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The Kansas Surname List:
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Help!! How does this page work?
  1. The Kansas Surname List is a way for individuals to contact others researching the same names in Kansas. You can search for names that have been submitted previously and read current information by choosing the first letter of their surname. Each name that is highlighted is a link to that individual's email address. Just click on the link and your mail composition window should pop up and you can then email the submitter with your questions. We are also trying to include the email address unlinked, so that you can just write it down and contact the person later. If this doesn't work, you can email any of the volunteers and they will check to see that we have the email address posted correctly.

  2. You can ADD names of people you know about and/or are researching, who lived in or traveled through Kansas. You only need to add your surname once, as it will not be removed unless we find that the email address is invalid.

    1. To add new names, find the first letter of their last name.
      [NOTE] There is a different form for each letter of the alphabet.
    2. Fill out the form with your complete email address, the surname (at least) of the family or person, and the county in KS where they lived, if known. ** Because of the size of these files, we do not accept queries.Please do not ask us to add more than the surname, county, and perhaps one given name.
    3. Your post goes to a holding file that gets added alphabetically to the main list regularly. You can click on "See Newly Submitted [ ] Surnames" to see this list. We usually move the names from the temporary files to the main files at least once a week, so be sure to check back and make sure that your submission has been added to the main list, and that everything is correct.
    4. By adding a name to the list with your email address, you are indicating to others that you are interested in the name and are willing to exchange information. We will not add a surname unless it includes an email or snail mail address so that people can contact you.
    5. All names submitted must have a Kansas connection.
    6. If you are unable to use the forms, you can email your information to one of us. Please be sure to put KANSAS SURNAMES LIST in the subject line. We are both involved with other sites, and need to know what your message is referring to.

  3. * Special Notes for AOL and webtv users

    For letters A - L - Connie Snyder, cjsnyder@kc.rr.com
    For letters M - Z - John Maier, jonmire2@cox.net

  4. Problem solving

    1. Please be sure to include your COMPLETE email address. (yourname@yourserver) We receive entries frequently with incomplete email addresses. Some entries are rejected because the correct address cannot be ascertained. Even when our guess is correct it will require additional messages between our volunteers and you before the entry can be posted.
    2. AOL users see Note above.
    3. Some of these submissions are from past years, so the addresses may no longer be valid. If you find an invalid address, please contact one of the volunteers listed below and they will endeavor to make corrections.

      Connie Snyder, cjsnyder@kc.rr.com for letters A - L
      John Maier, jonmire2@cox.net for letters M - Z

The KSGenWeb Project

Some KSGenWeb Project county pages are using the Kansas Surname List to collect names rather than storing similar names in many different places. Counties currently collecting names on the Kansas Surname List are:

| Anderson | Barber | Clay | Doniphan | Marshall | Nemaha | Riley |

More Surname Information

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  2. Searching the internet for surnames
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More info on the Kansas Family History Surname Lists

This list began in the summer of 1995 for Kansas Heritage and continues to improve with reader input.
August 1996 Update: At first the success of The Kansas Surname lists was in the number of people providing family names and email addresses for other researchers to find and make on-line contact. In July, 1996, we switched from "free form" email additions to the lists to a short form for posting information. And also in July, two people, Connie Snyder and Donald Tharp, volunteered to code and alphabetize the lists. A third volunteer had written right before leaving for vacation, but by the time she came back, Don and Connie almost had the Kansas Surnames completely up to date.
Fall 1998 Update: Donald Tharp had to give up his work with the Kansas Surnames List, and John Maier took his place, with Nancy Sween coming back to help out for a while.

The July 1996 form revision focuses on collecting only surnames, contact peoples' email addresses, and the county or counties where the families lived (if known). Perhaps in the near future, the Kansas GenWeb by-county project will let Kansas Surname page readers go directly to particular counties to find information on their ancestors. Additional volunteers with an interest in working on web pages are ALWAYS needed for many of the Kansas Heritage pages or with the KSGenWeb Project.

Genealogy research on the internet can be a long fishing trip. When you post to these surname lists, your message may go without a nibble for months or days before you get a reply. But the results CAN be rewarding. Thanks to all of you who have helped Kansas Surnames work, whether you have posted, coded, or responded to names on the list.

If you write someone whose email doesn't work, please see the problem solving section.

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Original page created July 1995 by Sween

Current Website volunteers are
Connie Snyder, cjsnyder@kc.rr.com for letters A - L
John Maier, jonmire2@cox.net for letters M - Z