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Wyandotte County Directories
1894 Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk and Company

Note: Because of the length of the Kansas City directory, I have placed it on a separate page. You can find it here.

ARGENTINE. A rapidly improving suburb of Kansas City, in Wyandotte county, 3 miles from Kansas City, and on the A., T. & S. Fe R. R. Has smelting and refining works, railroad repair shops, 2 newspapers, 6 churches and good schools. Population, 6,000. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. and Pacific. George W. Killmer, postmaster.

Adamson Cyrus W, druggist.
Alexander Mrs Emma J, dressmaker.
Alexander Samuel, physician.
Anderson & Yearnshaw (James W Anderson, Wm A Yearnshaw), grocers.
Argentine Band, Wm McGeorge leader.
Argentine Bank (capital, $50,000), August Boeke pres, G A Tailor cash.
Argentine Board of Education, J H Holland pres.
Argentine Eagle (Weekly), B F Gordon Editor, 229 Silver av.
Argentine Elevator, Wm Kent mngr.
Argentine Hotel, Mrs Nettie Bentley propr.
Argentine Republic, Joseph T Landrey Son proprs.
Argentine Water and Electric Works Co, Frank Baker pres, R M Laird sec.
Augustson Oscar F, grocer.
Babcock & Co (Benjamin C and Harry R Babcock), grocers.
Badger Lumber Co, Willis A Mack mngr.
Bailey H A, city attorney.
Baldwin A C, barber.
Beale James, shoemaker.
Bemont Frank, cigars.
Bennett Ely, wall paper.
Bentley Mrs Nettie, propr Argentine Hotel.
Birnback John, tailor.
Birt Charles, jeweler.
Black Miss Emma, teacher.
Blacker Mrs Sarah R, hotel.
Blacker W T & Son (Wilson T and Leo), coal.
Blythe Mrs Julia H, teacher.
Boehm John R, meats.
Borgstede Henry J, grocer.
Bousman Benjamin, confectioner.
Bowers J R, painter.
Bowman & Gerard (Richard C Bowman, James Gerard), Agents for Louisiana Lottery and Lottery of The Beneficencia Publica, 119 Metropolitan av.
Bradshaw Charles, house mover.
Brown George A, billiards.
Brunig F H, physician.
Burke Charles L, physician.
Burt Miss Nellie, teacher.
Caldwell John A, sewing machines.
Callaghan Bros (John and Jerry), blacksmiths.
Campbell Thomas, house mover.
Cashner Miss Lola, music teacher.
Clark Miss Linda, teacher.
Collinsworth Miss S. teacher.
Comer Moses T, barber.
Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Refining Co, Herman Huber mngr.
Cook Elias H, justice of peace.
Crawford Samuel, lawyer.
Curtis Albert S, grocer.
Cusworth George, shoemaker.
Dauzenworth Charles, dry goods.
Davidson & Smith (J K Davidson, E W Smith), proprs Santa Fe Elevator.
Donnelly Miss Rose, teacher.
Drew Richard W, cigars.
Dunwell James W, furniture.
Ekdahl John M, grocer.
Elliott Rev W A (Baptist).
Engel Edward J, agt A, T & S F R R.
Enright T G, blacksmith.
Erwin Wm, carpenter.
Evans Bros (Edward P and John F), grocers.
Evans Charles S, pres of Council.
Everman Thomas, carpenter.
First State Bank (capital, $50,000). Henry Boke pres, Wm Middlekauff cash.
Foote Sherman L P, physician.
Ford Harry, restaurant.
Freeburg Bros, plasterers.
Frisbie Charles T, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable; Dealer in Coal, Wood and Feed,cor Main and Adams.
Gaskill John O, druggist.
Gill Charles P, restaurant.
Gilmore Mrs A C, laundry.
Gordon Benjamin F, Editor Argentine Eagle, 229 Silver av.
Gray A M, mngr W U Tel Co.
Grove Orion E, dry goods.
Grover James, meat market.
Guy Miss Sadie, teacher.
Hambrick James W, real estate.
Hamlin Godfrey P, cigars.
Hanna Silas C, cigars.
Harmer Thomas, furniture.
Hayes Stephen, restaurant.
Helfand Morris, dry goods.
Herbst Frank T, pawnbroker.
Herr Harry M, barber.
Holland Joseph H, Physician and Surgeon. Metropolitan av and 2d.
Holzmaik Adolph, dry goods.
Huston & Enright (Daniel Huston, Thomas Enright), restaurant.
Jasper August F, Dealer in Coal, Wood, Hay, Feed, Etc, 226 N Spear av.
Jasper John, cigars.
Jones Wm, grocer.
Jones W G, restaurant.
Kavanaugh Andrew, meat market.
Kelley James J, physician.
Keyes Patrick, grocer.
Killmer George W, notions.
Killmer Mrs Kate C, milliner.
Korb Alexander, meat market.
Krauss Theodore, police judge.
Kulchiski Anthony, restaurant.
Kunze Frank, shoemaker.
Locke Rev Edwin (Methodist).
Long John C, city clerk.
Loutzenhiser James S, grocer.
Lynch Thomas M, restaurant.
Lyon & Altsinger (Joseph Lyon, Joseph Altsinger), barbers.
McCarthy Miss Maggie, restaurant.
McCulloch Ebenezer Z, coal.
McGeorge Wm, druggist.
McGlother Julius M C Physician and Surgeon, 9 Simmons’ Block.
McMahon Bros (Thomas F and John H).
Marshall Benjamin F, jeweler.
Mathis Miss Mary, teacher.
Millard & Lucas (Philip A Millard, Wm F Lucas), hardware.
Minda Hyman, dry goods.
Neupert John F, restaurant.
Neusius Rev N (Catholic).
Norris Miss Eunice, teacher.
North Charles W, barber.
O’Brien Henry D, carpenter.
O’Farrell Patrick, general store.
Olliges John H, grocer.
Osborn John, cigars
Potter Ethel M, millinery.
Reed Miss Minnie, teacher.
Reichert Fred J , carpenter.
Richardson H W, chief of police.
Richardson & Terrill (L G Richardson, Alexander Terrill), cigars.
Riggert Charles B, barber.
Robertson Orrin, physician.
Robertson Silas G, cigars.
Roux F M, carpenter.
Roy Joseph D, dentist.
Russell James, ice.
Sable Wm F, grocer.
Santa Fe Elevator, Davidson & Smith proprs.
Sayers Milton, meat market.
Scherer Henry, Merchant Tailor, 318 Metropolitan av.
Scherer Jacob, tailor.
Schlenker Edward. harness.
Scott Charles H, cigar mnfr.
Serene Charles, grocer.
Shaw Rev W B (Congregational).
Shumard George H, kalsominer.
Shumate Lewis A, grocer.
Simmons George W, livery.
Smidt John, baker.
Smith A A, lawyer.
Smith Daniel M, physician.
Smith Hugh J, lawyer.
Smith John R, prin public school.
Smith Lucy, dressmaker.
Smith & Son (Den and Hugh J), real estate.
Sortor Charles R, prin public school.
Sparks Bluford N, furniture.
Spohrer Frank M. barber.
Telle Rev M M (German Lutheran.)
Tolman Miss Grace, teacher.
Tompkins C F, coal.
Toothaker George W, real estate.
Tosh L D L, lawyer.
Trowbridge J F, justice of peace.
Trevor Charles J, Real Estate, Loans, Rentals and Insurance, Room 1 Burk’s Block.
Turner George C. furniture.
Turpie Miss Alta, teacher.

BETHEL. On the K. C., W. & N. W. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 8 miles from Kansas City. Exp., Adams, Tel., W. U.; F. C. Woestemeyer, postmaster and general store.

BONNER SPRINGS. Formerly known as Tiblow, is located on the Kansas river and on the U. P. and A., T. & S. Fe Rys, in Wvandotte county, 16 miles from Kansas City, the judicial seat. Tel.. W. U. Exp., Pacific and W., F. & Co. Population, 500. J. W. McDaniel, postmaster.

Bearden M D & Co, general store.
Benson August, groceries and meats.
Blackman J A, justice of peace.
Bonner C, canning factory.
Brawner R J, hardware and harness.
Clark P M, Real Estate.
Coan Robert, broommaker.
Cole & Hartley, blacksmiths.
Coronado Hotel.
Currie C, mason.
Davidson 0 A, livery.
Dilen F N, silversmith.
Dithorn N B, notary.
Downs Dr F M, general store.
Everett C S, general store and lumber.
Frame D M. barber and cigars.
Gordon E W, Physician.
Hjorst Oscar, blacksmith and livery.
Holmquist C, shoemaker.
Hoskins Joseph, live stock.
Jewett Bros, feed mill.
Johnson Clarence, barber.
Kestler R, physician.
Kohls Herman, Wagonmaker.
McDaniel John W,Genera1 Store.
McGarvin James, wagonmaker.
Maxwell L B, physician.
Michael Rev James M (Campbellite).
Nixon M J, railroad, exp and tel agt.
Peterson A O, tailor.
Schafer Fred, baker.
Sharp E A, canning factory.
Smith J J, blacksmith.
Stotts as Johnson, Groceries and Meats.
Twist W S, insurance and farm impts.
Walker H, mason.
Warner & David, general store.
Wertz F W, general store.
Whorton Ida, milliner.
Whorton & Moran, carpenters.

CONNOR. On the M. P. Ry, in Wyandotte county, about one-half mile west of the Missouri river, and 12 northwest of Kansas City, the county seat. Population, 100. éxp Pacific. Te1., W. U.; E. R. Blackman, postmaster.

Blackman E R, General Store.
Davis Wm. hotel.
Gammell S, physician.
Keller John, general store.
Shellhorn O & Sons, carpenters.
Wykoff W W, railroad and exp agt.

EDWARDSVILLE. In Wyandotte county, 12 miles west of Kansas City, Mo., the county seat and nearest banking point. It is on the Kansas river and on the U. P. Ry. Population, 300. Exp, Pacific. Te1., W. U.; Robert Duncan, postmaster.

Blottsaw Aaron, shoemaker.
Brewbaker G W, railroad and exp agt.
Cellar W D, principal of school.
Duncan Robert, General Store and Coal.
Edwardsville Canning Co.
Edwardsville Horse Assn, I G Groves sec.
Francis Rev Henry (Colored Baptist).
Gallagher J H, shoemaker.
Haines D S, general store and druggist.
Haines, Murphy & Thompson, fruit farm.
Harrison Henry, propr Evelyn Lake.
Hiatt D B, lawyer.
Holman W H, carpenter.
Hunt H. B & Co, general store.
Ingram S, hotel.
Jordon Dennis, blacksmith.
Kaw-Valley Potato Association, I G Groves sec.
Marnoch H J, fruits.
Matthews Rev Wm (Christian), blksmth.
Michael Rev I M (Christian).
Morgan J M. justice of peace.
Murphy Dr D C, notary public.
Taylor Edwin, potato specialist.
Thomas Rev David (Colored Baptist).
Thompson C W, dentist.
Wilson H C, carpenter.

EMMET. In Wyandotte county, 17 miles west of Kansas City, and 3 from Bonner Springs, its railroad shipping point. Bank at Tonganoxie. Population, 20. M. F. McCall, postmaster and general store.

FAIRDALE. A postoffice in Wyandotte county, 4 miles from White Church, its nearest shipping point, and 6 from Kansas city.

Hall John, general store.

GRINTER. On the U. P. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 9 miles from Kansas City, Mo. Population, 25. C. H. Perkins, postmaster.

Eakins J W, live stock.
Grinter J F, live stock.
Hahn C F, music teacher.
Handte A M, contractor.
Jacks Richard, contractor.
Limerick Rev.
Maud C, painter.
Mooney R Y, contractor.
Perkins Charles H,General Store.

HORANIF. On the K. C., W. & N. W. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 12 miles from Kansas City, Mo. Population, 40. B. Horan, postmaster.

Bailey Wm, live stock.
Dixon Charles, live stock.
Horan B, groceries and provisions.
Horan James, live stock.
Kramer John, live stock.
Link Michael, supt County Poor House.
Logan John, live stock.
McCaull Rev T J (Catholic).
Pollock J R, live stock.
Quinlan John, live stock.
Russell Martin, live stock.
Wisner C H, live stock.

KANSAS CITY. The KC directory may be found on this page.

LORING. In Wyandotte county, 20 miles from Kansas City, the county seat. Nearest bank at Lawrence. It is a station on the U. P. Ry. Exp., Pacific. Population, 21. A. McKinney, postmaster.

Butler E, grain.
Clay J P, live stock.
Downey W H, live stock.
Ewing H P & A. B, produce.
Kerby Wm, stone mason.
McKinney A, Railroad and Express Agent.
McLain John, carpenter.
Moyer Theodore, painter.
Petty Wm, barber.
Price T J, live stock.
Rhea H W, grain.
Wilcox C D, general store.

MAYWOOD. On the K. C., W. & N. W. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 12 miles from Kansas City. Population, 20. Charles M. Tabler, postmaster.

Barker A L, live stock.
Beach Charles, carpenter.
Hacker Dudley, railway agent.
Reams W J, live stock.
Tabler Charles M, farmer.
Williams C M, general store.

MENAGER. On the K. C., W. & N. W. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 17 miles west of Kansas City. Populatio n 50. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U.; B. Coffee, postmaster.

Holyfield R, hay presser.
Menager L A, live stock.
Myer Otto, live stock.
Wensler Conrad, blacksmith.

MUNCIE. On the Kansas river, and on the U. P. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 7 miles from Kansas City, the county seat and banking point. Population, 30. S. Haff, postmaster.

Wood B R, general store.

PIPER. A station on the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in Wyandotte county, 14 miles west of Kansas City, Mo. Population, 75. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. David Holyfield, postmaster.

Calvert A M. railroad and exp agent.
Green Rev B F (Baptist).
Holyfield Bros, live stock.
Holyfield David, General Store.
Newton P C. physician.
Pratt Rev J G (Baptist).
Suther E B, constable.
Williams Mrs E W, grocer.
Wussow F, blacksmith.

POMEROY. On the Missouri river and on the M. P. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 10 miles from Kansas City, the county seat and nearest bank location. Population, 300. Tel., W.U. Exp., Pacific. W. T. Harris,postmaster.

Harris W T, General Store.
Knollin A J, live stock.
Knollin J R, live stock.
Walk C S, physician.

QUINDARO. Is located on the Missouri river and on the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in Wyandotte county, 3 miles from Kansas City, the county seat and banking point. Population, 300. Exp., Adams. T. J. Collins, postmaster.

Atkison G F, teacher.
Banks Wm, contractor.
Benson A, poultry.
Brown Rev T F.
Butler George, contractor.
Collins B, fruit grower.
Collins L E, general Store.
Gay George, physician.
Gettis J, dairy.
Gray E M, fruit grower.
Huffaker W J, fruit.
Jones & Jones, contractors.
Klam J O, justice of peace.
Klien Emma, music teacher.
Kline C E, blacksmith.
Marshall Thomas, blacksmith.
Moore Isaac P, Fruit Grower.
Quindaro Brass Band, F C Brown leader.
Sargent George, blacksmith.
Soolier Joseph, gardener.
Sortor Fred, gardener.
Sortor H E, gardener.
Tucker Rev G L (Congregational).
Walker Allen, shoes.
Wilburn, physician.
Wilson Rev J H (Methodist).

QUIVERA. On the A., T. & S. F. Ry, in Wyandotte county, 10 miles from Kansas City. George M. McDougall, postmaster and general store.

ROSEDALE. An incorporated city of the third class, on Turkey creek, and on the K. C., Ft. S. & M. R. R., in Wyandotte county, 3 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. It contains Methodist, Catholic and Baptist churches and public schools. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Population, 2,000. Mrs. Mary F. See, postmaster.

Barnard Mrs Phebe, teacher.
Barnett Benjamin M, physician.
Blanford Miss Madge, teacher.
Bock W R, shoemaker.
Boland John T, physician.
Brophy Michael L, grocer.
Bunyar Edward, florist.
Burt Mrs Fanny, dressmaker.
Burt Miss Nellie, teacher.
Carley Mrs Jennette, grocer.
Clasen Peter, grocer.
Cocks Mrs H, music teacher.
Cocks Rev Henry (Baptist).
Coppock Henry, live stock.
Cornnell Charles, shoemaker.
Davis Miss L, teacher.
Donns Rev T C (Methodist).
Doran Miss Maggie, teacher.
Ellis L D, prin public school.
Espenloub Miss Anne, teacher.
Fink Christian, coal.
Fisher Miss Kate, teacher.
Frame Bernice T, grocer. Weeks 0 B, teacher.
Freark Rev C S (Methodist). Weigelson Thomas, grocer.
Gates Horatio, grocer. Wilhelm Mrs Ella S, grocer.
Gates H Walker, livery. Wilson Daniel, blacksmith.
Gree Haber, 2d-hand goods. Woodcock & Evans (Cyrus Woodcock,
Hayward H D, pres city council. S L Evans), notions.
Hoffman Rev Stephen (Catholic).
Hollingsworth John N, barber.
Johnson & Brinkman Commission Co, A D Johnson pres, G L Brinkman vice-pres.
Kansas City Wire and Iron Works, A G Southerland mngr.
Kelley Thomas J, barber.
Keyser & Haddock, painters.
Kiefer J G, physician.
Killmer James F, dry goods.
Killmer James M, city clerk.
Koyle & Gibbins (Thomas Koyle, Cole Gibbins), grocers.
Lindsey Mrs W S, confectioner.
Longenecker Miss Florence, teacher.
Mank John, blacksmith.
Mann Wm H, grocer.
Mathias Miss Emma, music teacher.
Mathias Wm D, mayor.
Miller Edward P, ocer.
Miller Philip, blac smith.
Mitchell Rev Daniel (Methodist).
McDowell Samuel. hotel.
McGeorge Wm, druggist.
McNeil J W, city attorney.
McSpaden James, grocer.
Naschold G, baker.
Neely George W, barber.
Nicholas H, justice of peace.
Potter F L, city marshal.
Prine George E. teacher.
Purviance Wm A, Attorney-at Law and Notary Public, Kansas City av.
Purviance & Pittman (Wm A Purviance, Frank Pittman), lawyers.
Roe John, live stock.
Rose Lewis, insurance.
Roth Barney, grocer.
Rushton Mrs Jane L, baker.
Schoeller Christian. grocer.
Schoenber Samuel, tailor.
Scott Mrs E, dressmaker.
See Miss Ella F, teacher.
See Mrs Mary F, postmaster.
Stadler Mrs Mary, restaurant.
Stine B L, real estate
Storr Rainer, grocer.
Tompkins E A, carpet weaver.
Uhlen & Hoagland (George Uhlen, Daniel Hoagland), blacksmiths.
Wasson & Reed (Andrew P Wasson, Winfield S Reed), grocers.

VANCE. On the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in Wyandotte county, 8 miles northwest of Kansas City, the judicial seat and banking point. Population, 400. Exp., Pacific. Tel., W. U. Jessie Spaeth, postmaster.

Brune H, carpenter.
Hurd Benjamin, mason.
Jackson John, mason.
Landon J T C, physician.
Malott W R, live stock.
Myers J W, live stock.
New Philadelphia Brick Plant, W W Sherwin pres.
Peck S E, contractor.
Spaeth John, General Store.
Stotler Joseph, music teacher and band leader.
Strohmeyer George, blacksmith.
Trojan Pressed Brick Co, W H Smith pres.
Vance Cornet Band and Orchestra, Joseph Stotler leader.

WALLULA. On the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in Wyandotte county, 21 miles from Kansas City, Mo., and 9 from Leavenworth, the nearest bank location. Population, 150. Mrs. Emma Markham, postmistress.

Beach Libbie, music teacher.
Conley Lina, railroad agent.
Markham H J & Co, general store.
Schenck, physician.

WHITE CHURCH. On the K. C., W. & N. W. R. R., in Wyandotte county, 10 miles west of Kansas City, the county seat and nearest bank location. Exp., Pacific. Population, 200. G. U. S. Hovey, postmaster.

City Hotel, John Honts propr.
Dingle Henry, flour mill.
Houts John, propr City Hotel.
Hovey George U S, general store.
Mooney R J, carpenter.
O’Donnell Robert, carpenter.
Wilcoxon Emmet, constable.
Wilcoxon R, justice of peace.
Wood Watson, physician.

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