Wabaunsee County



5 Forget-Me-Nots
1. Lookup volunteers have real lives. Expect to wait a few weeks for a response.
2. When a volunteer answers your request, remember to thank him or her.
3. Don't request a lookup for "everything on my family."
4. Do request a lookup for a specific piece of information.
5. Send only one request per e-mail, unless otherwise specified.



Offlink Service

DAR Patriot Lookup Service - The DAR Patriot Index contains names of Revolutionary patriots, both men and women, whose service (between 1775 and 1783) has been established by the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Cyndi's List - Lookups & Free Searches by Volunteers

Andersonville Civil War Prison - does volunteer lookups at no charge as well as take pictures (for a fee) for fellow researchers who want photos of their ancestor's grave.



Volunteers to do look ups for others in your Wabaunsee County offline books, CD's, local resources, etc.

If you would like to help, please go to instruction on volunteering