Thomas, Steve
Doyle, James H. Maloney, Matilda Thomas, Walter L.
Drake, Edwin C. Malott, Arthur D. Thompson, Allen H.
Drake, Joseph f. Malott, George H. Thompson, Dennis S.
Drake, Mrs. Charlotte Mamie, Joe Thompson, Hal
Draskowich, James Mann, Monroe Thompson, Jabe W.
Dresser, Mrs. Henrietta Manuel, Ben Thompson, Jessie
Dreyer, Fredrick W. Markiewiez, Wallis Thompson, John A.
Drolllinger, Harry Markmus, Theo Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth
Ducret, Mrs. P. Augustine Marnan, Mrs. Henrietta Thompson, Printer A.
Duderstadt, Robert Marriage, John Thorp, C. M.
Duderstadt, Wm. Marriage, John (con't) Thorstenberg, Rudolph
Duffer, Frank Marshal, Mrs. Amanda Thrall, Frank M.
Dunbar, Edward Marshall, Clay T. Tippin, Martin L.
Duncan, Louis Martin, Arthur C. Tobin, Francis W.
Duncan, Roy S. Martin, Fred C. Toenboehn, Frank
Duncan, Will Martin, John P. Toeneboehn, Frank G.
Dunkins, Lee G. Martin, Mrs. Harriet Tompson, Taliver
Dunlap, Edwin B. Martin, Stanley G. Trahoff, Bernard
Dunlap, Henry H. Marxen, Pete H. A. Trant, James
Dunlap, Jerry O. Masson, James B. Trantman, Wm. J.
Dunn, George Masterson, George W. Treff, Henry
Dunn, William G. Mathews, Mrs. P. Trindle, Wm. E.
Dutcher, Bela C. Matney, Albert J. Troutwine, Harry L.
Dutton, Dellis B. Matney, Charles J. Trowbridge, David W.
Eakin, Robert Matney, David Trowbridge, Jerome E.
Eason, Zeno Matney, Joe Trowbridge, Walter
Eastin, Roscoe Matney, John Troy, John B.
Eberle, Joseph K. Matthews, Wm. S. Trussell, S. M.
Ecklund, John May, Lee M. Trwist, John R.
Eckstein, J. G. Mayfield, Charles Tucker, Sam
Eddins, W. A. Maynard, Mary Tucker, Wm. R.
Eden, Henry Maynard, Miss Maude P. Tucker, Wm. R. (con't)
Edington, Wm. McAlpine, John W. Turner, Carl
Edmunds, Gilbert McAnley, Henry Turner, James M.
Edwards, John L. McArvin, Louis Turner, Kemp
Edwards, Samuel and Michael McCabe, John Turner, Lewis C.
Eeils / Eells, Albert W. McCabe, Thomas J. Turner, Mrs. Ellen
Eibes, Fred McCall, Ole Turner, Mrs. Mollie
Einheilig, Wm. McCallop, Calvin H. Tuttle, Glenn
Elkins, Wm. R. McCampbell, Mrs. Stella Underwood, Droom
Elliott, Archie McCampbell, Thomas G. Van Dekerchove, Alphonse
Ellis, Asa jr. McClaude, Arthur Van Deventer, Frank B.
Ellis, Asa sr. McCloud, Elmer Van Dorn, Charles B.
Ellis, Wm. H. McComas, Albert Van Keirsbilck, Joe
Ellsworth, Edward D. McComas, Charlie Van Moe, Louis
Elstun, C. W. McComes, Samuel Gordon Van Nieuwenhoyer, Leo
Embry, Clyde L. McConnell, George R. W. Van Scyll, James L.
Endicott, Eben McConnell, George R. W. (con't) Van Sitter, Adolph
Engh, Otto McCrary, Edward Vandiver, Oral W.
Engler, John McCrary, Isaac Vanter, Benjamin f.
Enright, James W. McCue, Anthony Venerable, Roy
Enright, John J. McCully, John Vergat, Archie O.
Erb, Wm. McDaniel, James A. Verhaeigh, Kimie
Erb, Wm. (con't) McDaniel, John VerHaune, Joseph
Erickson, Herman McDonald, Alex E. Vering, Charles H.
Ernest, Joseph S. McDonald, Ernest G. Vering, Fred A.
Ernst, Phillip McDonald, Roy C. Vidovick, Antony
Ernst, Wm. McDowell, Richard Vining, Wm. B.
Eskelin, George McFadden, Wm. Vinson, James O.
Espenlaub, Albert C. McFatter, Onslow Voughn, Edward R.
Evans, Charles M. McGlynn, Patrick F. Voughn, Warner M.
Evans, John M. McGonigle, John P. Wagner, John P.
Evans, Wm. McGonigle, Wm. H. Wahlin, A.
Everhart, Henry McGrath, Cathern Waimmer, Charley O.
Everhart, Jessie A. McGrath, Patrick A. Waldron, Carl L.
Everhart, Sol McGurk, Cary H. Waldron, Walter I.
Ewing, Cornelius McIntyre, Henry Waldron, Wm. D.
Ewing, J. H. McKain, Charles F. Walker, Bertha
Ewing, Marvin McKee, Wm. Walker, Earl W.
Fabian, C. Charles McKenzie, Robert Walker, George B.
Failyer, Paul G. McKoy, Tom O. Walker, John O.
Fairchild, George S. McLaughlin, Thomas F. Walker, Joseph A.
Falk, Frank McLean, Frank T. Walker, Leslie J.
Falk, Henry McMahon, James P. Walker, Mrs. Mary
Falk, Henry jr. McMahon, John Walker, Sam
Faltermeier, Peter McMillan, Thomas H. Walker, Sam B.
Farr, Joseph McMyntyre, F. W. Wall, Phil A.
Fehrenbach, Andrew McNamara, P. J. Wallace, John P.
Fehse, Henry McNamara, P. J. (con't) Wallace, Richard
Fellers, Clifford McPherson, Clyde O. Walton, Ben
Ferell, Wm. McPherson, George W. Walton, Joseph
Ferguson, George McRandille, Meed Waly, Jacob T.
Fields, L. C. McWilliams, Albert A. Ward, Ralph L.
Fife, George C. Mead, Clarence H. Warner, Eugene
Fisher, Lauck A. Meade, J. F. Warren, Wm.
Fisher, Mrs. Ida Meade, John Warrington, Charles
Fisher, Mrs. Ida (con't) Meade, Michael Washburn, Edward
Fitzgerald, Edmond Meisner, Fred Washington, James W.
Fitzgerald, Rev. Francis Meisner, Joe Washington, Mrs. Delia
Fleming, George W. Melloft, McClellan Wasko, John
Fleming, Harry, J. Mellott, Arthur St, Wasmuth, Edd
Fleming, James G. Mendedohl, Peter S. Water, D.
Fleming, Mrs. Alice Mendedohl, Peter S. (con't) Watkins, Mrs. Molly
Fleming, Wallace W. Menefel, Mrs. Ella Way, Charles W.
Fletcher, Charles C. Menlemester, John Way, Wm. L.
Fletcher, Rufus Mercier, Netheas P. Weaver, John
Folton, George L. Merilatt, Dan J. Webb, George
Force, Chales Merridith, George H. Webster, Dallas
Foster, Julius H. Merritt, Willard Wehmeyer, Henry
Fowler, Arthur A. Mestdagh, Camil Weidman, Alfred
Fowler, Thomas J. Metors, Andry W. Weimer, Harry
Francis, Justin A. Metz, James F. Weir, Elmer
Francis, Mrs. Elizabeth Meyrick, Burton F. Weiss, Joseph
Frank, Charles A. Mhers, Peater Weller, Irvin D.
Franklin, A. H. Michalls, Joseph Wells, Frank M.
Franklin, Clarence A. Michel, Frank Wendt, Fred
Franklin, J. M. Michellich, Mike Wentworth, George D.
Fratzel, Stanley Middleton, Charles Werner, Joseph Sr.
Frazier, Jacob L. Miller, Adam Wetherla, John J.
Frazier, Robert J. Miller, Aldon R Wheat, Mrs. A.
Frederick, George Miller, Andrew C. Wheaton, Charles I.
Freedle, Daniel H. Miller, Arthur b. Wheeler, Audie a.
Freeman, John E. Miller, Carl White, Edgar W.
Freeman, John H. Miller, Cassius M. White, Frank
Freeman, Otto A. Miller, Charles A. White, Patrick J.
Freeman, Otto A. (con't) Miller, Frank P. White, Sanders J.
Freese, Albert E. Miller, James C. White, Wm. D.
French, Frank Miller, James H. White, Wm. W.
Friedrich, August C. Miller, John Whitehead, Samuel J.
Frisch, Jacob A. Miller, John H. Whitehead, Samuel J. (con't)
Fristo, John Miller, Mrs. Emma Whittey, thomas
Frost, Anthony Miller, Samuel Whitton, Bert
Frost, LaForrest R. Miller, Samuel (con't) Whitworth, Philmore C.
Frost, Thomas M. Miller, Wm. And Hubert Wickwire, Clyde
Frye, Jenerson B. Milleret, August L. Widdicombe, Walter W.
Frye, Ralph Milleret, Joseph Widenbush, Mrs. Caroline
Fulcher, Benjamin W. Millert, Henry Widmar, Anthony J.
Fuller, Mrs. Sallie Millsap, Cecil G. Wiggians, Charles A.
Gabel, Allen E. Millsap, Claude O. Wiker, Ezra M.
Gabel, Chis Millsap, Thomas E. Wilder, E. F.
Gabel, Frank A. Millsap, Willard D. Wileacen, Clarence A.
Gabel, Marten J. Mitchell, Charles A. Wiles, Ted R.
Gabel, Nicholas C. Mitchell, John W. Wilkening, K.
Gaffany, Annie Mitchell, Lou Roy Wilkins, Wm. E.
Gaggard, Fred Mitchell, Walter E. Willert, Otto
Gaignat, Julius J. Mitchem, Wm. D. Willets, A. M.
Gaither, Edward A. Mize, Louis Williams, Allan
Gale, George D. Mizer, Charles Williams, Arthur
Gale, Walter N. Mock, Mrs. Lucy Williams, Clabe
Gallagher, Peter B. Mollett, Eliza Williams, Claude
Gallehugh, Noah F. Molone, John Williams, Ellbridge C.
Gallet, Edward Moloney, James E. Williams, George (2)
Gallet, Fred Moloney, John V. Williams, Henry (2)
Galuin, Wm. Molott, George H. Williams, Ira
Galuin, Wm. (con't) Monroe, Edward Williams, James
Ganzer, Karl Monroe, Frank H. Williams, Jesse
Garlington, James H. Monroe, Fred S. Williams, Lenard H.
Garner, Allen Monroe, Mrs. Sencia Williams, Rev. John R.
Garner, Horace Monroe, Walter W. Williams, Robert L.
Garner, James M. Monroe, Zollie Williams, Silas
Garrett, George T. Montgomery, James R. Williamson, Ora K.
Garrett, Ray W. Mooney, Clay Williamson, Ora K. (con't)
Garrett, Wm. W. Mooney, James O. Williamson, Roy C.
Garrison, John L. Moore, Brown Willoughby, Wm. W.
Gatchell, Ralph Moore, Brown (con't) Wills, Markin
Gatewood, Benjamin f. Moore, Calton A. Wilson, Charles H.
Gatewood, Edward Moore, James A. Wilson, Clarence C.
Gauert, Theodore A. Moore, John B. Wilson, Elmer R.
Gause, Casper W. Moore, Mrs. Hattie Wilson, George
Gaves, Clarence Moore, Mrs. Sallie Wilson, Henry C.
Geering. James A. Moore, Ned Wilson, J. F.
Geiger, Fred Moore, Ray Wilson, John F.
Geiger, Jacob D. Moore, Will M. Wilson, Oscar R.
Geiger, Wm. Mopes, Wm. W. Wilson, Sam
Gentry, Joseph Moran, Mrs. Anna E. Wilson, Scott
Gentry, Roley F. Moran, Mrs. Johanna Wallner Winchester, Ralph
Gerber, Wm. A. Moran, Sam Wingfield, George
Gerding, Wm. H. Morasch, Frank H. Winters, John
Giacomini, Mrs. Mary Morgan, Clyde R. Winters, Wm. E.
Gibbs, Bert Morland, Tom L. Wise, Guy E.
Gibson, Roy E. Morquis, James E. Wise, Guy E.
Gilbert, Clyde S. Morris, Mrs. Sarah F. Wise, Jerry
Gilbert, George W. Morris, Thomas J. Wise, Robert H.
Gilbert, Louis H. Morrison, James S. Witham, James O.
Gilbert, Wm. R. Morrissy, John E. Woestmeyer, Fredrick C.
Gilbert, Wm. R. (con't) Morrow, Wm. I. Woldron, John S.
Gillaspie, John L. Morxen, Henry A. Wolfe, John
Gillaspie, Wm P. Morxen, Herman P. W. Wolfe, Ollie G.
Gillett, Mrs. E. H. Moss, Harris Wollenberg, Fred
Gilliford, Joseph Moss, J. M. Wood, Ben R.
Gillum, Lee Mothos, Michael Wood, Dr. Watson F.
Gilmore, Albert E. Mott, Jacob Word, N. W.
Girss, John Mozee, Thomas A. Wulf, Henry F.
Gitzinger, Steven Mueller, Frank Wyle, H. A.
Gleason, George N. Mueller, Frank (con't) Wyle, H. A. (con't)
Glediwell, Sanders Mulenoere, Julius D. Wymore, Wm. S.
Glenn, Charles R. Mumford, Charles B. Wynne, Wm. L.
Glitten, J. E. Murdock, G. Reed Yetter, Andrew
Goble, David H. Murphy, Fobyurs B. York, Solon R.
Goble, Robert Murphy, Howard Young, Frank
Godard, A. Murphy, Jeremiah H. Young, Henry C.
Godard, Edmund A. Murray, Frank Young, Robert C.
Godde, Adolph H. Murray, Wm. C. Young, Wm. R.
Golitzer, Scott Myers, Clarence Younghams, Oscar F.
Gollitzer, Charles Myers, Homer G. Younghans, Frank H.
Goneninger, John J. Myers, James N. Younghans, Mrs. Louise M.
Gordon, Edd Myers, Thomas E. Ywaschka, George
Gordon, Mrs. Cora V. Myers, Thomas P. Zald, Henry C.
Gosney, Hubbard K. Naylor, A. Grayson Zane, Edward
Gosney, Raymond E. Needham, Charles V. Zeigler, John F.
Gottman, Edwin E. Neely, John N. Zeller, Albert
Gottman, Francis M. Nelson, John Zemmer, Samuel L.
Gouge, Mrs. Maud Nelson, Mary Zimmer, Frank
Graeff, Jacob Nelson, Roy Zimmer, Robert A.
Graham, Edgar E. Neumer, Jacob Zweimiller, Leapold H.
Gravatt, John G.

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