Saint Michael Cemetery

Saint Michael Cemetery

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Evidence suggests that this cemetery never really existed.  Please let me know if you have information to the contrary



The following is taken from Cemeteries in Sumner County, Kansas by Harvey and Ruth Swan (1983).

"St. Michaels Cemetery, Springdale Twnsp, R3W, T31, Sec 35, NW corner of NE 1/4.  Location from Conway Springs: 5 S, 1 1/2 E.

There is no deed which excepts this land for church or cemetery purposes.  No records of its history can be located.  According to the 1883 Sumner County Atlas, Michael Sullivan was the owner of the land at that time.  

Northeast Quarter of Section 35, Township 31 South, Range 3 West of the 6th Principal Meridian. (Located in Springdale Township).

The Standard Atlas of Sumner County, Kansas for the year of 1883 does show a cemetery in the Northwest corner of the Northeast Quarter of this said land description.  Michael Sullivan was the land owner at that time.  In later years, J.D. Barnett owned the land.  Joseph Becker is the present owner of this Northeast Quarter.

In the Northwest corner of this Northeast Quarter is a "5" and the sign of a cross (+) signifying a cemetery.  The "5" means there are 5 acres in this cemetery.

Just North of this cemetery, which is the Southwest corner of the Southeast Quarter of Section 26, is shown the location of "St. Michael's Church" (Note: I don't know whether or not it was named after Michael Sullivan.)  (It appears on the map that the church was just across the road from the cemetery, but I don't know for sure.)

Warranty Deed from Michael Sullivan and Mary Sullivan to L.M. Fink, dated February 7, 1880, and filed February 9, 1880, and recorded in Book 12, Page 245, gives the following land description:

'Commencing at the Northwest corner of the Northeast Quarter of Section 35, Township 31 South, Range 3 West, in Sumner county, Kansas, then South 40 rods, then East 20 rods, then North 40 rods, then West 20 rods to the beginning.'

(Note: Doesn't give a use for this tract.  However, 40 rods X 20 rods = 800 square rods.  800 square rods/160 (number of square rods in an acre) gives area of this land as 5 acres, which is what the 1883 atlas shows.)

Warranty Deed from L.M. Fink to John J. Hennessey, dated April 9, 1889 and recorded in Book 57, Page 284, conveyed the above described tract 20 rods X 40 rods, but no mention of its use.

Quit Claim Deed from John J. Hennessey to William a Haynes, dated November 17, 1899, conveyed this same tract description.  Recorded in Book 85, Page 126.

The Standard Atlas of Sumner County, Kansas for the year 1918 does not show this cemetery in existence.":

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