Union Chapel Cemetery

Union Chapel Cemetery


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The Following information came from notes and the book MAYFIELD THEN AND NOW, By Sherry Kline and Elaine Clark.  If you would like to learn more about this about this cemetery and the community surrounding it check out

     The Union Chapel Cemetery is located in the northwest corner of the northeast quarter of Section 31 in Osborn Township.  Driving directions are:   go two miles south of Mayfield on Mayfield Road and 1 1/2 mile west. 

     The inscription on the oldest marker in Union Chapel Cemetery reads:  William Ingram, died June 14, 1881, 51 yrs, 5 days.  This is 5 years before the establishment of the cemetery, so possibly the body was moved in from another location.  In 1886, land was deeded from Milton and Jane Marquart to the elders of the church for the purposes of a cemetery and church.  In 1932 the cemetery ownership was transferred to Osborn Township for maintenance purposes.


Thanks go to Elaine and Larry Clark for indexing this Cemetery.

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From the book ''Directory of Tombstone Inscriptions Sumner County Kansas"  by Robert and Nancy Brady

Union Chapel Cemetery, Osborne Twnsp,  R 2 W, T 32, Sec 31, NW corner of NEĽ.  Location from Mayfield:  2 S, 1˝ W.

     Aug 19, 1886, Milton Marquart and wife Jane made a Warranty Deed which was filed in the Sumner County Register of Deeds on Sept 17, 1891,  in which the deeded land to The Church of Jesus Christ, commomly known as and styled the Christian Church at Union School House in School District # 103.

     A part of the recital said that these 2 square acres of land is to be used and occupied and controlled by the Elders of the Church for and as a building site for a church house and church purposes and public burying ground or cemetery.

     May 11, 1932, the Board of Trustees signed an Affidavit to transfer all of the 2 square acre tract EXCEPT one half square in the Northwest corner of the said 2 acres occupied by the church building, to Osborne Twnsp. for their maintainance and control  of this tract.

The Church building was removed in the late 1940's.

The inscription on the oldest marker reads:  William Ingram, died June 14, 1881, 51yrs, 5 days.   This is 5 years before the establishment of the cemetery, so possibly the body was moved in from another location.

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