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Woodson County Directories
1884-1885 State Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk & Co., Chicago

WOODSON COUNTY. Situated in the southeastern. part of the State, is bounded on the north by Coffey, on the east by Allen, on the south by Wilson, and on the west by Greenwood. Organized in 1855, it contains 504 square miles or 322,560 acres, of which about 89,000 are under cultivation. County seat, Yates Centre. Population, 400. Coal is found and mined for local use in Toronto, Belmont and Everett townships. A good building sandstone is found in various localities, and limestone is sparingly distributed. Fire clay of a superior quality is found, and potters’ clay exists in limited quantities. The St. L., F. S. W. Ry runs across the county from the northeast to the southwest, passing through the county seat, and the Neosho section of the A. P. Ry, passes through the northeast corner, crossing the former line at Piqua. The general surface is undulating, and timber averages about 6 per cent of the area. There are few good springs, but water courses are numerous. The Neosho river runs southeast across the northeast corner, and the Verdigris river across the extreme southwest corner. Cherry creek, Owl creek and South Owl creek join near the middle of the eastern border. Population, June 1883, 6,963.

BATESVILLE. A station on the St. L., F. S. & W. R. R., in Woodson County, 8 miles west of Yates Center, the county seat. It is not a postoffice.

BATH. Woodson County. (see Defiance.)

BYRON. Small place in the northern part of Woodson county, 9 miles north of Yates Center, the county seat and nearest bank location, and 10 miles southwest of Neosho Falls, on the N. sec. of M. P. Ry., its nearest railroad point. Live stock is the principal shipment. Has a Baptist church and a district school. Mail, tri-weekly by stage from Yates Center. Samuel R. Eakins, postmaster.

Baldwin James M, live stock.
Bell J, carpenter.
Eakins S R, general store.
Petty Rev A H (Baptist)
Raber J V, justice of peace.
Switzer H, blacksmith.
Ward C N, syrup mnfr.

CENTER RIDGE. A country postoffice in Woodson county, 17 miles southeast of Yates Center, the county seat and 12 west of Humboldt, on the N. sec. of the M. P. Ry., its nearest shipping point and bank location. Has Congregational, Christian, Presbyterian and Baptist churches and a district school. Live stock and grain are shipped. Population, 60. Mail, daily by stage from Humboldt. G. W. Grebe, postmaster.

Barker Rev T M (Baptist.)
Bothwell Rev J (Congregational.)
Duff Rev Jackson (Presbyterian.)
Grebe G W, general store.
Hutchinson Wesley, constable.
Richards Rev E (Congregational.)[note: two Congo ministers in one town?]

COLOMA. A country postoffice in Liberty township, Woodson county, 6 miles north of Yates Center, the county seat, on the F. S. & W. R. R., its nearest shipping point and bank location. Live stock is shipped. Mail, tri-weekly. O. P. Augustine, postmaster.

Augustine O P, carpenter and justice.
Augustine O W, general store.
Brewer Walter F, live stock.
Park D S, wagonmaker.
Vansleeve Joseph, carpenter.
Webster & Markle, live stock.
Willcox J A, carpenter.
Wood J W, carpenter.

COOKVILLE. Small place in the southeastern part of Woodson county, 16 miles from Yates Center, the county seat, and 7 west of Humboldt, on the M. P. Ry., from whence it has a tri-weekly mail. Mrs. J. W. Cookville, [Cook ?] postmaster.

DEFIANCE.A small place in Woodson county, of which it was formerly the county seat, 6 miles east of Yates Center, the county seat, and shipping point and location of the nearest bank. Mail daily by stage from Humboldt. I. M. Bowser, postmaster and general store.

EVERETT. A country postoffice on Cherry creek, in Woodson county, 8 miles northeast of Yates Center, the county seat and nearest banking point. Piqua, 5 miles east, on the N. sec. of the M. P. Ry, is the nearest railroad point. Meetings are held by the Congregational and Methodist sects, and there is a district school. Grain and live stock are shipped. Stage to Neosho Falls and Yates Center daily. Mail daily. J. M. Eaton, postmaster.

Barrett John, live stock.
Bell W W, live stock.
Butt John, live stock.
Eaton James M, stationer and improved seed raiser.
Fabeon (Fabion ?) George, live stock
Hamilton A, live stock.
Keller Adam, live stock.
Lynch Edward, live stock.
Wiley Douglas B, live stock.
Wingraver W D, live stock.
Wolter Maj A O, live stock.
Wolter John, carpenter.
Wolter John H, live stock.

FINNEY. A county postoffice in Woodson county, 10 miles northwest of Yates Center, the county seat, and nearest bank location, 17 from Le Roy, 17 from Neosho Falls, and 18 from Burlington, all shipping points. Has a Methodist Episcopal church. Mail, tri-weekly. F. L. Arnold, postmaster.

HAMBURGH. A village in the eastern part of Woodson county, 14 miles southeast of Yates Center, the county seat, and 6 west of Humboldt, on the N. sec. of M. P. Ry., its nearest shipping point and bank location. Ships live stock. Mail discontinued. Address to Humboldt.

NEOSHO FALLS. An incorporated city, situated on the Neosho river, a splendid water power stream at this point, and on the N. sec. of the M. P. Ry, in the northeastern corner of Woodson county, 16 miles northeast of Yates Centre, the county seat, 76 due south of Topeka, and 100 from Kansas City, Mo. It contains Methodist, Christian, Presbyterian and Congregational churches and 2 good public graded schools, a hotel, woolen, saw and flour mills, and a weekly newspaper, the Post. Assessed valuation of real and personal property, $98,000. Wool, prain, flour, live stock and lumber form the shipments. Popu ation, 900. Stages daily to Colony, 12 miles northeast, and to Yates Centre, 16 miles southwest, fares, 75 cents to each place, and tri-weekly to Williamsburgh, fare, 81.00. Tel., W. U. Exp., Pacific and Adams. Mail, daily. Richard P. Hamm, postmaster.

Abbey Wm E, propr bus line.
Adams J Q & Co (Mrs Harriet J Adams, George H Johnson), hardware.
Adams Robert F, sorghum.
Baldwin James, live stock.
Beard John W, live stock.
Bidwell John W, general store.
Bidwell Mark, carpenter.
Bidwell Morris, wagonmaker.
Bishop Joseph, general store.
Boughton G H, stone quarry.
Brown S A & Co (Spencer A Brown, Willard D Brewer), lumber.
Carpenter Samuel J, cider.
Caruthers J acob, fruit grower.
Clark & Co (Timothy Clark), general store.
Conn James, live stock.
Corn Samuel, cider.
Cottingham Thomas J, grocer.
Covert John, carpenter.
Craig J B, justice.
Davis James J, live stock.
Dickson Henry D, insurance agent.
Dow John 0, hardware.
Duke John H, barber.
Dysert Mrs Clara, milliner.
Everett Benjamin F, live stock.
Falls House, Thomas L Reid propr.
Fezler Wm A, furniture dealer and undertaker.
Finney David W, hardware.
Gaston John H, general store.
Goodrich Clark, agent Adams express.
Graves John, restaurant.
Gray John, carpenter.
Guyer Mrs Elizabeth, carpet weaver.
Gwin David, physician and druggist.
Hamilton Alexander, live stock.
Hamilton Stephen, shoemaker.
Hamm Richard P, postmaster and druggist.
Harness David, fruit grower.
Heath Hugh F, live stock.
Henson Christopher, blacksmith.
Himrod Bernard, live stock.
Hogueland Samuel H, harness, saddle and collar.
Hogueland & Dysert (Samuel H Hogueland, John Z Dysert), real estate, loan and insurance brokers.
Hubbard Frank wagonmaker.
Inge David R, live stock and lime kiln.
Inge Lycurgus, live stock.
Irwin Wm N, fruit grower.
Jackson John B, butter.
Jackson Wilbur F, butter.
James John, brickmaker 1 mile w.
James & Chestnut, brickyard.
Johnson George, hardware.
Jones Abram S, furniture.
Jones Allen, propr stage line.
Jones Dennis W, carpenter.
Jones John L, physician.
Jones Mrs Setta E C, teacher.
Kraut Mrs Hannah, carpet weaver.
McKinley Francis M, butter.
Maxey Rev Abram (Methodist).
Moore David S, well borer.
Morgan John, physician.
Neighbarger George W, auctioneer.
Neosho Falls Bank, Wm J Haughawout propr, Clark H Goodrich teller.
Neosho Falls Cornet Band, W W Thomas leader.
Neosho Falls Post, John W Richardson editor and propr.
Norris Rev Thomas F (Congregational).
Parks Miss Nellie, teacher.
Parsons Wm L, saw and flour mill.
Philo John S, carpenter.
Potter Hiram H, sorghum mill.
Potter H A, hay press.
Prater George W, carpenter.
Prater Henry, carpenter.
Quick John, sheep breeder.
Rahea Miss Kate, teacher.
Read Thomas W, hog breeder.
Reid Thomas L, propr The Falls House.
Richardson John W, Propr and Editor Neosho Falls Post.
Saferight Asa N, grain.
Sain Wm W, general store.
Schadi Frank, meat market.
Sherwell & Gorbett (Joseph E Sherwell, Lossing S Gorbett), brick mnfrs.
Sisson George, sheep breeder.
Slavens Horace G, physician.
Small Jabez H, axe-handlemaker.
Smith Wm W, fruit grower.
Snell Mrs Jerusha, live stock.
Snyder Bros (John W, Oliver W, Charles C and Thomas B), Neosho Falls Flour and Grist Mill.
Solander Alfred, blacksmith.
Sticher John H, attorney-at-law and insurance Agent.
Stout Jacob N, teacher.
Stratton John C, carpenter.
Stratton Joseph C, carpenter.
Thrall Edwin, cheesemaker.
Trout James, ho breeder.
Tuall Mrs Melinga, restaurant.
Vaughn Frank, stone quarry.
Wagner Philip, tailor.
Walford Thomas, fruit grower.
Waterman Mrs Allie, music teacher.
Waterman Charles W, agt M P Ry, Pacific exp and W U Tel.
Wentling Absalom, general store.
Williams Mrs Carrie L, dressmaker.
Woolford Albert T, blacksmith.

PIQUA. A village in Woodson county, 12 miles east of Yates Center, the county seat. It is at the intersection of the St. L., F. S. & W., and N. sec. of the M. P. Ry., and ships grain and live stock. Nearest bank at Neosho Falls, 7 miles north. Has a Methodist Episcopal church, a public school and a weekly newspaper, the Reporter. Population, 140. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams and Pacific. Mail, daily. J. B. Craig, postmaster.

Craig Rev J B (Methodist Episcopal) and Justice of the Peace
Craig R J, general store.
Fowler W, railroad and express agent.
Havland Rev B F (Presbyterian.)
Huff H H, physician.
Huff & Milligan, druggist.
Kipp J, wagonmaker.
Kitterson & Bro, general store and grain.
Lancattu I, physician.
Malcom F, hotel.
Malcom Samuel, constable.
Marian, Draker & Bro, carpenters.
Piqua Reporter.
Ream Bros, livery.
Reed E C, grocer and drugs

ROSE. A country postoffice in Eminence township, southern part of Woodson county, 9 miles from Yates Center, the county seat, its nearest bank location and shipping point. Tri-weekly mail stage to Humboldt and Yates Center. Mrs. N. A. Trimble, postmaster.

Austin W H, blacksmith and justice.
Bideau J S, carpenter and justice.
Chance W H, carpenter.
Hale J A, clergyman.
Kelly J P. clergyman.
Patterson W H, clergyman.
Upson D, blacksmith.

TORONTO. A village located on the Verdigris river, in Toronto township, southwestern part of Woodson county, and is a station on the St. L., F. S. & W. Ry., and contains Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches, a district school, ships grain and farm produce, and banks at Yates Center, the county seat, 14 miles northeast. A newspaper, the Topic, is published. Population, 400. Stage to Madison, 33 miles northwest, tri-weekly. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U. S. R. Kellogg, postmaster.

Afferbaugh J H, blacksmith.
Bradkey J G, barber.
Brown S A & Co, lumber.
Byington L L, hardware.
Clute Sanford, boots and shoes.
Cresse J R, hotel.
Elder M D, general store.
Gallagher B F, grocer.
Hagerman Zadoc, general store.
Hickox W F, grocer.
Horton O O, hotel.
Johnston G W, meat market.
Jones H W, editor Toronto Topic.
Jones T A, physician.
Kellogg S R, general store.
Lockhard W S, general store.
McLeod Bros, livery.
McVey and Mann, real estate and insurance.
Mann A H, physician.
Mitchell E, barber.
Morgan T L, wagonmaker.
Overfield M V, grocer.
Pappess J E, railroad and express agent.
Patterson Bros, farm implements.
Shannon G W, hardware.
Starrett C H, druggist.
Stockton J B, real estate and insurance.
Toronto Topic, (weekly) W H Jones, propr.
Truman J, baker.
Wilkinson W C, blacksmith.
Wille Wm C, harnessmaker.

YATES CENTER. The county seat of Woodson county, was settled in 1876, is located in t e geographical centre of the county, 15 miles from Neosho Falls, and on the westward extension of the St. L., F. S. & W. R. R., and is 62 miles west of Fort Scott, and 20 from Humboldt. It contains 5 churches—Christian, Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist and Congregational, a public school, 2 hotels, a bank and has 2 newspapers, the News and the Argus. Live stock, grain, wool and produce are shipped. Population, 860. Bonded indebtedness $26,000, and an assessed valuation of real and personal property of $120,036. Coal and limestone are found in abundance, but are only worked to a limited extent. Stage daily to Humboldt, Neosho Falls and Toronto. Tel., W. Exp., Adams and Pacific. Mail, daily. Isaac K. Holloway, postmaster.

Agnew Wm, fruit grower.
Ashley Henry, township trustee.
Askren Miss Libbie, teacher.
Athenaeum Library (760 vols), Mitchell C Smith librarian.
Ault S A & Son, millinery.
Bacon S J, druggist
Bailey Hotel, Wm Bramhall propr.
Bailey Wilson A, register of deeds.
Baker Baxter, live stock.
Baldwin James, live stock.
Bartlett Jacob, blacksmith.
Bayless J F, sheep breeder.
Bell Abram D, dairyman.
Bell Georg M, carpenter.
Bell Miss V, teacher.
Bell Miss Jemima F, deputy register of deeds.
Bigelow Wm M, teacher.
Bishop John W, restaurant.
Blevins Jonathan, well driller.
Bliss Rufus, stonemason.
Boscher W E, teacher.
Brandt Mrs Mary M, dressmaker.
Branhall Miss Emma, music teacher.
Bramhall Wm, propr Bailey Hotel.
Branhall Wm jr, insurance.
Brauer Esau, horse breeder.
Brown Miss Abbie Z, teacher.
Brown Miss May, teacher.
Brown S A & Co (Spencer A Brown, Willard D Brewer), lumber.
Bruer Wm T, coal and lumber.
Brush George A, billiards.
Buck N B, propr Yates Centre Argus.
Burd W, skating rink.
Burd & Henser, billiards.
Burn W F real estate and insurance.
Calvin J P, grain.
Cannady James W, county sheriff.
Carney Willard, ice dealer.
Carpenter C E, teacher.
Carpenter D, live stock.
Carroll Wesley, brickmason.
Carroll & Wells, grocers.
Central Hotel, F G Lang Propr.
Chance W W, carpenter.
Chellis H S, carpenter.
Choguill W A, physician.
Clapp Mrs Dexter E, sheep breeder.
Clark Miss Emma, teacher.
Clausen Claus, carpenter.
Clayton Benjamin F, livery, sale and feed stables.
Clevenger C C, teacher.
Cook Robert, stone quarry, 1 mile s.
Coryell & Warner (George K Coryell, Clarence N Warner), lawyers.
Crahan Miss Maggie, teacher.
Crahan P H, teacher.
Daniel Lloyd W, barber.
Davidson Miss Lizzie, teacher.
Depew J W, county treasurer.
De Vaney Miss Annie Le B, teacher.
De Witt J, teacher.
Dickerson John M, pres school board.
Dickerson Wm P, teacher.
Dobyns John B, general store.
Dotson O M, physician.
Dryden Fannie, dressmaker.
Dryden Mrs Mary F, dressmaker.
Dutro Miss M P, teacher.
Eads Thomas, live stock.
Ellis Miss Ella, teacher.
Ellis Miss Lucy, teacher.
Elston Daniel C, live stock.
Enright J J, news stand.
Faler George E, editor News.
Fleming Miss Delia, teacher.
Follett Newton F, Cashier Woodson National Bank, notary, abstracter, insurance and express agent.
Ford James P, confectioner.
Frame Miss Euphemia, teacher.
Fry & Bro (James B and George W), printers.
Gaily James, fruit grower.
Gilroy Miss Libbie, teacher.
Goodell James, boarding.
Gray Loftus, live stock.
Gregory Mrs Mary J, teacher.
Grossman J, carpenter.
Hamilton & Parish (Geo Hamilton, Sam E Parish), barbers.
Harris Absalom, well borer.
Harris Miss Barbara, teacher.
Harris Miss Laura, teacher.
Hearn Isaac, teacher.
Herman Henry, stone mason.
Hildebrandt enry, plasterer.
Hinkle Bros (Andrew M and Jacob), billiards.
Himrod Berny, live stock
Hogueland Wm B, harnessmaker.
Hogueland Wm E, clerk district court.
Holdfast Charles, brick mason.
Holloway Isaac N, Postmaster and Stationer.
Holt N G, teacher.
Houser & Burd (Asa Houser, Henry Burd), restaurant.
Hull Rev James C (Methodist).
Hurt Miss Gussie, music teacher.
Hurt Henry C, live stock.
Hurt Robert A, live stock.
Ihrig W S, brick mason.
Ingram & Elliott (Wm H Ingram, James W Elliott), jewelers.
Jacobs John, shoemaker.
Jewitt Isaac M, county clerk.
Johnson Miss Lois, teacher.
Johnson Miss Sallie, teacher.
Johnson Swan, furniture.
Johnson & Phillips (Harvey S Johnson, George H Phillips), druggists.
Jones A J, teacher.
Jones Charles S, notary.
Jones Miss Eva, teacher.
Jones Isaac S, probate judge.
Jones Mrs Susan E C, teacher.
Jones W B, dentist.
Jones W S, teacher.
Jones & Slavens (Isaac S Jones, Wm H Slavens), insurance.
Keeney James, live stock.
Kellenberger Emerson K, physician.
Kellenberger G J & Co (George J, Emerson K and Melvin L Kellenbelger), live stock.
Kellenberger Marcus E, railroad agent.
Kellim Wm, wagonmaker.
Kennard A M, teacher.
Koenig August, sheep breeder.
Koepsel Rev H (German Evangelical).
Lamborn Thomas H, tinsmith.
Lamborn Thomas H jr, general store.
Landis Frank E, live stock and sand.
Lang Frederick G, propr Central Hotel.
Lauber August, live stock
Letts Fran C, clothing.
Litton Charles, painter.
Lyman Homer, grocer and hotel.
McConnell James W, blacksmith.
McDaniel Alexander, harnessmaker.
McGinnis F, railroad and telegraph agent.
McGriff Guy live stock.
McRay James H, wagonmaker.
McSpirit Terence, blacksmith.
Magerman Henry A, shoemaker.
Martin Glover M, lawyer.
Mason Bros (Samuel and Jordan), livery,
Mason Jordan, propr Commercial Hotel.
Mason Jordan W, hay press.
Merriweather Mrs Mary, dressmaker.
Michener L L, teacher.
Mills Christopher O, general store.
Millson Wm, restaurant.
Naylor Miss Hancie, teacher.
Naylor Silas, teacher.
Naylor & Son (Samuel and John), carpenters.
Neighbarger Miss Belle, teacher.
Nevins Miss Nellie, teacher.
News The (Weekly), George E Faler Editor.
Norris John M, furniture.
Northrup Levi L, lumber.
Nunn A H, plasterer.
Oddy Wm, grain.
Ohler Albert H, carpenter.
Opera House, Ray & Dobyns proprs.
Palmer & Co (Albert T Palmer, Henry Trueblood), genl store.
Parks Miss Nellie, teacher.
Patterson Bros (George W and John F), farm implements.
Patterson Miss Emma, teacher.
Patterson Wm, teacher.
Peister John, stonemason.
Peters Henry, live stock.
Phillips Dr George H, county coroner.
Phillips R N, sheep breeder.
Pickering Enos, carpenter.
Pickett Rev Jesse E (Christian), County Attorney.
Pickett & Smith (Jesse E Pickett, Mitchell E Smith), attorneys, real estate, loan and insurance brokers.
Powell Charles, live stock. A
Powell Dilno A, live stock.
Puckett John O, county commissioner.
Ragle Miss A, teacher.
Ragls Jacob, teacher.
Ray Daniel M, general store.
Reed T B, stonemason.
Rhea Miss Catherine, teacher.
Rilea Ira M, horse breeder.
Robbins Levi, county commissioner.
Rowley Wm, stonemason.
Rutledge Edward, real estate.
Schnell A H, fruit grower.
Shippey Wm S, principal public school.
Shippey Mrs Wm S, teacher.
Shirley Samuel R, photographer.
Sholler J A, meat marker.
Sievert Robert, meat market.
Skinner O J, physician.
Smith Abraham, vineyard.
Smith Miss Ada, teacher.
Smith Mrs M E, teacher.
Smock Samuel, well borer.
Snow George C, county commissioner.
Somers Taylor, stone quarry, 1 mile northeast.
Spader John A, meat market.
Spencer I L, general store.
Stephenson George R, jeweler.
Stephenson Miss Lizzie J, supt public instruction.
Stewart Miss Ada, teacher.
Stewart A, lawyer.
Stewart Miss Nannie, teacher.
Stockebrand Ernest, live stock.
Stockebrand Wm, sheep breeder.
Stout J N, teacher
Stutz Charles A, jeweler.
Stutz Mrs Mary L, jeweler.
Summers I T, stonemason.
Talcott W H, district judge.
Taylor Jacob A, auctioneer.
Taylor John, stonemason.
Taylor Wm P, live stock.
Thurber Wm H, lawyer.
Todmann August, sheep, breeder.
Trueblood H S, county clerk.
Turner John W, county treasurer and live stock.
Valandingham J A, teacher.
Van Norman Miss Estella, teacher.
Van Slyke Alfred, fruit grower.
Van Slyke & Carroll, hardware.
Van Slyke & Shannon (Alfred Van Slyke, Joseph H Shannon), hardware.
Walker Bros (Wm B. Walker R and Thomas W), grocers.
Walker John W, carpenter.
Webb Joseph, county surveyor.
Webster R D, county commissioner.
Weaver & Hill, sheep breeders
Wells Charles J, express
West Henry W, physician.
West Mrs Mary, music teacher.
Whorton Dr E Volney, Representative.
Wilcox Miss Mollie, teacher.
Wilder Joel M, livery.
Wiley Miss Louie, teacher.
Wilkerson Miss Annie, teacher.
Wilkerson F, teacher.
Wilkerson Miss Letitia, teacher.
Williams Mrs Anna, photographer.
Wilson Rev James (Presbyterian).
Wilson Thomas W, general store.
Wolf Miss Josie, teacher district school.
Wood Abraham F, live stock.
Wood John W, carpenter.
Woodruff Miss Mollie, teacher district school.
Woods Charles A, plasterer.
Woodson National Bank, George D Carpenter Pres, John W Turner Vice-Pres, Newton F Follett Cash.
Wright G H, boarding.
Yates Centre Argus, N B Buck Propr.

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